The 365 euros of the Dabiz Muñoz menu are nothing next to 600 Japan

At 10 o'clock on Wednesday, December 1, the reservations were opened for the following month, January 2022, in Divex. The difference with respect to previous

The 365 euros of the Dabiz Muñoz menu are nothing next to 600 Japan

At 10 o'clock on Wednesday, December 1, the reservations were opened for the following month, January 2022, in Divex. The difference with respect to previous dates is that in this case the price for the menu was not 250 but of 365 euros, a figure that has increased with respect to prior by 46%. Despite this and the controversy that this increase has generated, Divex has exhausted reservations for the month of January in just a few minutes. Dabiz Muñoz himself appreciated through his Instagram Instagram Account the affection received by customers. "We're going to convert diverse in his best version of the story," he said.

Muñoz was crowned last September as the best chef of the year at the Best Chef Awards 2021, an award that picked up in Amsterdam. He also received in Paris and the List of the Award for Innovation for his GOXO Delivery. While the arguments of him internationally grow, in Spain he has faced harsh criticism for the rise in the price of his menu called the cuisine of the flying pigs. LOC has been contacted with experts in the gastronomy sector that Muñoz has made a decision that can serve as a mirror to the rest of high cuisine restaurants in Spain. "When the segment of luxury touches the gastronomy, the revolution is mounted. Nobody seems obscene that an entrance of Champions Valga Thousand Euros or a Bag of a Determined Brand 10,000. Unfortunately, we live in a bipolar society. There will be people who have Always a lot of money. I want you to spend it in my city and my city redistribute it. What is certain is that your employees will have better working conditions. That is already a form of redistribution, "says Julia Pérez Lozano, director of Gastroactity and gastronomic journalist.

If we compare the price of a three Michelin stars from Spain with others on an international scale, the result is that in our country the hospitality of this level is much cheaper. Restaurants such as Arzak, Akelarre, Soniente or Azurmendi have a price around 200-250 euros. In Paris, no three-star men's menu is below 400. For example, Guy Savoy has a menu of 530 Euros and Arpège of 460. "I guess most of those who 'barked' have never gone to divergent or to any other gastronomic temples located in the great capitals of the first world. Let go to Paris, Tokyo or Copenhagen and you will see what a menu of 20 or 30 passes cost there signed by a galactic chef, executed and served primarily in a Palaciego surroundings! It is not expensive, but expensive. It can not be otherwise, "says Juan Manuel Bellver, director of Lavinia Spain and a great connoisseur of the best restaurants in the world.

In this same line is Carlos Mateos, Mr. ESTO: "Divex is a unique site, we all think that you have to give a fair price to the producer and the workers' labor rights until we have to pay to us. For example, I was in Chicago, in line and I paid $ 1,200 (1060 euros) by a darkening menu that, in addition, did not convince me too much. "

Ricardo Sanz, acknowledged chef who has just launched his own gastronomic group also delves into the difficulty of obtaining viability in such a project: "Prices are approaching the effort that supposes of staff, product, transport, experience ... menus to something More than one hundred euros have become obsolete even if they seem expensive. If we want to go to a high-level restaurant you have to pay it, it is much more than a dinner. "

Paco Morales, chef and dynamizer of Noor, Two-Star Restaurant Michelin de Córdoba, applauds the decision of his colleague: "I think it's a very brave posture on its part and with a lot of common sense. For Him Keeping your quality canons has some costs High. Borja Benedto, gourmet, believes that Dabiz has not been opportunistic when it comes to climbing the price for receiving prizes but rather for a trend. "Raw materials are rising, the trend is the increase in prices. In the end, if you want to pay them and pay your employees well, you have to climb the price. Dabiz has a very important public notoriety and for that reason has exploited this controversial without foundation" .

Not only customers (with their reservations exhausted in minutes) give reason to dabiz. He also accompanies his sector. And Rosalia, the singer who came out immediately to defend the Elipa cook on social networks: "I went to diverge and I cried from how good it was. Dabiz my favorite chef from the whole world".

Despite this, not everything has been easy for the award-winning chef. Muñoz has, in addition to Divex, the Streetxo restaurant. Also GOXO, responsible for your Innovation Award. On the other hand, he is immersed in the start-up of Ravioxo, a gastronomic proposal that will turn around the pasta. Although the cook reacted quickly to the pandemic, he had to say goodbye to his London restaurant just a year ago, he revealed the expansion newspaper. The restrictions in the United Kingdom added to the impact of Brexit ended with the British adventure of it. He confessed on the anthill that he faces the failure better than success and that to try to manage everything goes to the psychologist. At the side of him is always Cristina Pedroche, her wife for six years and the best ambassador of the Dabiz brand. She not only she has supported him sentimentally but also investing in the chef's projects. However, according to the Commercial Registry she is not involved in the Society Pig Wings with which Muñoz manages her restaurants.

Is the image of the capital of Spain raising Dabiz Muñoz? "If you talk to people who are involved in the world of luxury they tell you that Madrid is going to become Paris. On the one hand there is an accumulation of enormous foreign capital and on the other hand luxury projects. I understand that Dabiz wants to access his portion "He says Julia Pérez Lozano. Dabiz is one of the restaurants that is located in this luxury circuit in which hotels such as Four Seasons, open in 2020 or the reopened Mandarin Oriental Ritz. "To me that dabiz is criminalize that way it seems fatal. When you have 50 people working to feed at 28 do not leave the numbers. Here we were used to paying for high cuisine Rice prices. In Japan almost all Restaurants from that level charge 500 or 600 euros. José Andrés has restaurants in Washington who cost a lot and then do a very important work with his NGO. Rich against poor is an ancient and absurd dialectic, "concludes Julia.

Date Of Update: 07 December 2021, 19:18

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