Strikes with the Drive-in: Amazon needs to do in Corona-Tests

How many times has she already gathered Employees of Amazon in Bad Hersfeld for a strike in order, don't know Mechthild Middeke exactly. "I'm keeping a list,

Strikes with the Drive-in: Amazon needs to do in Corona-Tests

How many times has she already gathered Employees of Amazon in Bad Hersfeld for a strike in order, don't know Mechthild Middeke exactly. "I'm keeping a list, because I could research it," she says. But off-the-cuff? "Nope," says the Union Secretary of Verdi. "We are since 2013 on strike," she explains, which is as operational supervisor responsible for the North Hessian companies in the Amazon Logistik GmbH. For the past seven years, trade unionists, a trace with the shipper, and the same goal. You require nThe recognition of the collective agreements for the retail and mail order trade. Because Amazon is not bound by a collective agreement. Since midnight, hundreds of Employees participate again in Bad Hersfeld on a strike. Also in Koblenz and other locations of the Amazon, there are arrears. In the North-East of Hesse, the strike is but this Time something Special. The Drive-in included.

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The reason: In Bad Hersfeld, many Workers have been infected with the Coronavirus. How many there are exactly, don't know, the workers ' representatives according to the Middeke. The speech is of about three dozen. Amazon is keen to be a Hotspot. The employees would have been put in the private context, said a spokesman, referring to research by the regional health authority of the F. A., for example. Nevertheless, the small Covid-19-shaft also has consequences for the operation of everyday life. The regional health Department has prescribed a mask of duty. The company makes the jobs as usual in such cases often to clean, as it is called. "In Germany alone, we have ordered since February of 470 million units, disinfectant for the hands, 21 million Pairs of gloves, 19 million masks, face shields, or other mouth-nose protection and 39 million packs of disinfectant wipes", lists an Amazon spokesman.

"Because the fear"

it's been Verdi, but not enough. The mask duty lead many breathing problems worsen with rising temperatures in the warehouses. "We are calling for more breaks and slowing down of work processes, as well as the paid time off for health particularly affected employees by the employer." And The employees knew like to in which departments the infected employee worked. Finally, any contacts would be traced to each other. There is now enough Tests. "Here, Amazon would have to make more", calls for the trade unionist.

Amazon called numbers on request no Infection. As the daily Corona-Bulletin of the Hessian Ministry for social Affairs, but result, the number of new infections in Hersfeld-Rotenburg, in the meantime, under ten. About one week ago, 27, stood to beech. In the country comparison of high value of this district, as measured at the low population. Only about 120,000 men, women and children, he counts.

Against this Background, Hesse is part of the Amazon in the North-East of the most important employers. Two companies of the consignor has to the highway 4. He called Fra1 and Fra3, named after the nearest major airport. And that is the 141 kilometres away, Frankfurt. The airport Calden is not closer is uneven, but serves as a name-giver.

All layers

Middeke estimates the number of strikes called on about 500. A Experience Value. According to Amazon, the majority of the employees, but works. Disadvantages for the customer, there is no. 3500 Employees, the company counts on the site, they are distributed to the individual layers. Verdi has called on all layers for recusal. Unlike otherwise the strike will not meet, but in front of the factory gates. Rather, a Parking lot is used according to the Middeke as a meeting place. There is a speaker that transmits the strike talk from a car outside. "As I reach the people," she says. On the spot the employees at this particular Drive can fill-in their applications to strike money. And at the same time the distance requirement in mind.

Date Of Update: 30 June 2020, 00:19

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