The Georgina effect: Interest grows through the places of Huesca where the reality rolled and the sale of Graus Longaniza shoots

Georgina Rodríguez, a couple of Cristiano Ronaldo footballer, lived in Jaca at 3 and 17 years old and for almost 12 months he worked as a waitress in a hotel of

The Georgina effect: Interest grows through the places of Huesca where the reality rolled and the sale of Graus Longaniza shoots

Georgina Rodríguez, a couple of Cristiano Ronaldo footballer, lived in Jaca at 3 and 17 years old and for almost 12 months he worked as a waitress in a hotel of the town of Graus Escense.

Therefore, at the time of recording the Docureality I am Georgina about his life he returned to those places of his childhood and first youth.

After the projection of the series, a production of Netflix, the effects have been noted: the interest in visiting the places where Georgina lived and ensures that the sales of Graus's Longaniza have been triggered.

The influencer appears in the documentary eating sealona (dry and cured long-sized) while you exclaimed: "How rich! I have a very fast metabolism and I touch wood because I never change, because I love to eat and I enjoy eating."

He says that this special gran sausage is the favorite of his Cristiano Ronaldo couple and also like their children.

During the Georgina recording he walked through the center of Jaca, he entered some establishments, such as a tent of Baubles on Calle Mayor where he bought when he was a child.

He visited the Romanesque cathedral, where he became a photo before the Christ who then hung up on Instagram with the following message: "So many prayers at your feet, so many wishes and tears. Today, I reign with you. Thanks for having illuminated my way and Always accompanied me ".

They also shot scenes in the citadel, a unique pentagonal building, with a pit in which deer grazes, as well as at the school of dance where he studied.

The reality shows the people and places of Jaca who most marked their lives, then, he says, Jaca is the city where he grew up, "where I danced, I enjoyed the love of my family and that is what has marked me. It is very important Do not forget where I come from. "

Georgina studied at the Santa Ana College of Jaca and at four years he began his dance training at the Academy of Susana Ara, along with his sister, a year older than her. The good aptitudes of her for her dance led her to be part of the young ballet of the Pyrenees.

Georgina's parents met in Jaca in 1984, as he, Jorge Rodríguez, Argentine at birth, arrived in Spain to play football.

The repercussions of the documentary I am Georgina have been noted in shops, restaurants and tourist places of Jaca and all are words of gratitude towards the celebrity for the propaganda that it has been.

They assure that he has put Aragon, Huesca and Jaca and Graus on the world map, given the more than 30 million followers in social networks.

Thus, the mayor of Jaca, Juan Manuel Ramón, in statements to Heraldo de Aragón, has pointed out that the fact that this area oscense "sounds and appears in a program that see millions of people around the world, although it can be something anecdotal Because it does not appear all the time, it is an advertisement that if we had to pay it would be unpayable. "

In Graus, Georgina visited the Hotel Lleida, in which he worked for almost a year and where he spoke with his ancient boss. In the Plaza Mayor, she explained the value of Renaissance facades and the location of the town hall.

Then he went to the Basilica of the Virgin of La Peña, where he used to go to pray as he lived in Graus, at the foot of whose image he deposited a bouquet of white flowers.

They say that the increase in visits to the spectacular Renaissance Gothic Temple has been reported, located on the outskirts of a promontory from where the urban center is seen, to make the same photo before the image of the Virgin that became Georgina.

He took his sister to the Aventín Butcher to know "where he bought the Longanizas". He spoke with the dependents, Alicia and Cristina, and said remembering the mornings and afternoons that he went to the store to buy.

"I spent an hour seeing how the grandmothers bought, I was very happy and company." She remembered that they gave him a "course" to differentiate between Sellona, Longaniza or Fuet. She acknowledged being a "enamous" of the Iberians and in fact stressed that the children of her also share these same tastes.

Then it was obsequited with a small tasting that shared with the filming team.

He was responsible for Aventín, Marta Balaguer, explained the repercussion that Georgina has had: "A lot of people are calling us from abroad, especially from Central America, asking us the Sellona," said the newspaper of the Alto Aragon.

He added that "many people come to visit the store where Georgina bought when she lived here and even many of the clients ask for photos of the dependents that came out in the documentary, Alicia and Cristina. What more liked, but the increase in the sale of Longaniza has also been noted. "

Longaniza is the most typical Graus product, along with the truffle, because it has a research center and a sales market on weekends during the Truffera campaign and that this year has led Barcelona.

Graus has the GUINNESS record of the largest longaniza in the world, with 504.47 meters in length. To roast a grill of 25 square meters and to turn a crane around.

The seal is a cured product in natural dryers that has a characteristic flavor. In its elaboration, lean meat of pork is used, a minimum of 70%, and bonnet, papada or bacon, never over 30%.

As condiments and spices, common salt, pepper, oregano, nutmeg, anise or odorous wines, nail and other natural can be used. Each manufacturer is jealously guarded his own recipe, which confers on each brand a unique taste.

Every month of July is celebrated the day of the Longaniza, declared a party of tourist interest, promoted by the Association of Longaniza Manufacturers of Graus.

That day is named the task (tester), an acknowledgment that gives the title of Ambassador de la Longaniza. In the mood of all is that, sooner that late, Georgina is appointed tastor at the Graus Longaniza Festival.

Date Of Update: 21 February 2022, 20:48

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