The Multimilliona Economic Injection to Laliga that reopens the Gate of Barcelona to Messi

The sweet dreams that the President of Barça, Joan Lapa, said he had on Leo Messi last Monday, in the presentation of the Brazilian Emerson Royal, they are abou

The Multimilliona Economic Injection to Laliga that reopens the Gate of Barcelona to Messi

The sweet dreams that the President of Barça, Joan Lapa, said he had on Leo Messi last Monday, in the presentation of the Brazilian Emerson Royal, they are about to be done later. In this case, thanks to a powerful economic injection of Laliga. The agreement that has closed the body that presides by Javier Thebes with the CVC Investment Fund, encrypted in a total of 2,700 million euros, will mean revenues of around 270 million euros for the Barcelona entity, with which you can register so much Argentine like his last four signings.

Everything is pending only that both the Laliga Delegate Commission and the CVC Investment Committee ratify the Agreement. Something that will take place, in principle, along this Wednesday. The agreement takes the form of an account in participation. In other words, the Fund invests and Laliga, after managing that investment, makes its corresponding remuneration. Neither is sold none of their rights. 15% of the 2,700 million to perceive, as soon as everything is definitely closed, can be reversed in the templates. The rest, while, should be allocated to installation improvements.

For the distribution of the funds, while, television revenues perceived over the past seven years will be taken into account. According to these calculations, Barça would enter 270 million euros, while Real Madrid, on the other hand, would perceive 261 million that could, in both cases, allocate themselves to their templates. In the Barça case, to enroll both Messi and the four closed signings this summer, the Kun Agüero, Eric García, Memphis Depay and Emerson Royal. In the Madrid, while, to face, maybe, the so desired arrival at the Kylian Mbappé Club. That economic injection, in addition, will allow other clubs who are in trouble with salary limits also have a greater slack. Laliga, how no, has made a very broad statement to explain all the details of this agreement with CVC. Communiqué that, then, we reproduce in its entirety:

"Laliga confirms a strategic agreement with the CVC International Investment Fund to inject 2,700 million euros in the competition and clubs, it is an ambitious investment plan that will provide Laliga and the Resource Clubs with the aim of continuing the Transformation towards a global digital entertainment company, strengthening competition and transforming the experience of fans.

The operation will be executed through the creation of a new company to which Laliga will provide all its businesses, subsidiaries and 'Joint Ventures' and in which CVC will have a minority participation of approximately 10% of the capital. Additionally, CVC provides funds to Laliga through a participation account, a long-term agreement that aligns the interests of Laliga, clubs and CVC. Laliga will maintain intact from this new society its sports and organizational skills and management of the commercialization of audiovisual rights.

The Transaction Valora Laliga at 24,250 million euros, a rating that recognizes Laliga's leadership as one of the most important sports competitions worldwide, as well as its growth potential through a greater digital presence focused on direct interaction with the fans. It is a valuation higher than that has been shuffled in other projects of similar characteristics, which recognizes the great work performed by Laliga to date.

This Agreement aims to lead the transformation that the world of entertainment is living and to maximize all the growth opportunities that clubs have to develop a new business model that allows them to diversify and intensify the generation of income and marketing models , accelerating its digital transformation. Passing from the current monoprote model, based almost exclusively on the party and on the sale of audiovisual rights, to a multi-product / multi-experiential model, directly related to the amateur, based on technology and digital and analytical capacities.

For this, Laliga is already on the way to becoming a global company, with the best entertainment content, strong digital presence and data capture and analysis capability that allow omnichannel direct interaction with all fans and a clear approach in The optimization of experience for fans.

The 2,700 million euros that CVC will bring will be concentrated directly by 90% in the clubs, including female football, semi-professional and non-professional football of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and the Superior Sports Council (more than 100 million of euros). The resources provided by the Agreement will also have a multiplier effect not only in the world of football, but in the ability to create Brand Spain. For the implementation of this strategic plan, football clubs assume a commitment to allocate investment that they receive the momentum of their own development plan agreed with Laliga, which will include the following main areas: Sports Strategy, Infrastructure, International Development, Development of Brand and Product, Communication Strategy, Innovation, Technology and Data Plan and Development Plan of content on digital platforms and social networks. All this incorporating sustainability, good governance and diversity as fundamental values of the model.

Date Of Update: 04 August 2021, 06:21

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