The 42,000 euros that Matías Urrea left Ainhoa Arteta, the woman who did not want to sign her wedding

Ainhoa Arteta has spoken. She has done it through her social networks thanking her support for her followers and friends, who give her "strength to continue

The 42,000 euros that Matías Urrea left Ainhoa Arteta, the woman who did not want to sign her wedding

Ainhoa Arteta has spoken. She has done it through her social networks thanking her support for her followers and friends, who give her "strength to continue fighting" by recovering from nephritic colic and sepsis that caused her life.

Of his separation of Matías Urrea, not a word. At least, "officially '". In the surroundings of the military it is commented that it was Artetor who, "he spoke with week and made the story jump, although now it seems that she denies having done it", and that the last thing that was already a former partner was when she told Matías: " You will already call you my lawyers. " From there, the contact is null for weeks. Not even through lawyers.

Nearby sources also confirm Loc that there was never married, despite the party and celebration that took place in the port of Santa María in 2019 with about 300 guests. "They did not get married because she did not want to sign," they say. They add that the night before the discussion between the couple was "sounded". However, Ainhoa and Matías continued their relationship from that day for two years, there is a marriage to everyone's eyes.

Of Matías say that "it is focused on his work and does not want to make statements. He does not intend to attack Ainhoa under any circumstances and he is not talking about her or in public or privately. It is happening a little about the subject." They also assure that "it is false that he has stayed with money from the artist; the accounts are clear, it is upside down and he has evidence. Ainhoa owes money to him about 42,000 euros and she knows it. But at the moment it seems that he it's the same". And that at the moment of her Ainhoa said of Matías that "the room (husband) is the most affectionate, she has me like a princess, like a queen".

LOC has been confirmed that a document of friendly separation of the couple was drafted. "The debt was verbally recognized by ARTETA, but so that it would also be recognized in writing, Urrea was required, among other things, the signing of a Leonine confidentiality agreement. The non-compliance by him would force him to a high compensation. , but not the other way around in the same amount, "they count from the Matías environment. "He did not accept, and she did not signed the document," they add.

During the negotiation, the military "offered the possibility that Ainhoa returned the debt in comfortable deadlines for her, since her illness could not work." They say that URRE had to ask for a loan to be able to face expenses in the company of it and maintain the high standard of living of the Soprano, who had to stop the performances of it due to the pandemic. He, with a good job as a soldier, "has never left his profession - he has his salary, but the expenses were excessive.

When Urrea talks about Arteta speaks of Ainhoa, not his ex-wife. The military has been with the soprano in the tougal moments of his illness. He stayed in Seville at a hotel near the Virgen del Rocío Hospital, in which she was admitted, to go up to visit her, as long as they allowed it. The rupture of her's relationship was not expected from her.

This week Urrea answered in Sálvame. "I'm serene, quiet, happy until recently." On the economic issue he added that he is "annoyed because he attentive against honor. And he is very ungrateful after everything I have delivered in the relationship." "My dignity and my tranquility is much more than 42,000 euros and I have no interest in getting into a litigation to claim them," he said to Sálvame.

Urrea affirms to be calm but also worried. According to him, I have been able to know, this concern is because he "he does not understand what the communiqué comes - launched by Arteta - and where they will follow things." In it, the artist is "(...) reserves the use of her rights (...) in all jurisdictional orders, to the military if necessary," although civilians do not usually have access to military courts .

According to the sources, "it looks like a kind of warning, Matías knows who he faces, for people who could be right now near the artist. He is worried about his own future." He published 20 minutes that could exist "an audiovisual material of the High Voltage that could give a brutal, sad and ruthless turn to the situation." They say that it could be moments of strong discussions between the couple.

Urrea added that she does not know what Arteta's health status is, only what she sees in the press. "Many things that have been said about what happened those days have nothing to do with reality, but that is a topic that does not correspond to me to talk, I just hope it recovers soon, that I come back to work, I wish you The Best. I have been wanting it until the last moment, and each with its conscience and their things. "

Rumors point out that from the ARTETA environment they are trying to do no statements. What could have ended with a civilized farewell, has become a war that has not done more than start.

Date Of Update: 22 September 2021, 05:08

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