So they are and thus live the children of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Since Hulu and Star + announced the shooting of Pam & Tommy -The series on sexual video filtration that Pamela Anderson (54) and Tommy Lee (59) recorded in 1995

So they are and thus live the children of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Since Hulu and Star + announced the shooting of Pam & Tommy -The series on sexual video filtration that Pamela Anderson (54) and Tommy Lee (59) recorded in 1995-, the former beach watchman mounted in anger. According to various tabloid, the actress felt that production was trying to embarrass it, expose the intimacy of it and portray it equivocally. However, in practice, who comes out poorly is the battery of Mötley Crüe, who, in the first chapters, is described as a violent and despot man. A nymphomaniac, whose motor of life is to have an ultrasexual room to "make children with pam".

But with whom Pamela had children was with her husband, Tommy Lee. The couple received their firstborn in 1996, a year after getting married, and their second child, in 1997. That is, today Brandon Thomas is 25 years old, while his brother Dylan Jagger, 24. Despite this, his parents follow them Protecting a lot. Or at least, Pamela.

When Brandon and Dylan were born, their parents were already celebrities. His father played in the metal band of the moment, Mötley Crüe, since 1981, and his mother was considered a sexy bomb, since he started doing videos for Playboy, in 1990. However, neither of them had achieved an exorbitant fame until 1996, when the company Internet Entertainment Group informed them that they had a sexual video, in which they appeared, in full intercourse, on a yacht. Initially, both famous felt disbelief, but soon they tied cabos and learned that a former dissatisfied employee had stolen the recording of his safe. Then, Brandon was only months of life and - for when the video was viralized, he was already pregnant with Dylan. Something that, according to your own words, resulted basically unbearable. "Stress was affecting me and I did not want to talk about my vagina or public sex," she mentioned.

According to several biographers, the relationship between Pamela and Tommy Lee was always rare. In spite of this, both managed to isolate their children from the scandal and instill them that they had been conceived from the purest love ... and crazy. And it is that the stars were married only four days after meeting each other. "For me, only Tommy was and no one else, was the love of my life, we had a savage and crazy start, that was too much for us, but it was love at first sight. We had beautiful children together and my children feel grateful to have been born From true love, "Anderson said, in 2015 to People. However, it is not that Brandon and Dylan have always lived in a paradise. Above all, in 1998, when the interpreter denounced Lee for domestic abuse and a court of angels decided that he had to spend six months in jail. And there is more. In 2018, Brandon assaulted his father in defense of his mother.

Four years ago, Anderson granted an interview with Piers Morgan in which he recognized having suffered verbal and physical abuse by Lee, during his marriage. Nothing that the audience did not know. However, Lee decided to deny all of her on Twitter, insult the EX of her and say that she was "pathetic". "I think she could find something new instead of reliving shit. She is not doing literally nothing, then talks about old dramas for care," he wrote in the social network, which caused an unbridled reaction from his first son, who ran to Hit it "until I blew it". "My heart is broken. You can give your children everything they want in their whole life and even so they get against you. Good job, Brandon! My fiancee and I were in bed, when my son entered the room And he attacked me. I asked him to leave the house and he hit me until unconsciousness, "he published moments later, next to an image of his inflamed lip.

Even so, Brandon did not become bad fame. On the contrary, he began to be increasingly quoted by an industry that, at first, was looking for him for the surname of him, but today seeks his talent. According to his own words, Brandon has been a model, an actor, entrepreneur and golfer. He started the race as a model, in 2016 - to his brother from him Dylan from him-on the catwalk of Dolce and Gabbana and since then it became a usual Milan fashion week. In 2017 he decided to change work and bet on acting, like his mother. During that time, he managed to be part of seven productions. Among them, The Hills: New Beginnings and Sierra Burguess Is a Looser, by Netflix. In this way, by 2020, Brandon opted to try another sector and launch a clothing business named Swingers Club, which is distributed by the local Authority brand. A line designed specifically for golf. The sport that he usually practices and in which he expects to become a professional someday.

Likewise, Dylan Jagger also aims to become a professional. But of music. Six years ago, just like Him's brother, he started working for brands like Coach, Boss or Armani, although he realized that the true vocation of him was in the same area as his father and became a band Baptized as Midnight Kids. But things were not like he wanted ... "The last few years have taught me a lot. Each song has a story and every story, a meaning. That is why I decided to separate from the group and move in another musical direction that is closer to Me, "he published in January 2021, making it clear that I wanted to find a sound with which he felt more identified ... although on Instagram there is no clue about whether he has found it or not. In networks he only has selfies, photos of the bride of him and images in the mirror. But there is no Single or Disc signal.

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