Spain, facing a golden opportunity

Luis Scola, veteran of the "Golden Generation" that threatens to EspañaArgentina wins in France and will be the rival of Spain in the finalUn great Ricky Rubi

Spain, facing a golden opportunity
Luis Scola, veteran of the "Golden Generation" that threatens to EspañaArgentina wins in France and will be the rival of Spain in the finalUn great Ricky Rubio rescues Spain against Argentina

Spain has another date with history this afternoon (14.00 hours, Four and Sunday unexpected role for the selection, that, after a week of exhibits, has been planted in the end of the World before Argentina . Rival also, that nobody had, that has been knocking down the giants path to the podium. Face-to-face, two generations who seemed to be exhausted after they have been magnificent ambassadors for their country across the world. Philosophies like that today will clash in the track of the Wukesong Arena with the gold as a common goal. The glory of the basket world.

Spain, champion now for the last thirteen years , has been losing pieces and regenerating the locker room. Giving up talent, but increasing their cohesion and their confidence as a team. Argentina has gone a bit the same. With Scola as the only reference already of the "Golden Generation" that won the olympic gold in Athens in 2004, but with pride intact and the relay looming in the arms of Campazzo , Deck or Pato Garino . "We are a little similar in the DNA. In the fight, and the heart. I think that the two selections we have shown for a long time. Were the ‘Golden Generation’ and now it seemed that they too were to take a step back and has been to the contrary. Have given forward, like us", acknowledged yesterday Ricky Rubio , on whose head there goes another goal for the gold. "I came here with a dream, and what I am doing. Dream big don't remove anyone and the boundaries we sometimes put ourselves in the head. We must not be complacent. We know that a medal is now secure and that was a goal, but it is a game and we have to win it," said the base yesterday, very focused.

"I Came here with a dream, and what I am doing. We must not be complacent. There are to win." is Ricky Rubio

it Is well known to both teams, which already is measured in Ningbó in the penultimate match of preparation prior to the World cup. There he lived a very tough match that ended up winning Spain thanks to a grand finale on the basis of Catalan, the author of 15 consecutive points. "That may be an indication, but everything will be different. In essence, because there were neither Campazzo, who is one of their most crucial players, nor Marc Gasol , which is very important for us," said Scariolo, who is concerned about many things from the argentine, but two in particular. "Do killers us? The first is Campazzo and the second, Scola. The two know how to kill. Also Laprovittola and Deck, that come out from the bench and change games as Brussino and Garino," said the coach.

Spain did not train yesterday and devoted the day to rest. "We've played two extensions, but we did so four hours before them," recalled Scariolo . Because at this point, any detail account and the gasoline remaining in the tank is one of them. Don't want to think about the fatigue Marc Gasol, who will play their meeting 115 of the season. The most important of his career with the selection. "It is a match more. A last effort. It is a golden opportunity", claiming the Catalan, who could emulate Lamar Odom as the only player who has won in the same year, the Global ring and NBA.

The two best defenses

If during the championship Scariolo has had to emphasize the defense, in the match of this evening will be more important than ever. Measured the two teams with the least points allowed to his rival, so that maintaining the intensity seems to be key, but is that Argentina is also one of those who write with greater ease. "We have offensive power and will be a headache for Spain. We have the cool head, warm heart and control the emotions a little bit," said Campazzo, leader next to Scola for this albiceleste are looking for their first gold in a World cup.

intertwined Paths that return to be seen today, face-to-face when no one expected it. With an award major in the game. A golden opportunity that may not re-submit, and that the two of you want to take advantage of.

Date Of Update: 15 September 2019, 05:01

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