The PP looks knocked out to Manuel Cruz and warns that his explanations are insufficient

Cruz is right: "Not everything is"Celáa is now saying that the plagiarism of Manuel Cruz are a matter privadaManuel Cross followed a pattern in the plagiarism

The PP looks knocked out to Manuel Cruz and warns that his explanations are insufficient
Cruz is right: "Not everything is"Celáa is now saying that the plagiarism of Manuel Cruz are a matter privadaManuel Cross followed a pattern in the plagiarism of his manual of philosophy

The president of the Senate, Manuel Cruz , had yesterday his best day in the upper Chamber. A day after ABC reported on the sole of the plagiarism in his manual of philosophy, Cruz showed signs of obvious nervousness, although for the moment you try to resist. In that situation, the spokesman of the Popular Group, Javier Maroto , turned to him to make it clear that your explanations have been "clearly inadequate" and to urge it to the face of the information that you reveal your academic fraud.

"Are the sixteen hours and fifty minutes, and we are still waiting for the explanations solvents and timely about the alleged plagiarism of his book" warned senator Fran Carrillo, of Citizens, in the Plenary Tuesday afternoon.

Yesterday, at thirteen hours and five minutes , when Manuel Cruz adjourned the session in the upper House, still without giving any kind of explanation , beyond the terse statement in which he attempted to justify the copies included in your owner's manual for be "coincidences minimum among commentators who have read and worked on the same author".

But the president of the Senate only managed to with the silence that will increase the noise of rumors and comments about his academic fraud, within the chamber and outside of it. In a moment he was in the hallway of the House, the spokesman of the PP, Javier Maroto, approached him to know first hand if I was to give the face in some way or just thinking to resist by denying the obvious.

Maroto said that the Popular Group was not at all satisfied with the statement that had been issued to defend against the information, and he emphasized that his explanations had been "clearly insufficient" . Thus, the spokesman of the PP in the Senate urged Cruz to come out publicly and give all the details about your position and version of way "convincing."

Cruz did not commit to anything or gave will for sure go to give explanations. But in the PP believe that he himself has understood what he has done until now "is not enough" and may not get things as well.

"it Is very touched"

Sources of the PP, pointed out to ABC that yesterday saw the president of the Senate, "knocked out" and "desnortado" , and without having a very clear yet what answer should you give and how you should do it. The nervousness of Manuel Cruz was the talk in the conversations between senators, who commented on the repeated mistakes of the speaker of the House in the Full of yesterday , in which even he was attentive to the times of the debates, and announced a motion of the PSOE, when it was PP, or was wrong with the voting buttons, or did not give the word when asked, and then corrected. "It is very touched with this matter!", commented yesterday, even within the Table of the House.

For the moment, Cruz has the applause of the senators socialists and the support of the Government in functions of Sanchez. The holder of Education empathized with him in the Plenary, although without making a lot of fuss: "All my professional respect, personal, social, to the president of this body".

But the opposition do not plan to sit idly by. For now, keep the expectation up to check what is the next move of Manuel Cruz. is popular Sources of the Senate pointed out that will give you a margin to react . If you don't, will look for all the "pathways" appropriate to force him to give those explanations to the citizens about the plagiarism.

But how and where you can go to a president of the Senate to give explanations? In the opposition warn that they must be "public", and would have to begin at the Table of the House. It is not excluded that will ask for a summons if you do not do so voluntarily. And if you dissolve the Cortes on the 23rd of September, they are ready to handle your case that request through the Permanent committee. In addition, the popular are clear that the president of the upper House should "apologize" in public.

The petition of resignation is a letter that is now saved the PP. In Genoa, they argue that "Manuel Cruz is more in question than ever, because you don't want or can't clear the doubts about his manual of philosophy", and have left the management of this matter to the speaker in the Senate. "It is Maroto who has to give" Cross, point sources popular. In this Chamber the position today is limited to claim these explanations to the fourth authority of the State because it "has done business with the manual and have gone from intellectual honest" . While some senators, such as Vicente Azpitarte, prefer the direct blow: "Plagias to awareness a manual as if it were their own: whole paragraphs without quotation or citation. What you edit and commit yourself to who buys your students doing your August. You have the intellectual honesty undeniable. The dr. Fraud makes: President of the Senate. Normal", he wrote on Twitter.

"Is corruption,"

From Citizens, Fran Carrillo, deputy spokesman in the Senate, posted this message on Twitter: "That a professor plagiarizes in one of his works of reference is a form of corruption, and those who apologize with imposture end up contributing to the climate of confusion ethics that prevails in the Spanish policy". "This ABC's what we experienced yesterday in the Senate," added Carrillo, with a link to the editorial of the ABC, titled "Not everything is, mr. Cross."

Since the opposition insists on the corridors of the Senate in this case may not fall in sack broken, and can not return to repeat what happened with the commission of inquiry on the thesis of Pedro Sanchez, who fell with the convening of the last general election, without holding a single session.

Updated Date: 13 September 2019, 03:00

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