TICWATCH PRO 3 ULTRA: Mobvoi takes it very seriously with his smart watch

The smart watches market is even more bipartidist than mobile phone, with Apple and Samsung well above any third party who wants to assault the heavens. Howev

TICWATCH PRO 3 ULTRA: Mobvoi takes it very seriously with his smart watch

The smart watches market is even more bipartidist than mobile phone, with Apple and Samsung well above any third party who wants to assault the heavens. However, proposals such as that of the Russian company Mobvoi, with its Ultra Ticwatch Pro, allow us to believe in a sector with interesting alternatives, a league in which Atlético, Sevilla or Real Society can give it a scare to the omnipresence of its individuals Real Madrid and Barça.

To achieve this, the company is supported by the Operating System for Google SmartWatches, Android Wear, which unites a device that little has to be envied to its rivals. TICWATCH PRO 3 ULTRA is, as little, an alternative and there are not many watches that can say this. Its price (299 euros the GPS version and 359 model 4G) may seem high, although not exaggerated.

Android Wear brings with an interesting catalog of applications and spheres, a simple and intuitive gesture control (by default, with direct access to his assistant, that something contributes) and, above all, some hope in terms of updates and support refers to .

In general, it is an elegant clock and it manages to solve the visual oxymoron that means a classic body with a full color screen. The materials are, in general, quite noble and even the plastic - which, well it is true, would look more if it were a metal - it seems of quality. Despite its size, the weight - a 41 grams - is perfect: neither elevated, nor does it seem to try toy.

The screen is 1.4 inches, which gives space for quite information, which is presented more or less or less as a function of the sphere. The two buttons (open, respectively, the application menu and the sports activity modes) are located on the right and the bezel, with its small notches, gives another touch that adds personality. The leather imitation strap on the unit that we tested, varies depending on the model and, in any case, can be easily replaced.

All in all, his appearance is smart clock that tries to look for his own path. He does not drink too much of other models or seems especially concerned about going through a classic clock, but at the same time, it does not break with the expected canons of circumference, horse and king.

The resolution of the screen has little to envy to that of a telephone and stands out especially in the most modern spheres (those that mimic a traditional clock only give the pego by far) or by showing information of any of the applications. It is also remarkable that you do not need, much less, put the battery at risk with an exaggerated brightness to see the time with sharpness in full sun. The touch aspect is well solved and responds perfectly to the commands introduced to finger stroke.

In this sense, another of the ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra's successes is your 'double' screen. It is not that it is folding - we do not show ideas, that weird things have been seen, but also its full-color AMOLED panel mounts another FST screen above it. This allows the clock to show information without the need to turn on the main panel (that is, with minimum battery consumption) that is seen as if it were a calculator. In addition, it has backlumination - customizable color - that gives you another touch of personality.

The battery, thanks in part to this double starting screen, gets a very considerable autonomy, with two days of use easy, up to three with some moderation and the possibility of reaching a room if the measurement of sports activities and time is limited That the screen is used. In essential mode (as if it were a full-life casio, go) arrives at 45 days.

The against is the absence of fast burden that saves who forgets to replenish the battery at night. The base, by the way, does not cover the entire back of the clock and uses, as often happens, its own connector that may not lose.

All this, of course, depends on the use that is given. And it can be a lot. It will have a classic body, but the entrails are of product focused on sport or, at least, to monitoring: heart rate sensor (capable of detecting irregular heartbeat and variability), blood oxygen meter, step counter (actually, The joint work of the motion sensor, the accelerometer and the gyroscope), barometer, fatigue evaluation or sleep tracking.

It has 100 training modes and can be used to swim or virtually any sport. In general, the measurement is correct, although not as much as in a 100% sports device. MOBVOO applications complement a lot, as is logical, what the clock does, although visually leaves something to be desired and required to create an additional account. Between what Google offers with Wear OS and what the manufacturer provides, the needs are covered - with some redundancy - without problems.

When exercising help again your body again. On the one hand, it is not annoying thanks to the weight of it; On the other, he is able to resist the sessions without being feared for his integrity in case of falls, injuries or small blows. Of course, it is also bulky enough so that in any sport, contact or not, be seen with bad eyes by the rival and finished on the bench.

However, the TICWATCH PRO 3 ULTRA, especially in version 4G / LTE, will convince those who want a device connected to play sports and are in an Android environment or reject the visual proposal that usually accompanies smart watches. A third way by which it is worth betting, at least for those who are willing to launch a 300 euro environ.

Date Of Update: 06 February 2022, 14:40

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