The DN's Opinion. Three of the pregnancy is necessary to care to wake up

Right now, there is an ongoing debate in the Norwegian media, which touches on a rare topic, to experience a miscarriage. There is a discussion of the kind of c

The DN's Opinion. Three of the pregnancy is necessary to care to wake up

Right now, there is an ongoing debate in the Norwegian media, which touches on a rare topic, to experience a miscarriage. There is a discussion of the kind of care that is given to women who are going through this.

a number of the politicians of Norway has reacted strongly to the women and couples who have experienced pregnancy loss don't have a good attitude and, indeed, is not satisfactory, a follow-up. Now, the ports, the fact of the matter in the Norwegian parliament (storting) and Sweden is held up as a model of Norway can take inspiration from in order to improve the care for this group of patients. I'm sorry I can't say that I agree with that statement.

has experienced two miscarriages in the last year, and have thus really had the opportunity to experience the treatment which is supposed to be so much better off in Sweden. The last time I read the stories in the Norwegian media, where a lot of women who have similar experiences.

the Women talk about despair, and above all, a treatment of care and treatment to certify that this is a subordinated field of public health. Collectively, we all hear the same thing in a meeting with the health service, namely that it is a common practice. That is a pure faktaupplysning is, in itself, is not wrong. It is a common practice. As usual, it is said that one out of every five pregnancies ends with a miscarriage. The problem, however, is that the statement often comes with a bit of sleight of hand.

In norway, the debate pointed it to the right to a phone call with a doctor or a psychologist after a miscarriage. This is true in the matter. After you have found out that the fetus in the belly is no longer alive, you will get to take home a small booklet in which it, inter alia, a telephone number of a therapist, as well as information about how you are now going to perform a medical abortion. No one jätteinsats from the side, in other words.

and, of course, different, but, personally, I certainly had no idea that my first need was to talk to someone about the fact that this was tough. I would rather have liked to have the answers to all the questions that I had about myself and my body, and why is this happening to us. Just the knowledge is what makes the situation so difficult. After the miscarriage, I was able to in no way accept to be told that this was a very common practice. Most likely, it would go well the next time around.

but When it happened again six months later, it's hard to know how common it is, and that you don't actually check if something is wrong. This is the reason for that is that you have to go through this three times before it's done, some kind of action.

a few blood tests and another ultrasound, but if you have the experience of pregnancy, before it is classified as a ”recurrent miscarriage”. Only then you can get some help.

Three times, you have to live for weeks or even months of feeling ill and tired, but you have to hide the fact that you're doing that because you don't want to divulge that little secret in the belly.

Three times, you need to make a list of excuses as to why you can't drink alcohol, and why all of a sudden you don't want a taste of the good blåmögelosten you would like.

• Three of the cases, you and your partner are counting the days until the great day of the period of twelve weeks. Do you think of the name?

Three times you will have to wait for that first ultrasound that will hopefully show you a little bit of pounding in the heart.

Three times, you have to get the crushing news that the little creature is no longer growing. You will not be getting the parents on this one.

Three times, you will need to take the tablets, which will start going into labour, just as at a birth. You will have to put up with what is called ”a little bit stronger menstrual cramps”. In fact, it is so as to strengthen the pain you have and are required to achieve the same effects.

Three times, you will have to go back to work like nothing had happened, in order that you do not have the right to have time off work.

if any one come to the conclusion that this pregnancy isn't so bad after all. It is expected that a woman should stay at home on the toilet with terrible pain as she pushes out a dead fetus. It's for a day, then maybe it would be a little prince or princess will now be hosed down with blood, and a piece of paper in the drain.

the Day after, it's back to work. All of this is on the grounds that it is statistically proven way to normal. Why do we use the frequency of occurrence of a miscarriage as an excuse for not taking care of the people.

If they had really thought about it, the mental stress and pain of a miscarriage, for the benefit both of the individual and the relationship they had, perhaps, decided, that it is reasonable to have three miscarriages in a row, but the follow-up.

While politicians and scholars are arguing about who should take responsibility, sitting, thousands of women and the google that is obsessed with looking for answers that don't exist. What could be wrong with me. You may have a problem in my relationship? How soon can we try again? I have to try all over again? How many more years will we have to lose, if, at some time, might give birth to a baby?

and that, finally, is focused on the healthcare sector in Norway, and after that the women dared to come forward with their stories. However, I want to be in power in both Sweden and Norway, and to realize that there is a lot of work remains to be done before the health care seems ideal for this group of patients. It is time to take women's health seriously.

more research is needed in order to care to to be able to provide descriptive and evidence-based health care. There is a need for a focus on the individual in front of the only statistics that are a part of it. At the same time, there is a political commitment to bring the topic up on the agenda.

for Now, I just have to hope that it will be third time lucky for us. It will be our turn to be successful. It may be that I have at the very least be entitled to the extra blood the next time.

Updated Date: 21 February 2020, 01:35

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