Support Plan for aeronautics : a strange coupling between voluntarism and temptation of the decay

Le Figaro Europe, and especially France, with 200,000 jobs in the sector, is one of three main global manufacturers of aircraft. The government has just announ

Support Plan for aeronautics : a strange coupling between voluntarism and temptation of the decay
Le Figaro

Europe, and especially France, with 200,000 jobs in the sector, is one of three main global manufacturers of aircraft. The government has just announced a support plan, of € 8 billion to the aerospace industry, including "300 million euros to modernize the supply chain and an investment fund of € 500 million, up to $ 1 billion, designed to help the development of small and medium-sized enterprises".

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The health crisis has immediately impacted the airlines, virtually no volume The collapse of their turnover has caused a risk of bankruptcy in the short term ; the international air transport Association (IATA) has raised a cumulative loss of us $ 84 billion by 2020, compared with 31 during the crisis of 2008. It will take several years to hope to find the traffic of 2019, and the number of companies is expected to decrease. France, like other States, was immediately concerned about the financial survival of its national company, granting a loan of 7 billion euros to Air France on our side. And up to 4 billion euros for KLM Dutch side.

beyond The companies, comes to the aviation industry. It has been affected more slowly, but will be much more sustainable. First problem, orders are falling because companies will not need additional aircraft before the better 2023. Second problem, the maintenance or not of the workforce. Because unlike the companies that will be able to easily find well-trained staff on the market, the problem of the builders and their subcontractors is the maintenance of skills.

The plan provides for the extension of 12 to 24 months of partial unemployment and of the military orders additional in order to ensure the maintenance of competence. Like all the stimulus plans introduced by the government, it is with counterparties : in particular, the maintenance of the manufacturing in France and of the maximum employment, which is normal... but also, the launch of a research programme on the aircraft, " zero-carbon ". If this program should allow for the maintenance of the activity of offices of studies, the "CO2 emission reduction" should monopolize 1.5 billion euros of the aid plan in total.

In the ignorance today of the period of market recovery, we cannot say whether the effort of the State will be sufficient to ensure the maintenance of skills but we can now make two criticisms :

The military seems to be low : because of the ageing of the aviation equipment of the armies, and the cost of partial unemployment, there was an opportunity to upgrade more hardware for the only cost difference between the manufacture and the part-time unemployment, which has not been sufficiently exploited.

The plan is subject to strong environmental constraints... including the business impact risk of handicapping the French aeronautical industry : are we sure that the plane "zero carbon" will be the priority of the airlines, when they again begin to acquire aircraft ? It should not be that this is a new Harmony or a new A380 !

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This is the main criticism that one can make to this plan which requires an industry subject to global competition and a constraint to satisfy the French administration (and voters ?) ; the plan of Air France on which he is asked to give up half of its domestic routes to the benefit of the train is already unfavourable to both Airbus by decreasing the need for aircraft short-haul (A220 and A320 neo), which are a strong point of his line of products, and to the major airports of French correspondence which may become less convenient to reach by train than their european competitors in the aircraft.

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