Spain will participate in the new european agreement for the distribution of migrants rescued

The new Italian government changes immigration policy and allows the landing of immigrants in Lampedusa"I Am a racist, a follower of Salvini and don't rent th

Spain will participate in the new european agreement for the distribution of migrants rescued
The new Italian government changes immigration policy and allows the landing of immigrants in Lampedusa"I Am a racist, a follower of Salvini and don't rent the house to people of Southern"european countries agree to divide the 82 migrants rescued by the Ocean Viking

Spain is one of the six countries are ready to reach a european agreement on immigrants. The covenant that will be signed provides for the distribution of the people that the ships of the NGOS or the military have been rescued in the Mediterranean. That deal will be done before admission of the ships in port, so that once landed, the persons to be transferred immediately, as demanded by Italy, countries of the European Union (EU) acceded to the covenant, that by now, according to reports today the Italian media, are six: Germany, France, Italy, Greece and Malta, and Spain. It is also hoped the accession of Portugal and Luxembourg.

Still is being developed, the text that shall pass the Interior ministers of Italy, Germany, France and Malta in the meeting that will keep the next 23 in Valletta. The Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, wants to introduce in the european agreement a rotation of the ports , so that the immigrants landed also in Spain, France, Malta and Croatia. Contrary to this agreement are the countries of the Visegrad group (Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia), who have always shown their defiance to a common european policy on immigration, in particular on the imposition of fees.

In this time of negotiation, one of the keys is to specify categories of immigrants, that is to say, what you have a right of asylum or international protection because they come from countries in conflict or war, and on the other hand what immigrants have exclusively economic motives. Italy want the division for contributions of immigrants to occur before landing, to avoid eternice the negotiation on the deal and, in addition, to do not lead some countries to only elect those who have the right of asylum, excluding the irregular or so-called economic immigrants.

the exclusion of "ships" ghost

Now, with the agreement of Dublin (1990), which Italy you want to modify as soon as possible, the host country is the one that must register the immigrant and grant the right of asylum. Part of the agreement that is being negotiated is the EU in charge of managing the repatriation of undocumented migrants , while carrying out development projects in countries of origin. It is also considered important that you re-run the mission Sophia with military means of the EU countries to patrol and control the Mediterranean, a sea to become a cemetery. In the year so far, have died or disappeared 928 people in their desperate adventure to reach Europe. In total, in this year came 64.343 immigrants to Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Malta; of them, 52.049 did so by sea.

This agreement that is negotiated will affect by now only to immigrants who arrive in ships from the NGOS or the military, excluding that reach in ships called "ghost" . The immigrants landed by NGOS in Italy are a minority. From the beginning of the year until the 13th of September, came to this country, by sea 5.796 immigrants, of whom just over 1,000 did so on the ships of the NGO after being rescued in 26 operations off the coast of libyan. The vast majority of the immigrants, a total of 4.303, arrived irregularly on small boats, often abandoned on the beaches of Sicily or Lampedusa. So they came, for example, to this last island of 100 people in the last 24 hours. Surpassing the agreement of Dublin, the responsibility to accommodate or repatriate all the immigrants will not be only of Italy, but throughout Europe.

Conte has asked the EU to grant aid to the countries that accept immigrants. Also get fines, or withdraw aid to governments that refuse to participate in the distribution of immigrants.

Pressures to Macron

Conte looking particularly the support of Paris in its new policy on immigration and will press the French president, Emmanuel Macron, the first head of State to be received in Rome next Wednesday, after the birth of the new coalition government between the Movement 5 Stars (M5E) and the Democratic Party (PD).

this Is an official visit very significant to Italy, with what Rome wants to demonstrate its return to the european family, after the hiatus of the government of which was part of the former minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini. The relations of Salvini with Brussels, and in particular with Macron, were appalling.

in Addition, it wants to put an end of the serious diplomatic crisis , unprecedented in the last decades between the two countries, to cause the trip of the political leader of the M5E, Luigi Di Maio, who in February came to Paris to encourage several leaders of the yellow vests in its fight against Macron. The French president then pulled out its ambassador in Rome for that interference to be unacceptable. Today, Di Maio is the minister of Foreign Affairs, and juggles to settle urgent outstanding bills with Paris.

Date Of Update: 16 September 2019, 14:01

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