The Generalitat placed 27.000 interim full drift secessionist

The regions to raise his deficit up to June to 0.6% of the GDP, the double of what is provided for all the añoHacienda admits that he could give to the regions

The Generalitat placed 27.000 interim full drift secessionist
The regions to raise his deficit up to June to 0.6% of the GDP, the double of what is provided for all the añoHacienda admits that he could give to the regions the 4,700 million before the 28-Wings autonomies will endorse the State another 10,000 million

The Catalan government now has 9,200 employees public more than five years ago. On the derived secessionist and accelerate the recruitment of staff was one. As shown by the official data collected by ABC, which put in evidence how the successive cabinets of independence installed at the regional government have not had indigestion in shoot the template and the staff costs for all these years, the heat of the advantageous loans that are injected into the State and the Catalan Government are essential to stay afloat.

The coffers of the government a long time ago that it collapsed and became dependent on the financial rescue of the State. But this has not prevented the Executive Catalan has continued to increase its structural spending, and the chapter staff occupies a position of protagonist.

The Generalitat –not counting its extensive network of entities and public enterprises– are currently above the 168,000 of the wage earners, according to the latest official records published by the Catalan Government at the close of the month of July. Are exactly 9.199 public employees more than it had in July 2014.

That increase 9.199 effective has occurred after hired in five years 26.828 caretaker , at the same time has been downloaded more than 17.226 race officials . Views of both figures, it is evident that the government of catalonia's independence has opted for a change of career personnel by agency staff. Instead of officials through competitive examinations-regulated education, the Catalan Government expands with acting, jobs that are covered through the selective procedures much less strict and that, if appropriate, are subjected to many fewer controls and requirements. In addition, the very temporality that goes hand in hand with a post acting makes those groups are much more exposed to political control, that race officials, shielded by their place on the property.

at The end of last July, the government itself added exactly 168.351 public employees . The figure includes the staff of the departments of the Generalitat, of some of its dependent entities, the police and regional health. These 168.351 effective we have to add the template to the companies, foundations and various organizations that controls the Catalan Government, in addition to the so-called "personal economic situation" that are dealt by your public sector. But of neither of these two sections there is recent data -the last published by the Catalan Government are 2017-.

More than 12,000 million

In any case, the dimension that has reached the template of the government itself allows us to understand how it has led to the public sector, autonomous whole. It is something that is reflected in the "invoice" in wages and Social Security contributions: in 2014, the staff costs of the whole of the public sector of the government -including its "parallel administration" and the "personal economic situation"- amounted to 10.342 million; in 2018, it had soared to 12.174 million euros. And, seen what it has continued to grow this expenditure in the first half of this year, this 2019 may rub 13,000 million euros.

In just five years, therefore, the Catalan Government has raised the annual cost of personnel of the public sector in more than 2,300 million euros.

The Generalitat now has 452 political office, 83 more than five years ago

From 2014, this cost has soared more than 20%, despite the fact that at this time the population of Catalonia has only increased by 2%, and which persists the critical situation of the coffers of the Generalitat , that takes years to staying afloat thanks to the assistance financial State.

This homing instinct to fatten up the template, and the consequent expenditure on salaries has been maintained in an uninterrupted manner from 2014. It was the year that the economy started to revive, after the long crisis that had started in 2008. And it was also the year in which the nationalism of the old Convergence turned openly towards the secesionismo, a drift that started Artur Mas , which continued to be his successor, Carles Puigdemont , and that maintains the current "president" Quim Torra . The three have written their particular chapter in the story of the pro-independence Catalan and, at the same time, the three have filled out the template of the Generalitat.

The "invoice" Torra

Quim Torra has been confirmed effective in that of sign-earners with a stub public. Took office as president of the Generalitat at the end of may last year and it was found with 167.767 employees -excluding public companies, foundations, agencies, and "personnel, transition-. Well, in July of this 2019 had already 168.351 employees. That is to say, Torra has increased the template of the Generalitat in almost 600 troops in just fourteen months. And, in consequence, personnel expenses continue to grow: up to may, accumulated an increase year over year 4,92% .

More related to salary public

incidentally, in these five years of drift, secessionist, independence has also exploded the number of related placed on the payroll of the government on positions of designation policy. In July of 2014, Artur Mas, the hard core of the Catalan Administration amounted to a total of 369 political posts , between the senior officials -including the president and his advisers, senior management and advisors -temporary staff-. Now, with Quim Torra, the list amounts to 452 , according to the latest register published by the government. That is to say, 83 political positions more : the template of senior positions has increased 23 over the past five years; the senior managers has grown by 38; and there are 22 advisors more than in 2014.

Expenditure uncontrolled

And all this in a region that remains a machine of the red. In the first half of this 2019 has generated a deficit than 1,724 million and has accumulated a financial debt of nearly 80,000 million.

the government continue to put the personnel expense with the current economic picture is a folly to which the State should act with a greater control. It is the opinion of professor Juan Velarde. In his view, the continuous increase of templates who is doing the Government "is a typical case of a connection between public spending and political strategy" in the service of the plans of the party. "It's a way to treat friends at the expense of the public sector", indicates Velarde. In addition, he warns that it is derived by addition in a situation doubly pernicious: the increase in public spending generates more deficit and, to layer it, the government pressures the State to give more money to "of the Finances of the whole country," .

Against this background and the practices that maintained the Catalan government, the economist Juan Velarde argues for applying a control "suffocating" and cash from the State, to act against this type of spending in runaway.

This expert stresses that a key piece would be to leave in the hands of the Court of Accounts the audit of the coffers Catalan, in time for them to be supervised by the public sector Catalan. For years, Catalonia and the other autonomous communities--has its own control body, a kind of court of accounts regional.

This has made "the Court of Accounts is completely limited" in front of the Generalitat. And, with it, the State has also lost the ability to control. It's something that nothing helps implement corrective measures that allow to bring back into line the accounts of the territory, whose excesses yes they end up having repercussions in the whole of Spain. is "Catalan nationalism said that the taxes of Catalonia served to support the autonomy poor or less developed. But the reality is the opposite: the rest of Spain, with their taxes, is helping to sustain the public spending Catalan" , says professor Velarde.

Date Of Update: 16 September 2019, 08:00

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