The Government approves the budgets that give Pedro Sánchez the times of the legislature

In the blue seats of Congress sighs with relief. The Government has green light for the General State Budgets for 2022. Via Free for Pedro Sánchez to exhaust

The Government approves the budgets that give Pedro Sánchez the times of the legislature

In the blue seats of Congress sighs with relief. The Government has green light for the General State Budgets for 2022. Via Free for Pedro Sánchez to exhaust the legislature, because in case there are no public accounts for 2023 it will extend these. The times of the legislature, except unforeseen circumstances, are left in the hands of the executive head, which now has the button to detonate the call for elections when he wants. At the moment, the bet of him, at least public, is to exhaust the mandate of him until 2023. With these budgets this purpose is even more feasible.

The executive has taken the budgets forward with the support of the so-called Block of Governance, with the support of 188 votes - the necessary majority was 176-, with highlighted protagonism for ERC and Bildu. The parliamentary fragility of the coalition means that vital measures are at the mercy of the negotiations and covenants that are made with up to 11 different political groups, with assignments, in the case of nationalists, who often transcend the numbers and put the focus In more political issues.

Clear horizon for Sánchez, which except circumstances now unforeseen, will handle the tempos of the legislature, with the focus on exhausting mandate. It is about to see how tension evolves with the coalition, as the need for partners to mark their own profile is directed as the elections or the impact they can have appointments such as the Andalusian autonomous 2022. PSOE and united we can Yes, they give each time for more time that these budgets will be the last of the legislature because they see complicated agree on new ones in the anteroom of a few generals provided for 2023. But the point of tranquility is that there are accounts for up to two years, if necessary to extend .

The Government strengthens the majority that allows governance: 188 votes from PSOE, United Can we, ERC, PNV, Bildu, PDECAT, more country, Commitments, New Canary Islands, PRC and Teruel exists. Now the public accounts go to the Senate, where the government speaks with the groups to avoid scares or surprises and that they can be approved on December 28 ultimately. "The government today gains stability," he has sentenced Íñigo Errejón (more country), which he has feed that this stability is still a pending subject for citizens affected by the crisis caused by the Covid pandemic.

Although unlike other occasions in the executive these months did not take the concern or uneasiness of not passing the accounts, the fact that PSOE and united we can add 154 votes inevitable negotiations, assignments, pacts to overcome the 176 votes Of most Abosluta. Despite the assurance that there was no extreme risk as other years - in 2019, ERC touched the accounts and precipitated elections-, it was necessary negotiations until the last moments, before the pressures and demands of the partners, the nationalists, savdness of the need and Parliamentary weakness of the government.

There was no fear, but expectation, because the processing of the Congress of the budgets accurate to the vote of each section of the accounts, one for each ministry, and all must be approved, since in case of falling a vote it will decrease all the Budget. Hence the need and work of the executive for working in a majority that will prevent scares or surprises last minutes.

In the Government is launched the message not to look who supports but what is supported. That is, the measures and not the formations, before the censorship of PP, VOX and citizens to agree on budgets and make courses to parties such as ERC and Bildu. "The most important thing is not so much who supports a certain measure as what is the measure that is being launched," has been the first Vice President Nadia Calviño this week.

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, one of the people who have piloted the negotiation with the Minister of Presidency, Felix Bolaños, has also defended these pacts with parties such as ERC and Bildu to move forward the accounts. The holder of Finance, who has received the applause of her colleagues after passing the accounts, defends that in the negotiations it has been spoken and agreed with rights of citizens and investments and infrastructures. "In no case has to do with any question that the independence forces that separate us from them as is the conception of the unity of Spain".

In any case, these nationalist forces settle in what former Vice President Pablo Iglesias defined at the time as "State direction". At least, they reaffirm their influence on the executive.

"The social communist government has budgets thanks to Euskal Herria and Catalonia," said Mertxe Aizpurua, from Bildu. "When the Catalan Left and Basque, we advance together, we got things," he added to visibilize the muscle they have had in negotiation. This same Thursday, together with ERC and BNG, have announced a new agreement with the Government to create a fund of 10.5 million euros of support for audiovisual production in Catalan, Euskara and Galego.

From ERC his spokesman, Gabriel Rufián, has launched a warning to PSOE and united we can: "The left of this hemicycle are simply stopping setbacks. A lesson that some we should learn a long time ago is that you can not promise the sky without first getting the ground".

Among the government members there is discomfort for the treatment and dialogue with the executive. They consider that there is no one that should be based on the numbers, because they need their supports to take their measures, and, despite it, on many occasions or are left all for last-minute negotiations. But they admit that in the balance weigh the alternative: that this government falls and one on the right comes.

This parliamentary process, however, has caused a readjustment in the so-called "Block of Investiture" on which Sánchez is supported. The Alliance between ERC and Bildu to act in a united manner under the force of the sum of its 18 deputies has displaced from the focus to the PNV, a regular partner of the different governments of Spain. They know in the Moncloa of the importance of Basque nationalists for stability. Try an anecdote: the PNV spokesman was on Wednesday at a press conference when he rang his mobile. He was Minister Bolaños to negotiate.

Covenants with ERC and Bildu no longer made the PNV, but the government wants to take care of this training. The Minister of Hacienda has launched a clear wink this Thursday, before the feeling that they have lost strength against Bildu: the PNV is "an absolutely priority partner for the entire legislature" and that in the processing they have tried "that all those demands that We considered reasonable that PNV raised will be attended. "

Date Of Update: 25 November 2021, 09:05