The European Head of the Funds warns that a single failure in the promised reforms slows the EU money

The General Secretariat of the European Commission responsible for the execution of European funds, Celine Gauer, warned this Wednesday in Parliament that each

The European Head of the Funds warns that a single failure in the promised reforms slows the EU money

The General Secretariat of the European Commission responsible for the execution of European funds, Celine Gauer, warned this Wednesday in Parliament that each and every one of the reforms committed by Member States must be fulfilled so as not to suffer a suspension of disbursements.

"Gauer has been clear, the government must comply with the 52 reforms promised to collect the 10 billion euros that expects in this end of the year. A single failure in one of the milestones of reforms promised by the Spanish government will result in the suspension of the funds. The European Commission will assess the reasons and decide later if it is appropriate to unlock them, "ensures this newspaper one of the attendees, the Senator of the PP, Rubén Moreno.

The suspension does not imply loss, but it does delay. Gauer is responsible for the call Recovery and Resilience Task Force (Recover) in Brussels gives more importance than reforms comply with the recommendations of the European Commission to reach time in the calendar, but any non-compliance complicates the process because it forces the Government to motivate the delay so that the European Commission accepts unlocking or partial payments.

Other assistant parliamentary sources corroborate that Gueguer gave that message that each of the milestones must be respected before the spokespersons of the Mixed Commission of Congress and Senate for the EU that took place behind closed doors. The words of the Eurofuncionaria show that the Government faces therefore risks when accounting for 27,633 million from the European Funds from the European Funds from 2022 that is not sure that it is not sure to receive them.

GAUER stressed at the meeting that the recovery, transformation and resilience plan "is a country project" and that must be implemented even if the Government is changed, so it indicated the importance of concrete with consensus. She was positive with the plan, although she made it clear that she had been the result of dialogue between the government and her own team and now you have to implement it and specify it. A hundred meetings between both parties took place before Pedro Sánchez remitted the project to Brussels.

The Socialist Deputy Pere Joan Pons, held before Gauer that the government is important for reforms to be the result of social agreement and with the implication of autonomous communities, as the Commission wishes. However, the PNV Senator, Luis Jesús Uribe, pointed out during the meeting that he misses more agreement and dialogue with the autonomous communities for the implementation of investments.

For its part, the aforementioned Senator of PP criticizes this newspaper the lack of government dialogue in the plan and lack of independent control of funds. Gauer explained that the audit that is done to each of the expenses is exhaustive and that includes a registry of beneficiaries. "It was also clear that the government should avoid measures that may endanger budget balance," says Moreno, which agrees that the plan should be truly transformative and not a failure that fatters the already bulging structural deficit.

Gauer, who went to the Sala Mariana Pineda of Congress with a broad team of collaborators, took note and expressly mentioned the labor and pension reforms in sample that they are crucial for the European Commission. This French Eurofuncionaria made a round of visits to ministries and institutions, including the CEOE employer. With this visit, the high eurofuncionarian made it clear that it considers very desirable that not only unions, but entrepreneurs agree with a reform that must end the secular leadership of Spain at the unemployment rate of the Eurozone. The Vice President of the European Commission, Valdis Dombrovskis, is an advocate for the 2012's labor reform and maintains that any change that is made must maintain flexibility to be maintained in the labor market. The second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, maintains the need to repeal the reform of the PP and criticizes that "there are many people outside of Spain" who refuses, including Dombrovskis.

As for investments, restless in Brussels that the high degree of decentralization of the State complicates the execution and effectiveness of the funds. The Government tries to demonstrate that there is a concertation and one day after Gauer's visit, the Minister of Territorial Policy, Isabel Rodríguez, announced that this Thursday has gathered in Alcalá de Henares with all the government delegates in communities and autonomous cities for Address, among other issues, European funds.

For his part, as he informed this newspaper on 30, the first vice president, Nadia Calviño, has given 15 business days to the presidents of the Autonomous Communities to refer three "strategic" projects.

Date Of Update: 08 October 2021, 12:38

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