The Court of Auditors rejects the guarantee of the Generalitat and announces the embargo at 28 independence leaders

The Court of Auditors has decided to reject the polemic Aval of the Catalan Generalitat to the independence accused of embezzlement for the external action deve

The Court of Auditors rejects the guarantee of the Generalitat and announces the embargo at 28 independence leaders

The Court of Auditors has decided to reject the polemic Aval of the Catalan Generalitat to the independence accused of embezzlement for the external action developed by the Government during the Proceders, as they confirm organism sources to this newspaper.

The delegate Instructor, Esperanza García, has decided that he can not accept that the Generalitat Catalan covers the bonds of accused of malversing funds precisely from the coffers of Catalonia. According to an "informative note" of the main authorism of the State, the Instructor delegate has considered not applicable endorsement for its ambiguities. "It has agreed not to admit guaranteed guarantees with public funds issued by the Catalan Institute of Finance, by not protecting the acceding or labeled behaviors with negligence or serious fault, requirements that must necessarily attend to declare the alleged accounting responsibility and that, Indicated, the instructor delegate should appreciate in order to declare the existence of an alleged accounting responsibility and give rise to a positive provisional liquidation. "

His decision is abandoned by the Exvicresident of the Generalitat, Oriol Junquerras and the thirties defendants who welcomed the Umbrella of the Generalitat to the preventive embargo of their goods without the pardon of government serves them in this case. "Having excessively expired the deadline granted to deposit or strengthen the alleged accounting responsibilities, the embargo of the goods and rights of the persons who, having declared presumed accountable leaders, provided the aforementioned assemblies", ditch the Court of Accounts. "The alleged responsible will be able to offer goods or rights for this purpose, and considering that it is a precautionary measure," he adds.

The indications of illegality of that endorsement were abundant. The government predeed by Pere Aragonès decided to guarantee with public funds through the Catalan Institute of Finance the bond of 5.4 million that the Court of Auditors imposed on Independentistas leaders, including Oriol Junquerras, Carles Puigdemont and Artur more. This meant using public money to guarantee a bond for the fraudulent use of public money.

The oversight body already warned in a first analysis of the documentation presented by the Generalitat that there were "doubts about legality and sufficiency" in the guarantees presented. He particularly questioned that "the harmful administration itself can protect possible accounting responsibilities committed by Dolo or serious guilt".

Likewise, the Court has rejected the resources of the independence against the bonds, which has caused criticism of the defendants and even of the Catalan Socialists. The spokeswoman for the PSC, Alicia Romero, has assured, according to Europe Press, which she respects the rejection of the Court of Auditors, but stresses that "I have been aware of renewal". The counselors appointed at the proposal of the PP now have a majority, but this party has ensured that the renewal of the agency agreed with the government will be "by consensus".

The leader of ERC, Oriol Junquerras, has warned, after knowing that the Court of Auditors does not admit the guarantees of the Generalitat against the former Government charges that have been promoted with public money the "Procées" abroad, that "the Persecution Against Independentism intensifies "but that this" will not make us falter. "

The Court of Auditors has rejected the guarantees worth $ 5.4 million presented by the Generalitat in favor of almost thirty former Government charges.

Independentists accuse the decision. From ERC, its president, Oriol Junquerras, has indicated on Twitter that "two years after the sentence (of the Supreme Court against Him and other Excononcelers) the persecution against independence persists and intensifies, now searches, even, the houses where they live our children". Junqueras adds that this "will not make us faint" and that "today more than ever: Amnesty, referendum and independence, even victory!".

For his part, the Vice President of the Generalitat of Catalonia at the proposal of Junts, Jordi Puigneró, has criticized the rejection: "Spain or changes or will change."

Segun the informative note, the beginning of the procedure of Embargo was directed against 28 accused: "D. Roger Albinyana and Saigí, D. Amadeu Altafaj, D. Martí Anglada Birulés, D.ª María Badía Cuchet, D. Luca Bellizzi Cerri, D. Ewa Adela Cylwik, D. Ramón Font Bové, D. Erick Hauck, D. Francesc Homs and Molist, D. Oriol Junqueras i Vies, D.ª Marie Katinka Elisabeth Kapretz, D. Manuel Manonelles Tarragó, D. Sergi Marcén López, D. Artur Más i Gavarró, D. Andreu Mas-Colell, D. David Mascort Subirana, D. Joaquim Nin and Borrarda, D.ª Maryse Olivé Quintana, D.ª Mar Ortega Puertas, D. Carles Puigdemont and Casamajó, D. Raül Romeva and Rueda, D. Albert Royo and Mariné, D. Andrew Scott Davis, D. Jordi Solé Ferrando, D. Josep Manuel Suárez Iborra, D.ª Rosa Vidal Planella, D. Jordi Vilajoana and Rovira and D. Aleix Villatoro and Oliver ". Todos Ellos presented 28 guarantees emitted by the Instituto Catalán de Finanzas.

Instead, the instructor delegate does accept the guarantees of those who did not use the Via del Ico Catalan. "On the contrary, D, Adam Casals Jorba, D. Albert Racing of Odriozola, D.ª Francesca Guardiola Sala and D, ª Mireia Vidal Ortí successfully strengthened the corresponding amount." As for "D. Pere Puig Anglada and D. Luis Bertran and Saura, they proceeded to the reimbursement of the amount required."

Date Of Update: 14 October 2021, 22:13

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