Spain, on the hunt for the visitor to asian and north american to give wings to tourism shopping

The global spending of tourists to the chinese and indians will add 363.000 million in 2020El tourism international falls July, weighed down by the lower arriva

Spain, on the hunt for the visitor to asian and north american to give wings to tourism shopping
The global spending of tourists to the chinese and indians will add 363.000 million in 2020El tourism international falls July, weighed down by the lower arrival of German and británicosEl Brexit and a rise in taxes are clouding the future of the tourism sector

The problem of Spain is not in the lack of tourists, but, on the contrary, in the high number of people that visit our country, and that can make it difficult to achieve a model of sustainable tourism. There is a new interest of attracting the travelers of long range radio that are usually spend the most. And although it increases the expense of these foreigners, the shopping tourism is a subject that must improve and take advantage of its high growth potential. "Our penetration in the shopping tourism is not in keeping with the power of Spain in tourism", alert to ABC Luis Llorca, director of Global Blue Spain (first operator of the "tax free"). It is precisely in the Barometer Shopping Global Blue where it speaks of a growth of 56 per cent of the "shopping" of the americans, figures that have contributed in the overall increase of 15% of this type of tourism during the first six months of the year.

The chinese continue to lead the list, with a third of the total sales of "tax free" and a year on year growth of 13%. "It's a profile of chinese young, with greater purchasing power who travel a lot. You have a predisposition to purchase during the trip and if Spain knows how to attract these tourists will increase the expenditure", adds the responsible. Tourists to the chinese and indians will be spending in the next world to 400,000 million dollars in 2020, as noted by the data of the Academy of Tourism of China and Colliers International. In that year expect to see 200 million chinese tourists and 50 million indians. "These numbers are going to grow and it is essential that the strategy followed by Spain, keep in mind," warns Juan Antonio Samaranch, president of the organizing committee of the Summit Shopping Tourism & Economy .

Reduce barriers

The model Spanish tourism must adapt to the new global market and attract these potential tourists. To do this, there are several things to keep in mind. On the one hand, the logistics, facilitating to the extent possible the issues of red tape, and improving the air connections. "The issuance of a visa to China takes 15 days, and in France only 2, which hurts us. And there are destinations with just connection paths", underlines the director general of Global Blue Spain. On the other hand, "you have to put resources and talent in China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia... that permit a good positioning," he adds.

Equally important are the growths of nationalities asian as the hong kong (67%), the Korean (60%) and japanese (53%), boosting the income for purchases in Spain. "The presence of tourists in the Southeast asia and the Middle East is almost non-existent, while in London the first nationality in shopping is the Persian Gulf", reflects Luis Llorca. Elizabeth Oliver, State secretary of Tourism and president of Turespaña , in a statement to ABC, said that it has stepped up its promotional work to raise awareness of Spain as a shopping destination in distant markets such as China or the Middle East. The goal is to "put Spain at the top destinations of "shopping", a form of tourism that attracts visitors with higher spending capacity, which is associated with the cuisine or the culture, which generates wealth and employment, and provides, ultimately, higher value to increase the sustainability of the tourism model that we want to".

The time for the shopping

Gonzalo Serna, national director of Retail at CBRE, remember that in all the Spanish cities, tourists spend time at the shopping tourism that already "part of their tourism offer. is Madrid and Barcelona are very well positioned in the world ranking ". In Madrid, although the number of foreign tourists is lower than in Barcelona, their average expenditure is greater "because it has a greater weight fashion". Serna believes that with a best deal hotel in cities such as Madrid will increase the shopping tourism is very benefited by having internationally renowned brands such as Inditex or Mango .

the return of The VAT also plays an important role not only by price competitiveness but also by the experiences of the traveler. "The validation of Spanish is the best in Europe," says the director of Global Blue Spain. From this year it is mandatory the digital stamp of the "tax free" (DIVA ), except in the Canary islands, and from the middle of last year there is no minimum amount of 90 euros for the VAT refund. At the time of purchase, cannot be generalized even though the chinese are the largest watches and jewelry acquired while americans are opting for fashion and add-ons.

Date Of Update: 16 September 2019, 21:01

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