The Mutual wants to put an end to the single exercise of the doctors here 5 years

In the first line in the fight against the COVID with its hospitals, its long-term care facilities, the centres of follow-up care and rehabilitation, the Mutual

The Mutual wants to put an end to the single exercise of the doctors here 5 years

In the first line in the fight against the COVID with its hospitals, its long-term care facilities, the centres of follow-up care and rehabilitation, the Mutualité Française formula 24 proposals in the framework of the Segur of health" around 5 major axes: the reorganization of health care delivery, the creation of a true culture of prevention, and the accompanying loss of autonomy, the regulation of the system, and the consolidation of a field of health at european level. With four propositions.

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first of All, Mutuality, argues that the health system relies more on the medicine of city. "We were able to face this crisis thanks to the tremendous mobilization of personal hospital yet exhausted even before the beginning of the crisis. But this reveals in the hollow of a flaw in the system: it is as if we had done the face of the crisis using only half of the skills of the available health, because it is inadequately supported on the care of first resort. It is necessary to use more of the medicine of city, but for this it is necessary to better structure and organize it," says Thierry Beaudet, president of the Mutualité, in the Figaro. It is precisely this that has sought to make Agnès Buzyn when she was a minister in creating professional communities, territorial health (CPTS), in the course of deployment. "A lot of things have been well said, the problem is the passage of the say to do it, it must accelerate and end the year isolated from the doctor, alone in his office, by 5 years," said Thierry Beaudet. A target that was already assigned to Emmanuel Macron in his speech of presentation of the health plan in September 2018. To overcome the resistance, the Mutual determines that it is necessary to be "very proactive" and even "create variations to remuneration" for professionals refusing to perform in a space of health pluriprofessionnel.

on the other hand, the Mutual wants to make prevention a priority. A subject which falls into the world health but also of education, of labour, of the company, of the city ... "If you want to change gear, it should be a political subject and to have an ability to bring together many actors. This is why it is necessary to act at the regional level and to transfer the jurisdiction of the prevention to the regions," says Thierry Beaudet.

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as the crisis has shown the limits of support for older people, the Mutualité proposes to reinforce the medicalization of long-term care facilities, with multi-disciplinary teams with competence geriatric high. "It is necessary to reinforce the medicalization of long-term care facilities by salariant of general practitioners, increasing the presence of nurses in advanced practice, equipping medically some beds," explains Thierry Beaudet. This long-term care facilities healthcare could also look home, with mobile platforms that could work in conjunction with the home care services. While the government has to create a 5th branch of the Social Security dedicated to the dependency, Mutuality, judge that it is going in the right direction but that funding (€2.3 billion per year) is "largely insufficient". And remember that the report Libault felt the need to 10 billion euros in the period of the cruise and 6 billion euros very quickly, in addition to the 30 billion already being spent each year to addiction. The mutual stands ready to supplement this public funding: they offer to create a contribution dependency compulsory from the age of 50 that would serve as a life annuity to persons in the most dependent (GIR 1 or GIR 2) in order to reduce their burden in long-term care FACILITY, which is on average 2000 euros per month once all subsidies deducted. An amount that exceeds the resources of the half of the people.

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The Mutual is also proposing to review the missions of the ARS. "There is an ambiguity: they are at once the parent organization of the public hospital, and at the same time the administrative authority which operates on the territory of all actors on the territory. In this dual role creates confusion and generates competition between players while its role is to create the cooperation," says Thierry Beaudet.

Finally, while the government wants to harness the mhos in the financing of the crisis, Thierry Beaudet responds "positively" to the request and stated that they "will take their share". "Health insurance has taken all taken care of at 100%, it is normal that one pays the ticket moderator. If we had made savings, it was not the intent to keep or make a profit from the crisis", says he. All the question is to measure what gains have been made, without under-estimating the effects of deferral of expenditures to come. A meeting is set for Thursday at the ministry on this sensitive subject.

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