Spain continues to invite the acts of State to the ambassador of Mature

The "ambassador" of Guaidó in Spain tries to block in the courts, the assets of the regime of MaduroEl Government of Spain ensures on Venezuela "not to endor

Spain continues to invite the acts of State to the ambassador of Mature
The "ambassador" of Guaidó in Spain tries to block in the courts, the assets of the regime of MaduroEl Government of Spain ensures on Venezuela "not to endorse a military coup"Leopoldo Lopez took refuge in the Embassy of Spain

Seven months after the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez , recognized as legitimate president in charge of Venezuela, John Guaidó , Spain continues to maintain as an ambassador accredited to the representative of Nicolas Maduro, is Mario Isea . In exchange, the ambassador who was appointed by the National Assembly of Venezuela, Antonio Ecarri, only, is considered a "personal representative" of Guaidó in Spain , a figure that does not have status as a diplomat, neither representativeness nor dependencies from which to perform your activity.

The promises made by Sanchez on February 4, in an institutional statement, when committed with "the cause of democracy in Venezuela", have been in water of borage. "We're not going to take a step back in this endeavor. Spain are going to be at the height of what is expected of her in this conflict," he said that day. But far from improving, the situation in Venezuela has gotten worse in recent months, and this has not prevented Spain has "normalized" their diplomatic relation with Mature.

The turn of Pedro Sánchez: "we're Not going to take a step back in this endeavour," he said in February, when he acknowledged to Guaidó

This peculiar situation has the consequence that the ambassador of a regime that Spain has condemned continues to be invited to the State events representatives of the Diplomatic Corps. For example, last Wednesday he was invited, along with the rest of ambassadors of Latin american accredited in Spain, at the lunch that was offered to the Kings in the Palace of Aranjuez following the meeting of the Board of trustees of the Cervantes Institute. He was also invited on the 30th of April to the delivery of the prizes of journalism King of Spain, granted by the agency Efe. And, unless it decides to leave, Isea be able to go, along with the rest of the Diplomatic Corps, to the celebration of the National Holiday. In contrast, the representative of the democratic Venezuela, Ecarri, has not been invited to any of these acts , or the 12 of October.

A situation "atypical"

The Foreign minister, Josep Borell , acknowledged in march that "you can not have two ambassadors," and that this situation was "peculiar" because Spain had recognized a president in charge who had no control of the State, while he was in the hands of a "de facto Government" to whom Spain does not recognize democratic legitimacy.

At that moment it was clear that Spain was not going to withdraw placet to the ambassador of Mature and that their discretion would be imposed on the rest of the European Union. Since the Government has argued that, if it did, Venezuela expel the ambassador of Spain in Caracas and the spaniards were to be left without protection in that country. However, the Government proposed to keep to the same time a relationship impeccable with Antonio Ecarri, without recognizing him as an ambassador but as a representative of Guaidó and also of the 500,000 venezuelans living in Spain. These tend to appeal to the office of Ecarri to solve everyday problems, as was the cessation of the exchanges of driving licences.

The offset distance of Spain

The lawyer Javier Cremades, president of the firm hired by John Guaidó and by Leopoldo López in Spain, believes that our country might "do much" for Venezuela, but it is acting "with warmth" and "benefiting Mature". "We cannot be equidistant," he says. is "Guaidó represents what Spain wants to defend their own country : the validity of the rule of law, the observance of the Constitution and human dignity as the support and basis of all public action. And the regime of Maduro is just the opposite: the rule of force and tyranny against the limitation of power. It is a regime of the usurper and Spain is supporting".

The lawyer Javier Cremades says that Spain should defend "without warmth" the transition in Venezuela

In the opinion of Cremades, "there is no precedent for recognizing a regime that has no control of the country, but the position adopted by some countries, such as Colombia or the united States, has more consistency" than the one taken by Spain. Both countries have committed "to help a transition. This diplomatic step has the effect of subtracting support to the regime of a Mature and encourage a change towards democracy and respect for human rights".

however, Europe —influenced by Spain— has chosen to recognize the representatives of Guaidó, but without giving them status diplomat . With this measure, argues the lawyer, "has made a nod to Guaidó that have null for practical purposes and, however, reinforces the regime of Maduro". "Venezuela does not have time —warns Cremades—. The country is in a dire situation. Does a lack of an international reaction, and this form of tolerance is almost a support to Mature." He adds that "there is no excuse to continue to not recognized to the ambassador of the president Guaidó" and asserts that "the Government functions could make this decision." "The consequences of facing a tyranny are unpredictable, but you have to think of the story". In addition, she adds, "I think that, regardless of what happens with the ambassador of Spain in Caracas, the consular representation was maintained in Venezuela, and the spaniards would be safeguarded".

Date Of Update: 05 October 2019, 03:00

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