The Government is planted with labor reform: not to change the text, not to process it as a bill and not to the considerations

The votes needed to carry out the labor reform agreed between the government and the social agents continue in the air within ten days of the Congress or not th

The Government is planted with labor reform: not to change the text, not to process it as a bill and not to the considerations

The votes needed to carry out the labor reform agreed between the government and the social agents continue in the air within ten days of the Congress or not the decree that collects it. The Executive looks for backups on a narrow playground in the middle of a cross-round fire: Get shots from the investiture partners and also from the opposition. Neither some nor others are conforming to a pact that Pedro Sánchez tries to approve "without modifying a coma" as entrepreneurs demand.

And in this scenario of maximum complication, the Government is planted. The position of the Executive, as explained by the Socialist Parliamentarian spokesperson Héctor Gómez, is firm: "No" to introduce any modification in the text agreed between unions and entrepreneurs; "No" to process the decree, if it is valid, as a bill and "no" to negotiate considerations in exchange for the favorable vote of the parliamentary groups that make up the investiture block and that are those that, in addition to the PP, They put more objections to the agreement agreed between the social agents and the government.

The objective, Gómez emphasized, is "validated in the established terms and not negotiating anything outside the agreed". The spokesman, despite this position of firmness, ensures "optimistic" regarding the validation, next February 3, of the decree that collects labor reform. And this despite the fact that the government does not count at this time with the necessary votes. "The government works intensely," Gómez agreed, contacting the different parliamentary forces and has also taken advantage of, to make a new appeal to the "sense of state" of the Popular Party to accept what is agreed by the social agents.

Moreover, the Socialist spokesman warns that if the Ministry of Labor is negotiating some consideration with parliamentary partners, it is Yolanda Díaz to whom it is up to him to explain them and in any case to put them on the table must have the agreement of the Government.

The truth is, however, that this government strategy betting on everything or nothing leaves very little possibilities to the final agreement. In fact, in this battle, the PNV, preferred partner of the government, torpedo the only way to escape that the executive was opened at the moment, to add the votes of citizens to those of a myriad of supports collected among the small parties . The president of the Basque nationalists, Andoni Ortuzar, has warned this morning from the microphones of Zero to Pedro Sánchez before the possibility that he ended up with citizens: "I would tempt me clothes." A hypothetical agreement with orange formation is also rejected from the purple members of the government that insists that "there is no alternative to the investiture block". United We can discard "Grab variable geometry".

Ortube - and also the purple faction of the Government - considers that an agreement with oranges would attack directly against the Block of Investiture when there are still two years of legislature in which the Government will inevitably have to look at its original allies to continue taking out Initiatives and bills.

In the opinion of the Basque nationalist leader, which the Executive validates labor reform with the support of parties as citizens and union of the Navarre people would leave "touched" the norm. The PNV believes that those of arranged Inés now tend the hand to the government because he is the only "lifeguard" to which they can cling when they are "touched by death". "God has come to see with this issue," he said Orthus for whom citizens "wants with this to do his August" and take advantage of a little of the "assisted lung" that offers him.

The PNV maintains that the pretense of CS is "expel them" from the agreement of the reform and thus "validating its political position" and exploiting its "minute of glory". This, according to Orthuar, will be a bad operation for a government that will later have to return to the support of its partners - a "Patulea", in edges' words to approve the rest of the laws.

The PNV insists on defending its main claim: the prevalence of autonomic agreements. "It is an indispensable requirement," said outum, "without which it will be very difficult for us to support the agreement." "This is a scope of principle and nobody can ask us that in a negotiation in which we have not been to have to change our principles. We need that this priority be clear," he has warned.

A lawsuit that, to satisfy, would give the fret with any possibility that citizens support the Covenant. The political confrontation between the oranges and the Basque nationalists is structural and practically impossible to glimpse an agreement that includes both.

The obstacles that the PNV finds to support the reform are not, in any case, the only ones. ERC and Bildu are also maintained at the time at 'no'. This morning the parliamentary spokesperson of the Abertzales, Mertxe Aizpurua, has assured that by the part of it "there is no advance" in the negotiation. Aizpurua has ensured that the Government remains in its intention to "not modify a coma" the text agreed with unions and entrepreneurs.

Since the parties that sustain the Government -PSOE and the United we can - it is insisted, however, that the negotiations to all the bands continue and emphasize that the executive does not contemplate the possibility that finally the decree of the reform is not known Convalue and decay. Thus, the Secretary of State for Relations with the Cortes, Rafael Simancas, who consistently applies a final pact or the Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda and leader of the Communist Party, Enrique Santiago, who does not shuffle the rupture scene.

Date Of Update: 25 January 2022, 08:50

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