The Christmas announcement of Campofrío, the announcement more ACOJONANT

"What is most scared is to forget that life is cozy." And do not forget. This is the motto of the new Christmas campaign of Campofrío. If every year the

The Christmas announcement of Campofrío, the announcement more ACOJONANT

"What is most scared is to forget that life is cozy." And do not forget. This is the motto of the new Christmas campaign of Campofrío. If every year the announcement of Campofrío is the most expected announcement, the announcement with which you expect or laugh or cry, the announcement you want to be removed, this year exceeds all the views so far. "Living is cozy" because "by very slip that is today, tomorrow may be better", word of Candela Peña, one of the protagonists of the Christmas announcement of Campofrío.

Today has presented the Christmas announcement of Campofrío of the Hand of Edu Soto and part of the protagonists of this campaign: Karra Elejalde, El Egle, Belén Cuesta, Candela Peña, Carlos Areces and the father of this new spot, Javier Portillo , Marketing Director of Campofrío. A press conference where the whole message has been that, that we do not forget that living is cozy, that you have to flee from worth it, which is worth living it and that despite the stones you find can always be overcome and follow Living at the maximum.

And we have been living a few years living too many stones, Coronavirus, the volcano, fears, blackout, prices, the future ... make you want to turn off and leave. And that's what happens to Karra Elejalde, who carries the weight of the entire ad, during the spot. A Jankyll to Mr. Hyde in the campaign, but not in real life. "It's true, life is not a safe place, if life was all very nice, we would be boring to live it, it has to be the adventure of living, the fattest fear I have spent is a family member who took the Covid, they were confined And that thank God they recovered, and I spent fear. Sure, what happened fear, but I'm not like the one who looks in the announcement, "Karra Elejalde has assured during the presentation.

"Campofrío is a metaphor of enjoyment and, like every Christmas, identifies that enemy that prevents us from enjoying life to refocus it towards optimism and overcoming," explains Javier Portillo. On this occasion, the campaign points to the fears that They have been acute in the current context and that paralyze us "to encourage us to move forward, appealing to our ability to overcome."

And what is seen in the ad? Well, someone with great fear of living. "ACHONATED" is the word that marks the start of the spot. "Did you know that in a hug there can be more germs than in a sewer, so I decided that they never gave me a hug (...) showering every day is not good, you have the unprotected body. Well, I do not sleep More (...) risks again and return the risks. And if you steal a kidney? So I no longer go (...) and the worst, technology listens to us, so I have deconed to disconnect myself from the world ( ...) Go out on vacation? Why do you take care of the house? What do you say! (...) The food you love is there to tempt you. Laugh? And wrinkles? (...) and The megawatt hour, it lets you stiff you. So I have decided to get rid of everything. I'm not going to celebrate Christmas, it's not like a joy La Palme. In summary, live scheduled.

But there is a moment, an instant, the moment. Karra Elejalde, in the bunker of his home, lights television and there is the volcano de la palma and there is a woman who between tears describes the destruction and pain that is assuming the eruption of the palm volcano, but ... But he wants to live, that he does not surrender, that he will continue fighting, despite having lost his house, despite having lost everything. And the tears of Karra Elejalde pierce the screen and are tears of everything. If she with that stone wants to live life, who are we not to live it?

"A volcano builds at the same time that it destroys, my vineyards are in volcanic ash. It is part of what we are, this is our house. I feel very proud of how we take care of us. There are 6,000 people away from home. Who has a place that Offer, has offered it. I have felt afraid, but also the impulse to continue because I want, because I think it is important and because life is still, "is the unknown protagonist of this story, but the most necessary. He is Vicky, a farmer from La Palma, who has lost everything, but who does not fail, who wants to live with the good and with the bad.

"A couple of years ago we received a social sopapo in the form of a virus that left us dry, he screwed up! He changed everything. Did you know that the sun improves health? Socializing It's good, so I've returned to the shower, have returned friends who are always to pick up the pieces (...) I have sent myself a message to believe in people again. But there is something that is not going. What is most holy to forget Is that life is cozy. " And Karra Elejalde and everyone else lived again because "Living is Acoving". And bottom, music, the Easter passage to glory, which fits perfectly for that fall and that resurrection that the new campaign in Campofrío wants to show.

"Achoadas", an original idea of the creative director Mónica Moro and Raquel Martínez, is directed by Icíar Bollaín. With a production team of more than 150 professionals and the participation of 75 extras of figuration and secondary actors of a theatrical company, the film was shot in different locations of the Community of Madrid - La Bolsa, Bridge of Queen, Madrid River, Neighborhood of Orcasitas, Yellow Colonia de Legazpi, Mirandello Room and El Escorial.

"This is our 10 more a campaign in Campofrío," he explained one of the creative ones in charge of the announcement. "We always think the same: What is the enemy of enjoyment? What makes us not really we are, what does not let us live as we want, what we work a lot was how to tell it, it was an exercise to represent us all. The figure Karra is a representation that we could be all. Life is not a safe place and what we have made accumulate all those fears in one person. And then the phenomenon of the palm that was very obsessed. And the character of Vicky , the farmer of the palm, and that it was her talking with his truth to give us a point of view of how they live it. And it is that truth, that it comes out of inside, to keep pulling forward because you do not have more remedy and because really He needs it. And that's what makes Karra, that the character realizes that this is a truth and that goes up after listening to these people who are an example of strength, "he added.

Because without being the famous character, it's the story of Vicky, they are their words that completely change the ad and they turn up from top to bottom. Of not wanting to live, to live with all fears, to say, 'Now you have to live'. Because if Vicky can and want, we can all. "She is a fighter, she is an incredible tipa and she is very grateful for positive messages," he explained one of the creatives.

But the Campofrío Christmas campaign is not just your ad, which would be enough, the campaign includes a web page VIERIASACOOJONANTE.Is in which challenges are proposed, challenges to overcome when the stones make you fall and you need to feel again and back To be aware that living is cozy, and that you can not live scheduled. That you can not miss the hugs, you can not lose friends, that you can not stop celebrating Christmas because "life itself is clogging," said Darko Peric, also protagonist of the announcement with a great wink A The paper house, but today has not been in the presentation.

"Simply that you live in a clogging way, we are here we do here, we like to live in a clogging way," Word of Edu Soto.

Date Of Update: 09 December 2021, 09:03

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