The Bercow, a show inside and outside the british Parliament

John Bercow: "will stand up to Boris Johnson if you try to break the law"The adulteress and controversial wife of the president of the british House A small

The Bercow, a show inside and outside the british Parliament
John Bercow: "will stand up to Boris Johnson if you try to break the law"The adulteress and controversial wife of the president of the british House

A small man -1.68 metres - with a mouth very large and an ego disproportionate. The guardian of the british Parliament leaves. In full swamp of the Brexit, it shuts down the deep voice and scratchy from who for a decade has desgañitó trying to put "Oooorder!!!" in the chicken coop of Westminster, dressed always in his toga and fancy ties, but renouncing to the archaic wig. Not apea for political reasons, or for his open war with the stand lasts for the tories, but for reasons that were more personal. Waiver to his position as a referee and moderator in the House of Commons to place order in your married life .

Yes, because John Bercow (56 years old) stayed over in the Palace of Westminster, while his wife Sally (49) and three children, Oliver , Freddie and Jemima they settled in a house in Battersea 1.2 million pounds, in front of the Thames. In the words of the own Sally, "I couldn't stand the leaks, the controls and to all those politicians of the EIGHTEENTH century looking at me from the paintings in the corridors of Westminster".

And away from Parliament, with her husband well entertained with the political course, Sally was put into the arms of the cousin of a politician, Alan Bercow -married Erica , an american-. An adulterous affair that lasted a year and with that the press sensationalist swelled to sell copies, revealing the intimacies of the adulterers. "I've always been a terrible wife. I'm not good for the marriage," he confessed back in 2015 when he uncovered the cake. He forgave her and continued with their marriage, which dates back to the year 2002.

"Big Brother"

But this is not the only time that Sally Bercow, declared labor and to which is attributed the shift to the left of her husband, has managed to steal the spotlight. In 2011, he participated in the british edition for the famous "Big Brother", she posed naked behind a bed sheet for the evening free "Evening Standard" by stating that the post of your husband "acts as an aphrodisiac" and carries a sticker on the windshield of the car that says: "Bollocks to Brexit" (to fuck with the Brexit), and that has unleashed a wave of criticism toward your spouse. "She has a right to express their point of view: that sticker is not mine and here is the end of the story", he defended. Sally has always felt comfortable installed into the controversy, even knowing that it was hurting the image of the politician. He has forgiven all and this week, when he announced that he would retire, said with tears in his eyes that he had promised his wife that would be the last legislature. The election of the new president of the House of Commons will take place on the 4th of November, by secret ballot.

Sally Bercow - ABCTres children

starting next October 31-day leave in the office-, Bercow will be able to devote more time to his eldest son Oliver, who has autism and two younger, who are studying in the baptized as the "Eton of the socialists", in Holland Park. Last Wednesday, the british tabloids revealed that Sally, who serves as a member of the council of the school, invested 10,000 pounds in candles from Jo Malone and paint from Farrow & Ball. A genuine outlay.

Sally comes from a wealthy family and was formed in Marlbourgh, the college of elite for women in which he also studied Samantha Cameron. He enrolled in Theology at Oxford, but without success. It lasted two years.

Bercow, the grandson of jewish immigrants and romanians and the son of a modest taxi driver, made his first steps in tennis, becoming the junior champion tennis England . Defected because of the asthma. He went to the University of Essex, away from the relumbrón from the halls of Oxford, but his intelligence and ambition carried him away. In the general elections of 1997, Bercow was elected member of Parliament for Buckingham and in 2009 agreed to the spokesman of the House of Commons.

it is Not clear what plans Bercow after leaving the chair of president. In 2011, he asked when they planned to retire, and he replied that would do the work for a maximum of 9 years. "I'm enjoying the role and trying to make a difference, and then desapareceré," he said. From now on, Bercow only act "Oooorder!!!" to call his cat, which he named with his war cry of most parodied.

Date Of Update: 15 September 2019, 09:00

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