The Latin American presidents indicated in the 'papers of Pandora' deny irregularities

Latin America leads the ranking of presidents with offshore societies. That indicates the 'papers of Pandora', where three appear in exercise and another el

The Latin American presidents indicated in the 'papers of Pandora' deny irregularities

Latin America leads the ranking of presidents with offshore societies. That indicates the 'papers of Pandora', where three appear in exercise and another eleven that abandoned power. But the work done by the consortium of research journalists, focused on scrutinizing financial movements in fiscal and similar, politicians, magnates, artists and citizens without public relevance, does not mean that everyone has committed crimes. Only that they used that kind of questioned financial and equity tool at some point and that some, despite denying it, are still linked to them.

In any case, just like it occurred with the 'papeles of Panama', aired in 2016, the authorities of each country will be the last word. Then there were hundreds of the denunciations who regulated their situation after paying the corresponding sanction and declaring their assets from that moment out of their borders.

El Chilean Sebastián Piñera, the Ecuadorian Guillermo Lasso and the president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abidaner, all of them millionaires before joining the political arena, appear in the 'papers of Pandora' with residential signatures in British Virgin Islands and Panama, among others places.

Of the former Heads of State, the Colombians include César Gaviria and Andrés Pastrana, profession politicians, as well as Peruvian Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who must have left the power after being involved in the Odebretch scandal.

But perhaps they are more striking the acquisitions of heads of state from other latitudes, for the amounts spent and the obvious interest in hiding the true owners. It is the case of King Abdalla II of Jordan, who, according to the consortium, created thirty companies of that type to acquire fourteen luxurious mansions in the United States, four of them in Malibu, and in Britain.

The Royal House Jordana answered that it is "deformed information" that "suppose a threat to the monarch and his family", since it is his personal fortune and that if he used that system was only "discretion and safety".

The corrupt president of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, buyer of real estate in England and other destinations for a value exceeding 540 million dollars. As well as Svetlana Krivonogikh, that Russian media point as a lover of Vladimir Putin. The woman bought in Monaco, in 2003, a 4 million dollar apartment using offshore accounts. The Kremlin rejected the accusation: "We are simply a case of completely unfounded information".

The active Latin American presidents and the two Colombian refresons cited, also denied that they have breached the laws of their native countries.

According to the Chilean Labot portal, Sebastián Piñera, one of the most prosperous entrepreneurs in Chile, was, along with members of his family, the biggest partners of the Minera Dominga. In 2010, at nine months of assuming its first two presidencies, a childhood friend, Carlos Alberto Délano, acquired the participation of all owners for 120 million dollars in a closed operation in the British Virgin Islands.

The consortium not only questions the taxes that were saved, but a part of the payment was subject to the fact that environmentalists did not prevent the implementation of mining and piñera, as president, could affect the decision.

The Press Office of the Currency Palace issued a statement in which it asserts that the Head of State "has not participated or had any information regarding the sales process" and that the facts were already investigated in 2017, after which the Prosecutor's Office asked to archive the cause. To add that Piñera "has not participated in the administration of any company for more than 12 years."

About Ecuadorian Exbanker Guillermo Lasso, the 'Pandora Papeles' indicate that he had links with fourteen societies and trusts in Delaware, South Dakota and Panama. For its part, the President, who took possession last May, in his second attempt to arrive at the Carondelet Palace, emphasized that he complied with the law approved in February 2017 "that prohibits candidates for popular election positions to have properties in paradise Prosecutors ".

Therefore, "most of the societies were legally dissolved in the past, and with those that have existence, I have no link". The heritage of him, he addresses him, "It is the result of his work of his whole life in Banco Guayaquil."

As for the Dominican Luis Abidaner, who was a general manager of a powerful family business consortium, award him the possession of two societies in Panama, the extreme that he does not hide. In fact, on Twitter, the Director of Government Communication, Homero Figueroa, alleged that the Declaration of the Heritage of Abidaner "includes all offshore companies".

Date Of Update: 08 October 2021, 18:59

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