The Government of Boris Johnson, at war against the Woke culture

59% of British do not know what "Woke" means and yet it is the word that is falling on the new cultural war between the right and left. The term was popular

The Government of Boris Johnson, at war against the Woke culture

59% of British do not know what "Woke" means and yet it is the word that is falling on the new cultural war between the right and left. The term was popularized earlier in the United States, the Reburn of the Black Lives Matter movement, to define people "wake up" or "vigilantes" before social injustices.

But it has been in the British Isles where it has acquired its pejorative tone, used up to the satiety of tabloids to disqualify the "spakes" or "understanding" that have taken too far their principles. For example, with the demolition of statues of slavers, with the defense of "trans" people or with the purge of books in schools and universities.

Let's say that "Woke" aspired to be something like a updated in the 21st century of the "politically correct", with special surveillance to racism, sexism and minorities. Although its use, since it was admitted to Oxford Dictionary in 2017, has been seriously distorted. To the point that more than a virtue seems already an insult ...

"The ideology" Woke "is reaching all parties and is a dangerous form of decay in our society," the president of the conservative Oliver Dowden party recently warned by Washington. Dowden took advantage of the pulpit "Neocon" of the Heritage Foundation to spur the hosts of the British hard right, which waves again the political wave as he did not do it from Brexit.

"In our schools and in our universities, in the social science and pure science faculties, in government agencies and corporations ...". Dowden traced a far-reaching "Woke" map and warned that the virus has already spread to intelligence agencies, with the Oppúculo "critical mission" that prevents the use of words as "strong" or "domain" that can serve To "reinforce the dominant cultural values".

Dowden took advantage of his trip to request the end of the "Psychodrama Woke" on both sides of the Atlantic: "The United States and the United Kingdom can be two very different societies sometimes, but we are united by the same fundamental values. We can not give up them To commune with these dogmas, as if the defense of freedoms were somewhat reactionary ".

"Do you think that President Biden is" Woke "?" They came to ask by the way to the "Premier" Boris Johnson, who responded as if such a thing: "There is nothing wrong with being" woke "." Month then she surprised however her own and strangers with the appointment as a secretary of culture of Nadine Dorries, at the forefront of the Government Anti-Woke crusade, with the BBC as Turkish head.

Until then, Dorries had been known to face David Cameron's face in his day ("calm, dear") and the president of the Chamber of Commons John Bercow. Although the real jump of her to her fame took place in the jungle and in "im a celebrity ... get me out of here!" She (she was temporarily suspended as a deputy for not having reported her involvement at the "Reality Show").

Born in 1957, within a working family in Liverpool, Dorries boasts precisely from not being the typical right-wing woman clinging to her privileges. Which does not prevent you from driving against the "snowflakes" (or "snowfall"), another way of calling or denigrating the "wokes" ...

"The" Snowflakes "on the left are killing the comedy, knocking down the statues, removing books from schools and universities, suppressing Christ from Christmas and suppressing freedom of expression. Sadly, history is repeated. Will it be the Music the next one? "

Dorries had already identified the BBC as a "Wokeism" culture broth, thanks to his vision "often hypocritical and very left", embodied in "boring men of advanced age" engaged in propagating his vision of the world "in Soviet style ". "The days of television controlled by the State are over," he noticed at the arrival of him, and in that follows.

Meanwhile, the debate "Wokoseism" is also causing divisions and controversies on the left. The last of them has been starring by the former Columnist of The Guardian Suzanne Moore, 62, who was in the center of a storm on "Transbia" for writing that gender "is a biological classification and not a feeling" . Moore left the newspaper after the "bullying" that she alleges that she submitted several companions.

The most notorious case to date has undoubtedly been JK Rowling, whose life changed forever to criticize the use of expression "menstruating people" in June 2020. A Rowling has turned his back on the protagonists of " Harry Potter, "has put the stigma of" Radical Transministrabist transincerel "(Terf) and has received" sufficient death threats to soak my house "in Scotland.

From 41% of the British who claim to know what "Woke" means, 29% claims to identify with the term, compared to 56% that rehuish from it. 26% think it is "Wokoseism" is a good thing against 37% that think it is something bad. An informed minority believes however that we are facing a "false enemy", used both on the left and on the right to create artificial divisions and polarize society.

Date Of Update: 01 March 2022, 21:21

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