The Countess Friend of Don Juan Carlos who loved Florinda Bolkan 21 years and has adopted his companion for tax reasons

Preserving the beauty of an antercoprenterite past to protect it from a feasible disptopic future is a dreamed wish that can only materialize a sensitive and Re

The Countess Friend of Don Juan Carlos who loved Florinda Bolkan 21 years and has adopted his companion for tax reasons

Preserving the beauty of an antercoprenterite past to protect it from a feasible disptopic future is a dreamed wish that can only materialize a sensitive and Renaissance soul like that of Countess Marina Cicogna (admire your book Imitatio Vitae). Born at the Palazzo Volpi in Via del Quirinal of Rome prints character. Or rather it is inherited, since the maternal grandfather of her, Giuseppe Volpi, I Count of Missurata, settled the pillars of the oldest film festival in the world, the Mostra of Venice, in 1932.

As a child, he fell in love with what the wind took (1939), produced by David O. Selznick, whom he saw for the first time in the eternal city. "He was the one who influenced decisively so I was interested in the cinema, I met in Rome because it produced Termini Station (1953), starring his wife, Jennifer Jones, and Montgomery Clift. Who was going to say that it would end as a producer!" .

Those illusions were truncated with the outbreak of World War II that entailed a family move to Lausanne (Switzerland), where Marina (87) made friends with the future King of Spain. "Juanito fell very well because he was fun, attractive, open and very nice," confesses the aristocrat to Loc from Rome "and I intimame with the cousin of him Alfonso, which was my first boyfriend."

Before the dramatic situation that the emeritus is living, admits: "I do not know what happened and I do not have a political opinion, but being a womanizer has not been a good idea. In addition, as he has been celebrating years he may have been So stunned sense that it has not focused on important things. Therefore, Felipe VI, who looks a lot like his mother, is trying to fix things. "

"When the contest ended, the countess frequented the aristocratic Roman palaces, Venetian and Milanese, skiing in Cortina d'Ampezzo and conquered Hollywood with 17 years. He intimated with Barbara Warner at the Sarah Lawrence College (New York) and invited her to her mega Beverly Hills Mansion. His father was Jack Warner, president of Warner Bros. "" is one of the most beautiful houses in California. There I met big stars because his mother was intimate from Marlene Dietrich. "The 1,200-square-meter mansion bought it Jeff Benzos last year for 165 million dollars. He returned when he was baptized as Hollywood on the Tiber because the luminary egritis disembarked to rolling qvo vadis or vacation in Rome.

In that fervor of the Dolce Vita of the paparazzi, Marina Cicogna began photographing those cellulose dreams that before her gaze were simple mortals (published in the Scritti and Scatti book). Meanwhile, she gave free rein to her heart. Intensive friendships with Jeanne Moreau, Deborah Kerr, Jackie Kennedy, Stavros Niarchos, Gianni Agnelli, Elizabeth Taylor and Federico Fellin, Romances with Alain Delon, or Warren Beatty ... and the Brazilian actress Florinda Bolkan arrived, with whom she was 21 years old. She caves with Benedetta, who she has adopted for tax reasons.

Do you feel any difference between the love of a man and a woman? "I could not tell you why I have not lived enough with a man, but I think it's easier with a woman. Florinda was fun, we build practically our races in unison, but a point came in that began to be unstable, conspired and that It made things more difficult. Breaking with it was tremendously difficult. Live with Benedetta it is not easy, but it is a very stable, protective person and since I do not have much family the person with whom you are ends up being your family. Very important not to be aging alone. "

He speaks normally about his bisexuality. She hates labels. She feels free. But there is one thing that does not allow: "I do not like to share the bathroom or with men or women, Americans have been very intelligent because in many houses the master bedroom has two bathrooms and that is a civilized way to live."

True to his motto "things happen naturally," in the middle of the 60s, it was fully engaged in the cinematographic world. He produced Belle de Jour (1967) Deluis Buñuel, with whom he won the Golden Lion at the Grandfather Festival of him. Showing bourgeois female eroticism in Catherine's skin Deneuve Footwear in exclusive designs by Yves Saint Laurent was a great risk. "They told me he was crazy, he was not going to find a distribution for a film of these characteristics because neither the director nor the actress were known, Buñuel had made wonderful films, but with Belle de Jour he achieved international fame." Let's talk about stars.

His intimate friendship with Onassis allowed him to navigate endless times at the Christine yacht. There she coincided with Winston Churchill, Linda Christian and Greta Garbo. A good friendship emerged. He portrayed her by doing gymnastics. The Countess demystifies the myth: "I was not hypnotized by fame, it was nice, exquisite and fun. I remember that we went to a nudist island in the south of France and a man appeared by doing water skiing to see what happened in Christina. Suddenly Garbo said: 'Look, look, I think he's a man, but I've not seen one for a long time, so I'm not sure. " Marina Cicogna dismantles the legend she lived reclining and was lonely: "We were in a cocktail in New York and on one of the walls hanging a tapestry with bamboo, a novel material. Garbo was so interested that he did a lot of questions. Days later I went to pick it up at his new York apartment, in a bourgeois style, with very good impressionist paintings. And you know what he hung on the wall? The tapestry, she already knew him, but that night tried to be nice and maintain a conversation ".

From Onassis stands out that "he was a funny man and a splendid host who spoke Greek, Italian, Spanish, French ... had a great ease for languages and that made him irresistible." But he has no compliments such pleasant for the lover of Him Callas, whom Cicogna produced Medea (1970), directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini: "In intimacy he was a pretty boring person."

Marina and her mother, Countess Anna Maria Cicogna, were the great ladies of Italian society because the Count of Missurata was one of the richest men in Italy, the architect of the industrialization of Venice and Finance Minister with Mussolini.

In 1966, Marina joined her mother's company, Euro International Film, to buy and produce films. With Helga, the miracle of life (1967) She won a fortune because it was the first time she was a birth on the big screen. The friend of her Enrico Luccherini took care of the promotional strategy by putting ambulances at the doors of the cinemas. Another achievement was the Oscar to the best non-English-speaking film for research on a free citizen of all suspicion (1970). There were also failures. She could not produce the last tango in Paris.

The New York Times described it as Europe's most powerful producer. However, she is aware that she was not the most popular in her country "since there were Ponti and Laurentiis who bet on tapas and decanted on the creative side," she adds. As a producer she enjoyed: "It allowed me to gather all talent, from scripts to directors and composers." Do not forget that her father was an avid banker who produced bicycle thief (1948), from Sica, who won the Oscar for the best film.

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