Stopped by animal abuse A man in prayer by nailing pins on dog food used as bait

The cooperation of the National Police, the Civil Guard and Local Police of Orense has culminated with the arrest of the alleged author of an animal abuse and d

Stopped by animal abuse A man in prayer by nailing pins on dog food used as bait

The cooperation of the National Police, the Civil Guard and Local Police of Orense has culminated with the arrest of the alleged author of an animal abuse and damage to the placement of pins inside food for dogs that placed as meat baits at various points of The orense capital.

Thus, the national police reported, after more than four years of police work of the security forces, Inu and Alfinete operations have resulted in the clarification of the facts.

Specifically, National Police Agents of the Specialized and Violent Delinquency Unit, in collaboration with the Command of the Civil Guard of Orense, the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) and the Local Police Headquarters of this city, came carrying out from the beginning of the year 2017, different arrangements, as well as research diligences for the clarification of several appearances of meat feeding pieces, specifically food for dogs, with pins nailed inside, at different points of the city of Orense, Typified as a crime of animal abuse and damage.

The security forces and bodies were aware of these crimes when they were received in two bar neighborhood bars in Orense two letters that threatened the owners for allowing the entrance of dogs into their premises. Subsequently, since 2019 appeared in different streets of the zones kilograms with pins.

In November 2020 and, after receiving complaints in which invoices are attached for veterinary expenses amounting to 606.37 euros, in a complaint of February 23, 2021, it is "realizes an intake of a mascot of meat remains with Pins in the Plaza Dos Bosco, "the same sources stand out. In this case, the veterinary expenses are ascending more than 1,000 euros.

Meanwhile, on February 28, 2020, by intake of the same type of meat baits on Santiago Avenue, veterinary expenses amounted to 172.40 euros.

In 2020, the security forces had, in addition, knowledge of the death of a dog after ingesting one of the poisoned baits. In the crowded March 12, 2021, typed letters are collected aimed at two people in their respective addresses, letters in their corresponding envelopes, in some terms that, they point out the same sources, "are interpreted as threatening towards their people, by The defense made by both in favor of pets and against the appearance of the numerous meat baits with pins. " Both were referred to the provincial scientific police brigade for analysis and study.

Due to all this, research diligence focused on the planning of the use of technical means destined to the identification of the alleged author of the fact. Since September 2021, a joint device of the three bodies was established with surveillance, which focused on weekends, which was when the baits used to appear.

After making several investigations and investigations, and after making several follow-ups in the area, a male was identified, "that by its peculiar way of walking was observed in the places where the baits appeared," concrete the same sources. As a result of that, a surveillance was established in which he was surprised in Fragranti when he threw in Sánchez Park Arteaga 18 baits on November 6.

Therefore, it was arrested as a presumed author of an animal abuse and damage. In addition, a house record was made in which clothing and shoes were intervened similar to those that observed the agents in the various surveillance carried out, as well as a dog food bar, substance or pate for dogs, two boxes of pins, Two posters of "dog prohibition" with handwritten phrases in which it was read "because you do not eat your kaka and drink your urine, not, right, better public sidewalk".

They also found a typewriter and a typed letter of the same typography as those received by two complainants, where the agents observed that, in addition to the "clear and manifest animosity towards the dogs and owners of them," he appears in more than one Occasion a name that "could be coincident with the name of one of the victims who denounces having received a threatening letter," they add.

The typewriter and the handwritten letters were sent to the national police scientific brigade for the compound of both, as well as meat products found on public roads and, subsequently collected. The police have highlighted that "they are fully coincident" with those collected in the housing of the detainee on the day of the practice of registration, as well as "fully coinciding the pins", a flat metallic head and white pearl head.

Safety bodies stand out that "it was an operating laborious that created an alarm in the orensna society, by extension over time, and that the detainee acted sporadically and without progress programmed." These factors also add, ranted the investigations.

The detainee spent judicial arrangement in the Court of Instruction Number 2 of Orense this Sunday, after what has been released with charges.

Updated Date: 08 November 2021, 08:40

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