Speak out: Hit by heavy depression

It was certainly not a dance on roses, as the former ballet dancer and tv judge Cecilie Lassen was pregnant with her first child about three years ago. Here b

Speak out: Hit by heavy depression

It was certainly not a dance on roses, as the former ballet dancer and tv judge Cecilie Lassen was pregnant with her first child about three years ago.

Here bothered she namely both with huge amounts of water in the body, bækkenløsning, which tied her to a wheelchair and bed several months before baby is due, as well as extreme pain.

In an interview in the podcast 'to The Moon, Honey' opens the 38-year-old Cecilie Lassen now up on the difficult pregnancy, and how it goes her in the day, where her son, Alvin, is two years.

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Here she reveals also that her everyday life is far from normal today, even though the pregnancy now long since over.

- It is still not quite normal, for it is still really hard for me to be alone with him (son, red.). I'm such a little afraid of him. It may not say, but I have not been alone with him, so I'm afraid I don't know him well enough to do the right thing, she says in the podcast.

During pregnancy, Cecilie Lassen also affected by the so-called 'De Quervains'syndrome, is a inflammation, which resulted in that she had difficulty using his hands.

When Alvin came into the world after a violent birth in two days, which finally ended in cesarean section, had Cecilie Lassen still find it difficult to use his hands, and therefore had to her husband, the well-known musician Silas Bjerregaard, who is known especially from the band Turboweekend, take a great deal of responsibility - both for the little new, but also for Cecilie Lassen.

Silas had to take my nipple and put it into the mouth of Alvin. I couldn't change his diaper, I couldn't anything from the start, tells Cecilie Lassen in the podcast.

Cecilie Lassen, along with her husband, Silas Bjerregaard. Photo: Mogens Flindt

Actually used Silas Bjerregaard so much time looking after the family at home, that it went beyond his time with his band, Turboweekend, which therefore went into solution in 2018.

According to Cecilie Lassen was mated as a consequence of their pressed schedules proposed to send little Alvin in daycare, when he was only two months, so Silas Bjerregaard better able to suit his work.

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The message hit Cecilie Lassen hard, and she was ago affected by postnatal depression.

- I make a deal with the doctor that I need to come up for a conversation about the help, I now must have. But it is really hard to get out of the door when you are bad at walking and have a depression. So I don't show up, tells Cecilie Lassen, however, the site was visited by the doctor at home.

Cecilie Lassen on the red carpet at the ELLE Style Awards in 2019. Photo: Mogens Flindt

Just the doctor visits were of crucial importance for Cecilie Lassen, which subsequently began to get better and understand what consequences it would have for the whole family, if not she got better. She struggles still with the movement in his hands.

Since the violent experience with the pregnancy is Cecilie Lassen started to share honestly out of bagsiderne by a pregnancy on her social media.

I was so lonely on the sofa, and I was so alone in my experience of a happy pregnancy. For the pregnancy itself was still happy, but everything around us crumbled. All the bumping, and the only thing I saw on Instagram were women, who ran off to concerts in the skinny jeans and drank mocktails, and it was just fabulous, and they could do it all. And I was just like: 'It can't be true, that it is only what we see out there', says Cecilie Lassen in the podcast.

Cecilie Lassen is a former ballet dancer and has among other things been a judge on 'Denmark has talent'. Photo: Mikkel Tjellesen/TV 2

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