Spanish researchers create a rapid cutaneous test that indicates whether or not it is necessary or not a reinforcement of the vaccine

Two Spanish researchers, an immunologist and an allergist at the University Hospital of Canarias, have created a test capable of guessing the state of cellular

Spanish researchers create a rapid cutaneous test that indicates whether or not it is necessary or not a reinforcement of the vaccine

Two Spanish researchers, an immunologist and an allergist at the University Hospital of Canarias, have created a test capable of guessing the state of cellular immunity and, therefore, quickly revealing if a new reinforcement dose is really needed. The vaccine against the Covid-19.

The test can be done at the time and could help to reduce costs to the National Health System (SNS). It is about 'Covidcell', a test that has reformulated the Yvelise Barrios Immunology Specialist, along with the allerginal expert Víctor Matheu, and which is a worldwide scoop in this field. Today they have not achieved, despite attempts, marketing it, although their results have seen light in several scientific publications.

"It is a very interesting test to do in our population, in patients with immunological diseases, or in oncological patients, for example. And now we know that there are several pharmacists who are developing and we assume that they will arrive more broadly at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year, "reveals this doctor in an interview with Infosalus.

Indicates that 'Covidcell' is an adaptation of a classic immunology test (the delayed hypersensitivity reaction), a cutaneous test that has been carried out for years in diseases such as tuberculosis, or in the 90s was very used with patients with HIV , To whom the virus attacks T cells with the passage of time.

In this case, it is to inject into the skin of the patient's forearm a solution with a piece of the famous SARS-COV-2 SPIKE protein, one of the main proteins of the virus, to study the cutaneous reaction that occurs in the patient, and that it will be the one that reveals whether or not we have cellular immunity in front of this pathogen; That is, if ultimately we have or not to be vaccinated.

Specifically, our immune system has two types of response: the humoral, that which manufactures specific antibodies for each pathogen, and which can be measured simply with a serological test; And on the other hand, the cellular immunity, more durable, and formed by the famous t lymphocytes capable of remembering if they have faced a pathogen previously, and that until now they could only be measured in the laboratory, in more complex processes.

"If our body has previously been infected by the virus, or we have passed the infection, or we have been vaccinated, we will have specific T cells that will recognize it and go to the area where we have injected this synthetic protein under the skin. If yes it will occur A red reaction that will tell us that our organism has those T cells, reminiscent of having faced the virus, and therefore we continue to be protected against this disease, "explains the immunologist.

In his opinion, the applications offered by 'Covidcell' are very interesting because, although it only brings an affirmative or negative response, it allows easy, without the need for blood extractions, or sophisticated laboratories, know and interpret in many people if we have this Cell immune response

"The antibodies, the other branch of the specific immune response that we can also measure, are declining over time, after several months they decrease, and this test in our hands seems more stable. It is 'in vivo', it is measured The T lymphocyte in our own organism, "he explains.

In this case, to measure the cellular response, according to neighborhoods, you need to wait between 12 and 48 hours after cutaneous injection in the person. "To patients who have been done this test are not made to the laboratory if not that through the mobile they send us a photo of the reaction that has been created, and can be seen if the patient has cellular immunity or not", Includes immunologist.

Moreover, it stands out that at this point of the pandemic it can be useful to respond to a lot of issues about immunogenicity of vaccines, because the other tests that are in vitro and that they need a blood extraction are more expensive, they need material Very specialized, as well as staff, and laboratories.

"This test is easier and easier and allows to demonstrate if you need these extra doses or not with the passage of time, while we can respond to issues about the time we last the immunogenicity of vaccines, or how many doses are we going to need" , clarify.

Moreover, this immunology specialist from the University Hospital of Canarias, argues that it is especially interesting in transplant patients, and in fact mentions that the third publication they have made on the subject has focused on the use of this Test with this collective: " It is clearly seen that if we only take into account the immunity measured by antibodies, these patients are being inframed, because they can have a robust immunity that can be seen with this test. "

"Just seeing a part of immunity, which are the antibodies, it leaves us with uncertainties that we can not really fill in many occasions because there is no cheap and easy to do test, and we propose this as an initial method, which does not mean that you can not Do the others, who give deeper information. These are complementary things and the usefulness of 'Covidcell' is the great population we can reach, "he adds.

Although its application should be done with nurse personnel, being an intradermal administration, the doctor believes that surely over time it will be evolved in the use of these devices more automatically. "It is clear that we personally believe that the strategy should go to individualize the administration of Vaccines of the COVID-19. (*) In general population it would optimize resources because vaccinating massively all over the world involves a budgetary commitment that can be used for others Ambientes, and at the beginning of the pandemic yes it was mixed to vaccinate massively, and now no longer, "says this expert.

Date Of Update: 08 February 2022, 15:38

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