Stimulates learning of your children through the kitchen

Camp kitchen for the kids of the casaLo that children can do in the kitchen according to your edadLas recipes for children that will prefer the avocado to the p

Stimulates learning of your children through the kitchen
Camp kitchen for the kids of the casaLo that children can do in the kitchen according to your edadLas recipes for children that will prefer the avocado to the potato chips

A great way to spend time with the kids is cooking. This is an activity that you see in home on a daily basis and that, without a doubt, it is necessary to involve them to gain knowledge.

Cooking is not only a learning tool for parents and kids is quality time dedicated to an activity fun and dynamic where you can participate all the members of the family, according to the Attitude of Communication of the multinational Teka.

While cooking can be observed how the children concentrate in this activity, plan the recipe, are found with difficulty, but finally they will get a good reward: to taste a good dish with your family.

One of the main benefits of fond of the kids in the kitchen is that they develop their creativity and imagination to invent and prepare a menu. During the cooking process they learn new ingredients, lend attention to the responsible use of the utensils of the kitchen among many other things.

Although there are tasks that may pose a risk for them, as the handling of knives or fire, can help in small tasks such as kneading dough, although the amounts in baked goods or catch correctly the objects. All these jobs are beneficial for the development of attention and fine motor skills of the child.

To emotionally, the kitchen can become a simple way of strengthen ties with the parents. The children are aware of being developing a task of adults and feel that responsibility , with the confidence of working with figures as important as their parents or family members.

Another of the essential elements in the kitchen is the communication . In this way, youngsters will develop their language and their ability to express themselves, to ask, to show dissatisfaction... creating an environment of trust by both parties. But also, in the face of new challenges can arise frustrations at not getting the expected results.

Learn and work in family as a team

team work is another of the activities that will certainly develop while you cook in family. Children become aware that there is that dividing up the tasks and the importance of being part of a chain of work to achieve the same end. A work dynamic that is associated with discipline and planning in the preparation of the recipes, that make it less fun to the task.

beyond the kitchen, one of the scenarios where you can spend a good time with the little ones of the house, and at the same time to acquire knowledge, it is purchase . Make the purchase can turn into an activity more stimulating, with the aim of helping in chores and be taking small decisions along to the family. In addition, the learn about the market and all the products that we offer and their benefits is critical to have a good diet and to acquire knowledge of nutrition.

Cooking together with the children will learn the value of food, it will stimulate the appetite and have a wide range of culinary . And can be the perfect occasion to try out these dishes that tend to be more reluctant as vegetables or fish. If they see how they are cooked and they are involved in that process, sure that they will want to try it out.

Safety in the kitchen

it Is important that when cooking with children is to have utensils that they can use, a table to their height so that they can work comfortably, but without access to hazardous areas .

The best age to start cooking are 4-5 years . At this age their motor skills allows them to carry out basic tasks and effective in the kitchen. The confectionery is one of the best options and where they can give free rein to your imagination by decorating a cake or kneading to make some cookies in the oven. And although he did not cook daily, and it is important that children feel involved in the daily tasks of the kitchen as you search for condiments, washing vegetables or fruit, or set the table.

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Date Of Update: 14 September 2019, 03:00

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