The PP accuses Pedro Sanchez of being "a political prisoner of its commitments" with the pro-independence

The Government blotted out "violence" of the written Law of the State on the 1-Or The Law of the State requested 12 years in prison for Oriol Junqueras, t

The PP accuses Pedro Sanchez of being

The Government blotted out "violence" of the written Law of the State on the 1-Or

The Law of the State requested 12 years in prison for Oriol Junqueras, the half that the Prosecutor's office

The elimination of violence in the legal qualification of the legal profession of the State against the accused by the procés has become the main ammunition of the PP against Pedro Sanchez and the government of the PSOE. The number two of the popular, Teodoro García Egea, has returned to strike this Saturday against the president on account of what qualify as assignments to the independence by having reduced from rebellion to sedition charge against Oriol Junqueras, and the rest of the processed by what happened in the 1-O.

According to García Egea, in Spain "there is a political prisoner" and that is Pedro Sanchez, prisoner "of its commitments" with the "independentistas" and "held hostage to those who do not want the equality of opportunities in Spain". The general secretary of the PP has been loaded with toughness against the president for the downgrade of the ratings against the political Catalan processed, if necessary, against the criteria of the office of the Prosecutor, which has kept the crime of rebellion, and has called for penalties that even doubling of the lawyers of the State.

The statements of the number two of the PP have taken place in the closing ceremony of the inter-Municipal that the party held this weekend in Malaga, in which, in addition, Garcia Egea has been compared to the president andalusian, Susana Diaz, with Puigdemont and Torra, accusing her of wanting to hide his closeness with Sanchez. "Just missing him wearing the yellow ribbon," he said before the charges and militants of the PP gathered in the city of malaga.

"Catalonia is all of you and not like it, do as Puigdemont", underlined the secretary general of the popular.

But Garcia Egea has not been the only leader of the PP, which has triggered criticism against Sanchez. The president of the Xunta of Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has also been very hard and has accused the leader of the PSOE of "surrender" before the independence, the time has taken the opportunity to invite the socialists who do not feel represented by Sanchez to vote for the PP.

the president of The Government, "it must be all the populism and the pro-independence" partners "that are not interested in Spain". Sanchez "has forgotten the dignity of the institution" and "is paying the debt for independence, populism and nationalism". All of this has been pointed out, with only one aim, "get the president" and keep it.

Núñez Feijóo also made reference to the motion of censure that brought the PSOE to The Moncloa and stressed that they were wrong who thought that you would end up with the PP. "In the medium term, this motion will end up doing more harm to the PSOE than to the PP", apostilló.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 06 November 2018, 20:02

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