The National Hearing Rejects Suspend Judgment to Villarejo

The trial to José Manuel Villarejo has begun delayed, though not in the extension and the scope that the defense of the retired commissioner intended. The Cou

The National Hearing Rejects Suspend Judgment to Villarejo

The trial to José Manuel Villarejo has begun delayed, though not in the extension and the scope that the defense of the retired commissioner intended. The Court of the National Hearing chaired by Angela Murillo has rejected suspending it, although it has reviewed the dates foreseen for the holding of oral hearing to partially access the request of several accused of having more time to examine documentation.

In the pre-issues phase that precedes the declaration of the defendants by the Land, Iron and Painter investigations - three of the Thirties Tandem case - the attorney of the Retired Commissioner has explained that he has not yet been allowed to access numerous documentation It considers it essential to exercise the defense of its client and avoid a violation of their rights.

For example, the one that supports the most recent police reports sent to the cause of Villarejo personal agendas seized last October.

The lawyer Antonio José García Cabrera has opposed the incorporation of the two offices of internal affairs about the agendas, since it has occurred when the investigation phase of the causes that have begun judging this Wednesday has already been closed.

"It's a police report made out of the instruction and behind the parties, we are not worth the selection of the police, we want the newspapers to be in the room," he protested.

He has also claimed the court to be allowed to access the CDs and DVDs in which the documentation that has served to elaborate the previous police reports and of those who say that he did not receive a copy is reflected. Other defenses have also exposed that they have not been able to access the cause documentation.

The Prosecutor of Anti-Corruption Miguel Serrano has opposed the suspension, as well as defending the incorporation of the new reports and the documents that support their legality. "They are new indications that were obtained after the car [of closing of investigation] in the three separate pieces that are taken into judgment today," said Serrano.

The suspension had been supported by other defenses, and even some accusation. For example, the one who exercises Yolanda García Cereceda, one of the presumably spied by Villarejo. The lawyer of her has argued that the requests of the defenses had constitutional transcendence and the denial of it could conclude in a nullity that, that yes, delaying much more the conclusion of the cause.

The decision of the room has been not accessing the suspension, although withdrawing two days from October from the agenda. That, in practice, assumes that after tomorrow's session will not be followed with prior issues until November 15. After another couple, the trial, and yes with the interrogations, would resume on December 1. "The suspension is not going to be accessed under any circumstances, they will thus have time until then to review the documentation they consider appropriately. No defenselessness occurs."

The court has agreed to incorporate the police reports and has been opposed to be in the room in which the agendas seized in October is celebrated. To consult them, the parties must go to the court of the audience that continues to investigate the tandem case.

The first day of judgment, focused exclusively on preliminary issues, has developed with Villarejo sitting with his lawyer and with Toga, as he had asked being himself lawyer. And it has also been celebrated with an absence, that of the defendant Juan Manuel León Leiva, one of the researchers employed by Villarejo for supposedly criminal work.

The absent lawyer was and explained that he has not been able to locate him in recent days. Several defenses have indicated that this was another reason that imposed the suspension of the trial, something that the room has not accessed either, composed by magistrates Ángela Murillo, Carmen Paloma González Pastor and Fermín Echari.

Upon arrival at the court, Villarejo has said he hoped that "a folk justice" is not done and lamented that he has not been treated as a presumed delinquent, but "as an enemy to annihilate".

"It has been used to justice to annihilate me," he said before him again, without mentioning him, to the former Director of the CNI Felix Sanz Roldán, whom he lookedually responsible for his fall. "I have never been afraid of any individual, no matter how important he was, like this guy, the great protective Lord of the crown."

Villarejo has been able to make statements because last March the National Hearing left him at provisional freedom, by assuming that he was not going to be able to condemn before the month that is coming the maximum term of four years of preventive detention.

Villarejo sits on a large bench with whom according to the accusation commissioned him three espionage works, and who helped him get the data from the rivals he hired him. He offered the services of him when he was still an active commissioner, which supposes an accusation for the crime of bribery.

The Land piece has been investigated, Villarejo's work has been investigated to favor a part of the familiar family in business disputes. The prosecutor's office asks for the former police 38 years in prison. In the IRON piece the request is 57 years and focuses on the commission of a law firm to spy on a competition firm.

Finally, in the painter the Petorruption Petition is 14 years, for its work for the entrepreneur Juan Muñoz Tamara and his brother in front of the claims of a former partner.

Updated Date: 14 October 2021, 23:51

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