The EU asks to give a dose of reinforcement of the vaccine to all over 40 years

The European Commission, the Community Agency in charge of the negotiation, the joint purchase of vaccines and its distribution among all the capitals asks to r

The EU asks to give a dose of reinforcement of the vaccine to all over 40 years

The European Commission, the Community Agency in charge of the negotiation, the joint purchase of vaccines and its distribution among all the capitals asks to redouble efforts and is committed to a third dose for adults over 40 years of age from today. "The last risk assessment that the European Center has done for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is clear: we have to accelerate vaccination to control the pandemic, we have to convince people to be Vacunine. The reinforcement dose should be available to adults, with priority for people over 40 years of age and the most vulnerable. And keep the distance and masks! "He has urged the President Ursula von der Líen on Wednesday.

The Commission, such as the European Agency of the Medication or the Control Center itself does not have competences on the subject, which are fully national. They are limited to analyzes, evaluations and recommendations, and today is not an exception. The concern for the development of the pandemic, and its possible practical consequences in a matter of weeks, is great in Brussels. Austria has returned to apply a confinement and a good part of the center of the continent is restricting movements, schedules or both.

Christmas are approaching and fear of clashes, as they have been seen in the streets of Netherlands or the Belgian capital itself in recent days, multiply. The ECDC provides an increase in cases, hospitalizations and deaths from here at the end of the Christmas holidays and continues to bet on the vaccine, distance and use of masks inside.

In Brussels, the concern goes further. He knows what happens when the answers are not coordinated, each country is free and the crashes arrive. Limitations of travel, border closures, obstacles to free movement.

Hence the campaign of these days, showing on one side how is an indisputable relationship between the percentage of vaccinates and the number of deceased and betting on maintaining the reinforcement. 65.4% of the European population (and 76.5% of adult) has been vaccinated, but the differences between partners are abysmal.

In some, such as Ireland, Portugal or Malta, the percentage exceeds 90%, while in Bulgaria or Romania do not exceed 29% and 43% respectively. Likewise, ECDC today warned a "very high risk" by Covid unless public health measures are immediately applied and the vaccination rate increases.

"Countries should consider a reinforcement dose for all adults over eighteen, with priority for people over forty," the ECDC indicated in a note released to the media, prioritizing people who have more than 40 years.

The Entity based in Stockholm stressed that at this time less than 70% of the general population of the European Union (EU) has received the complete guideline, which leaves "a great space" so that the virus expands.

The European Union (EU) needs "urgently" measures to cope with the pandemic regrowth, otherwise the sanitary dark will be "too heavy" between January and March, the ECDC warned Wednesday, collects AFP ..

This European Center has issued a new report, which assesses the risk of the population before the evolution of the pandemic until January 31, 2022, where it asks the EU and EEA countries (European Economic Area) to focus their actions to vaccinate the not vaccinated; Maintain public health measures in force during vacations and, as far as possible, already administer the reinforcement dose over 40 years, elderly and vulnerable people.

After its publication, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Limen, has said that "it is clear that we must intensify vaccination to control the pandemic" and has relied on "convincing" the population that still resists inoculation . "The reinforcement must be available to all adults, with priority for those over 40 and the vulnerable population. And let's continue with distance and mask!", Has Adered Von Der Limen, in line with the recommendations of the ECDC, reports Europe PRESS

The alert report that the current current level of vaccine consumption in the EU EEE will be insufficient to limit the load of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations during the winter months. Therefore, countries are encouraged to give the highest priority to the initially target of Vaccination COVID-19 programs that remain unvaccinated or that are not yet completely vaccinated.

It also indicates that Vaccination coverage COVID-19 should be increased in all eligible age groups, but particularly in the elderly, in vulnerable and health workers should remain the priority for public health authorities. "There continues to be an urgent need to close the immunity gaps in the adult population and ensure effective and equitable coverage in all countries and regions of Europe," she warns.

Third, ECDE is aimed at national immunization technical advisory groups (NITAG) to study the possibility of giving the reinforcement dose for those over 40, aimed at the most vulnerable and elderly. Although it opens the consideration of adults over 18 years at least six months after full immunization.

"Given that pressures on health systems may arise due to the co-circulation of other respiratory viruses, NPI should be implemented or reinforced, with efforts to communicate the importance of these measures early, to reduce contacts and the Mix during the end of the year parties, "the report argues.

Updated Date: 24 November 2021, 11:13

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