The Goya 2022, Live Awards

The Goya 2022 Awards are celebrated this Saturday, February 12, at the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía de Valencia. The good pattern, directed by Fernando León

The Goya 2022, Live Awards

The Goya 2022 Awards are celebrated this Saturday, February 12, at the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía de Valencia. The good pattern, directed by Fernando León de Aranoa and starring Javier Bardem, is the great favorite with 20 candidacies. Maixabel de Itziar Bollaín, has 14 and parallel mothers, from Pedro Almodóvar, eight.

Blanca Portillo, candidate to Goya for her role in 'Maixabel', she prefers not to think about whether the prize will be taken tonight. She knows that there is "level" and believes that you have to be claimed outside, NOA reports from the tower. The authentic Maixabel has also gone through the red carpet, vindicating the "coexistence"

Luis Martínez, a man of discreetly appearance but of maximalist ambitions, gathered the 20 nominees by 'the good pattern, the film that has beaten the record of candidates of the Goya. Photo by Alberto di Lolli and Report here.

The dress of Nieves Álvarez is from Stephan Rolland: "It has come from Paris because it is from the last collection, but from Madrid, it has come by car," he says. As a curiosity, the jewels that she has belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, Informa María José Pérez.

Candela Peña, triumphing nothing else to put foot on the carpet: "And with an embroidered black dress, Candela Peña is positioned as one of the best dressed at night," says María José Pérez.

White Portillo also makes its own approach to sequins, only in red color. They are very interesting (and at the same time unavoidable) the voluminous sleeves, says María José Pérez. For the part of it Beatriz Miranda believes that Portillo is dressed in "Hi, I am your menstruation and I do not miss any of your trips"

The complete list of nominees by clicking here.

Not here.

Forgive the joke, I had always wanted to do it: here yes.

Cate Blanchett will receive a new prize, the Goya International, and this morning has offered a press conference in which he has talked about his relationship with Almodóvar: "A Pedro I have known him for 20 years and we have always been giving him the possibility of Working together. Already in the past we were ready and did not curl up. Now it has coincided everything necessary to make it possible as possible. We already started talking yesterday and work ... ".

All a success celebrate the Goya in a Palau so big and so ugly. Good thing it came out cheap.

A transparent dress and a hooded body, all from Dior. Verónica Echegui is one of the most risky and special bets at night, says María José Pérez.

Aldo Comas is committed to Avellaneda for the Gala of the Goya 2022 Awards in Valencia, with a red tuxedo inspired by Veronica Forqué. In the back of the jacket a statement: eternal and magic Veronica. "I have not only wanted to honor her, but it is an ode to art, to whom we make laugh, to those who put color to life, in short, A is a tribute to all those who create art in every way" It highlights the artist, a couple of Macarena Gómez, reports Marta Sotillo.

Lucía Jiménez highlights the good moment that Spanish cinema lives, especially after the "rare" gala of last year and, asked if today is the day of "not war", he says he has no idea about the controversy, reports noa of the tower.

Unanimity: "Lo de Nieves Álvarez can only be defined with a word: Vestivate. A risks and win from book," says María José Pérez. "Beyond the overlapping of the dress, Álvarez has chosen Bvlgari jewelry, one of the header jewelry firms of her"

Nieves Álvarez, spectacular. She represents the Belllezones fee that can not be missing in any gala, let her head it. But she never wears Spanish fashion, suspiciously. Go back from Stephan Rolland? Beatriz Miranda wonders.

White Romero is a reminder that black and sequins never never fail, but can be very powerful, according to our expert in María José Pérez fashion.

Actresses and actors are already arriving on the red carpet. Goya Toledo is one of those dresses that demonstrate that the "more is more" also works, reports Marta Sotillo.

Date Of Update: 12 February 2022, 14:16

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