The Government mooring 165 votes but still pending CRC to approve budgets

Covenant to pact, the Government progresses to carry out the budgets of 2022. The Executive of Pedro Sánchez has closed in the last days the votes of Eh Bildu,

The Government mooring 165 votes but still pending CRC to approve budgets

Covenant to pact, the Government progresses to carry out the budgets of 2022. The Executive of Pedro Sánchez has closed in the last days the votes of Eh Bildu, more country and commitments, but he still lacks the most important, mooring ERC and PNV, who continue to squeeze the Nuts to the PSOE and together we can in investments and changes of laws.

With the votes in favor announced by Eh Bildu (five deputies), more country (two), commitments (one) and the Regionalist Party of Cantabria PRC), the Government has already been guaranteed and a minimum of 164 supports. To that we must add one more, the 165, which will be the deputy of New Canarias, which has practically finalized the covenant of him and who is inclined by the "yes," according to sources of that party.

In any case, the government is still resisting that is its preferred goal: to close the 'YES' of ERC (13 deputies) and PNV (6). What would imply overcome the absolute majority with much slack and avoid any type of scare. Socialist sources trust to close the agreements in the next few hours, although from the PNV they say it will not be on Monday.

Negotiation with Basque nationalists is much more incorporated than with the Catalan separatists. "It goes in the good direction," says the PSOE. The Basques announced last Thursday that they had reached an agreement on 32 amendments on investments, cultural promotion and infrastructures, which raised 41 initiatives agreed for a total value of 30 million.

In any case, the PNV continues to subordinate the final agreement to "definitely channel the underlay" of the high-speed train in Bilbao "before giving the 'yes' definitive to the accounts", as explained party sources. His spokesman at Congress, Aitor Esteban, assured last week that there is still time for the negotiation given that the budgets, once the Congress process is overcome, subtract them a month of debate and negotiation in the Senate.

Regarding ERC, the conversations are being permanent but a definitive pact can not be given closed. However, in government media they are confident in achieving the final support of the 13 Republican seats. To achieve this, the executive would add up to 177 votes, one more than the absolute majority.

The Audiovisual Law is focusing the latest contacts. ERC wants to establish a fee for the Catalan and other co-official languages on platforms such as Netflix or HBO, however, from the PSOE they are more supportive to give "incentives" to companies to generate content in those languages. It would be to favor an "attractive" framework instead of placing "entry barriers".

To move forward status accounts is necessary, simple majority, that is, more, you do not know in all voting. However, since it is the most important law of the year, groups are positioned in favor or against non-abstentions what de facto makes it necessary to tie the absolute majority of the votes. In addition, the vote against one of the more than 30 sections of the budget is enough for the accounts to fall.

The great novelty of this Monday has been the announcement of two agreements. One with Eh Bildu, who has presented Arnaldo Otegi and Mertxe Aizpurua in Bilbao, and another with more country, who has communicated igoigo errejón at a press conference.

As for more country, Errejón explained that they have managed to "start" the executive several commitments in exchange for his vote in favor. The main one is the investment of five million euros for mental health in secondary institutes to hire more psychologists and counselors with the aim of preventing suicides and training teachers in the detection of depression and other problems.

Although the Afan of more country was a sum of major money, Errejón has had to settle for that amount. "Five is better than zero," he said, highlighting that it is "25%" of the global amount for mental health budgeted by the government.

Likewise, more country has announced other agreements: a 10 million pilot plan for the reduction of the working day, the creation of an agency for the control of people's data on the Internet, a study to recover night trains to connect with Other European cities to reduce flights, a work office to solve the environmental problem of the Menor Sea and a food sustainability plan.

"The government listens a little more but when it has to convert listening into measures sin of shortcamming," said Errejón.

During the Plenary of Congress, the Regionalist Party of Cantabria (PRC), Miguel Ángel Revilla party, has announced his vote in favor. The deputy José María Mazón has explained that the Government has fulfilled the two commitments that the party of Him had emerged as a condition for the support of Him: the bidding of the Reno-Guerno railway section and the drafting of the Project of the Road Pots-Vega of Liébana

Likewise, the PRC has justified that the Government of Sánchez has also fulfilled with other demands that were pending.

The one who is still working for a pact is Teruel exists, predisposed to support the accounts. However, sources of this match affirm that "there are still pending things to negotiate" to close their vote in favor.

Updated Date: 25 November 2021, 06:45

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