The Asturian's officiality measures his support in the streets

The defenders of the Asturian Officiality have wanted to measure social support in the street to this measure, now that the government chaired by the Socialist

The Asturian's officiality measures his support in the streets

The defenders of the Asturian Officiality have wanted to measure social support in the street to this measure, now that the government chaired by the Socialist Adrián Barón promotes the reform of the Statute of the Principality with the recognition of the Bablis as a star point. In Oviedo More than 30,000 people, according to the organizers, they have responded to the call of the Xunta Pola Defense of the Asturian Llingua, an association overturned in this goal, to "demonstrate the massive support to the officiality". At the same time, in Gijón the platform against co-officiality collected signatures "against linguistic imposition". The muscle exhibition is pertinent after in September a survey commissioned by citizens, who opposes, encrypt the Asturians contrary to the equalization of the Llingua to Spanish.

For the spokesman of the Xunta, Xosé Candel, the demonstration of this Saturday has to be seen from the executive as a support for his proposal for the Officiality, but also as a notice that any recognition is not worth. For them, the article that declares the Officiality must include four essential aspects: that the Asturian and Gallego-Asturian is recognized with Spanish, which is guaranteed the right to know and use those languages, which includes the commitment that by law will be set The terms and areas of its official use and that no people can be discriminated against by the language I use.

Among those attending the demonstration and on behalf of the Asturian Government, the Minister of Culture, Berta Piñán, who has emphasized the need to reach a consensus on the officiality "that puts the accent on the rights and not in obligations".

"It's a historic moment," he said moments before he spent twelve at noon, with the sound of the bands of background bags and in a festive atmosphere, the march from the railroad station of the Asturian capital and finishes in the Plaza de la Cathedral with the reading of a manifesto. "Next year we will celebrate this October 16 as the first party of the Officiality," the organizers proclaimed from the rostrum.

With the incognte of which is the royal demand for citizenship, at the headquarters of popular sovereignty the support for the Officiality is in the hands of the 20 deputies of the PSOE, the four of we can and the two of UI. Together together, one less than those necessary to reform the statute of autonomy where the legal change that would recognize Al Asturian and Gallego-Asturian would be reflected as the new official languages of Spain. The remaining vote could arrive from Adrián Pumares, forum Asturias, after in his Extraordinary Congress of June the game was refounded after the rupture with its Creator, Francisco Álvarez-Helmes and supported the officiality for the first time without nuances.

With the look at this perspective, VOX has launched a campaign that points to Pumares as an architect of this "imposition". In the posters placed in different places of the Principality you can see a photo of the General Secretary of Forum Asturias with an ASPA closing his mouth and the following message: "Progers want to impose a million Asturians a language that is not his. COOFICIALIDADNE ". In response, the Forum Directive broadcast a statement on Thursday to express its "unanimous and absolute rejection" of Pumares '"Harassment and Pumares', and to remember the" Absolute Independence of Him in decision-making about Him's Political Positioning ".

In this context, the PP plus from opposition the rejection of co-officiality. This week its regional president, Teresa Mallada, assured that she is willing to support the reform of the autonomy status posed by the PSOE with the condition that this point is eliminated. And she also warned that a new electoral pact with forum would be "very difficult" if they are inclined by the officer.

The Statute of Autonomy of Asturias, approved in 1981, has already contemplated the protection of Asturian in article 4 and says that its dissemination will be promoted in the media and teaching, respecting local variants. In 1998, with Sergio Marqués, then of the PP, as president of Asturias, the law of use and promotion of the Bable / Asturian was approved, which currently regulates the protection of the language.

The call for this march anticipates the one that is celebrated every first Friday of May on the occasion of Les Lelutres' day. In April 2018 there was also an extraordinary appeal to urge the Officiality to which some 30,000 people were added according to the organizers (5,500 according to the local police of Oviedo).

Updated Date: 16 October 2021, 10:59

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