The Government presents budgets by ignoring economic forecasts to the downside and PP would disrupt them by being dead and be false

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has defended this Wednesday in the Congress of the Deputies the draft General Budgets of the State for 2022 as a g

The Government presents budgets by ignoring economic forecasts to the downside and PP would disrupt them by being dead and be false

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has defended this Wednesday in the Congress of the Deputies the draft General Budgets of the State for 2022 as a guarantee that the country will enter into a "fair and balanced" growth path, very different, He has said, the way that followed the PP to overcome in 2012 the financial crisis.

In that defense, the Minister has completely ignored all the alerts and economic forecasts below that they put in check the credibility of the accounts. And it is to that contradiction of the calculations, precisely, where she has encouraged the opposition to dismantle the budgets with the main argument that this "born" and will only bring more debt.

"It is the song of the Government swan, has warned the President of the PP, Pablo Married, who in a resounding discourse in criticism has indicated that budgets are" false "," ruinous "," radical "," hypocrites "and "Insensitive".

Despite the relevance of the parliamentary debate on amendments to all budgets, the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has been absent from Congress during the intervention of the opposition leader. Something he has recriminated by married, who has called him "absent" and that he has taken advantage to say that he does not defend them because he does not even believe them.

The clash with the PP has had on the credibility of the accounts its substantial part. And is that the Minister of Hacienda has been evident in its initial exposure the downward revised forecasts that international and national organizations have carried out and that they should, according to the opposition, promote a review of State accounts.

In Montero's opinion, the calculations on the level of growth and the forecast of income are "credible", "prudent" and even that "they will improve", because the collection from January to October is already being 14% highest. "They are not imaginations or dreamers," the Minister of Finance has replicated to the PP leader, because it is "what is recorded" in the "Box".

For Montero, the current volatility that emerges from the energy crisis will be transitory and may be checked that "recovery is a reality". Thus, he has insisted that the government maintains all its growth forecasts, job creation and income, that will grow by 10.8% for the next year.

The Haterienda holder has rejected that its accounts suggest, as opposed, an "hack" or a "fiscal hell" for the middle class and SMEs. On the contrary, the accounts, she has said, "will release income available" for citizens until the 7,000 euros a year. She has also emphasized not only in the social spending that the accounts contemplate, but in the commitment of gender equality that emerges from it.

Likewise, it has highlighted the Government's effort to achieve as many possible supports to carry out budgets and with their argument has tried to invalidate the criticisms of those who ensure that the executive makes continuous concessions to the independence in exchange for passing the accounts and power Stay in power.

The objective of the executive that make up the PSOE and the United may be able to carry out the budgets with ERC, the PNV and Eh Bildu, among other parties. The Minister has assured, looking towards the formations that have been arranged to negotiate the accounts with the Government, which "dialogue" can be advanced in what "unites us", and has placed a "frank, respectful and educated" debate " The forces that have presented amendments to the whole.

"Sobres the short rue and the enactivation and lack of constructive criticism," Montero has insured pointing to the PP, whose economic policy has devoted a good part of his intervention. A policy that involved, in the opinion of him, a strong recoil for the country as well as demonstrated "ineffective and unjust", just the opposite to which, has insisted, deploys the executive of Pedro Sánchez.

María Jesús Montero has defended his project, emphasizing that accounts are "extraordinary and indispensable" to achieve the right recovery of the country after the Covid-19 pandemic. "It's about putting people in the center. It will be a change of era that will entail a new way of understanding politics and giving way to new speeches," she said.

The Hacienda holder has insisted on the need to "learn to move in scenarios of uncertainty and volatility." This message has made reference to the insecurity situation generated by the Coronavirus, but also that it comes from the current energy crisis that has driven a downward revision by Banco de España and the Airfire to the economic forecasts of the Government .

"That the scenario is volatile does not mean that we do not have a well-defined course," he has stressed to deal with criticism.

Montero has defended, however, that public accounts are "prudent" and pretend, it has emphasized, "reinforcing the middle and working class, protecting the most vulnerable and reinforcing the state of well-being". Two keys that, he has said, "strengthen democracy and are an antidote against populys."

The minister has insisted that with the budgets it will be possible to "modernize the productive model and give a qualitative leap to establish more fair, balanced and efficient economic growth, generator of more qualified jobs and more worthy salaries".

Montero, bound by currently, has also been referred to the judgment of the Constitutional Court that annuls the capital gains, announcing an imminent legal text to correct the declared elements unconstitutional in order to give tranquility and security to taxpayers and the financing of the Local entities.

In his speech, married has charged against the "Bodrio" presented by the government putting the focus on which it is "false". "No one is created by macroeconomic forecasts, it has to return it to the corral," he said, citing the Bank of Spain or the IMF. "Everyone is falsehoods, they have created the budget house for the roof of spending and now they try a square lying with the income," the leader of the popular has censored.

The President of the PP has alerted the consequences of inflation, the energy crisis and an entire international scenario from which the Government "nor finds" to continue placing the expenses and "Sablazos" will be shot The middle and working classes with an increase in taxes. That is why he defines budgets as "ruinos", because Spaniards "become impoverished" with more taxes and inflation.

Pablo Married has also criticized the "radicality" undertaken by the executive because, he has explained, the budgets have been agreed with Arnaldo Otegi in exchange for "prisoners", with ERC in exchange for "indults" and with the Communist Party "charged", For example, "the free market" with the housing law.

Finally, Married has claimed the Government to make public the agreements he has with the European Commission "to know the conditionality of the reception of European funds". He has given the executive time this week, but will be asked to Brussels and will make them "public".

In his reply, Montero has gone to the crash with the PP and has accused married to represent a "caricature of himself" and selling a black panorama through "false data". In a hard tone, the Minister has attacked the PP leader for "regodeling in ruin and chaos" and by recovering the 'who falls Spain that we will erect it.'

Montero has responded to married reviews saying that the budget is "credible" and has replicated that the PP can not give them any lesson when making forecasts in the accounts because during the Rajoy Governments average "5,386 million" Regarding what really entered.

Montero has also used Andalusia to hit the PP. He has denounced that Juanma Moreno has "invented" a transfer of the state of around one billion euros related to Covid that "does not exist" to, thus, inflate the forecast of income of the Andalusian board. With this example, he has recriminated to the PP having gotten into a "spiral" of lowering taxes for at a time to demand the central government to raise taxation to supply their lack of resources. "Either they are invented one billion, or deficit and debt, or ask for money to the government of Spain," he said. "Filibusterism is called".

After the popular, the criticism has come from VOX. Ivan Espinosa de Los Monteros has opined that this budget model "ice blood", since "legitimizes, whiten and consolidates" to formations such as Eh Bildu or ERC, with whom he has agreed the PSOE and united.

These are an accounts "based on lies", said the representative of Vox, who are designed without taking into account that the Spanish economy "is the most behind Europe". The road is "unemployment and ruin", has expressed, after seeing, among other "slabs", the "fiasco" that has been the creation of new taxes and fees during this legislature.

Who will pay these decisions? According to Vox, young people. To them he has referred Espinosa de Los Monteros for a good part of his speech: "Your rulers are ruining the future," he has warned the next generations, which he has called "Rebellus" and choose an "alternative" in the next years.

After him, the Minister of Hacienda has accused the match of Santiago Abascal of "Marking the agenda of the PP", something that seconds the main party of the opposition, and has denounced that the right lives from a "cultivation broth", which is Take advantage of the "people who have difficulties". Thus, Montero has announced that the PSOE "will try" that VOX does not govern in any kind of government in this country: "They want to impose a catastrophist vision."

In the turn of citizens, inés arranged has also been categorical when it comes to attacking the "fictitious predictions" of Montero, with "more stories that you account". "They are not the budgets that Spain needs, but Sánchez to stay in Moncloa," she said.

He has given three arguments to raise a veto. In the first place, the "damage" that, in the judgment of him, will be unleashed by the rise of the deficit by not burning the figures, the "massive increase" of taxes "and the waste in superfluous spending and" chiringuitos ".

Secondly, he sees them harmful by the "concessions that hide" to "populists" and independence. Array has been asked "in exchange for what" Bildu, ERC or PNV stand on the government and has responded that these budgets are "in exchange for prisoners". Last year was by the indults, he has said, and now by the terrorists.

Finally, close up has cited as justification state reforms that do not contain the accounts to boost education, energy, science, pensions or birth and has regretted that bipartisanship is dedicated to lose opportunities and just agree to Distribute the "armchairs". "They are brushing the future of the Spaniards," he criticized.

The project of public accounts for 2022 will exceed its first parliamentary school when a large majority vote against the seven amendments to the whole -PP, Vox, citizens, Asturias Forum, Canarian Coalition, JXCAT and CUP- that have been presented against the same.

The budgets will then enter a second phase of processing much more complex with negotiations of the most varied content and multiple bands with the different parliamentary forces.

The objective of the Government is to tie the supports necessary to carry out all the sections that make up the project. It is more than thirty votes that will have to be overcome. Turning in only one implies the collapse of the entire budget proposal.

Date Of Update: 03 November 2021, 16:40