The PSOE argues Manuel Cruz but avoids a commitment to your future

Cross-plagiarized examples of other authors and to clarification between guionesEl PP looks "knocked out" to Manuel Cruz and considered insufficient their exp

The PSOE argues Manuel Cruz but avoids a commitment to your future
Cross-plagiarized examples of other authors and to clarification between guionesEl PP looks "knocked out" to Manuel Cruz and considered insufficient their explicacionesEl PSC closes ranks but without providing evidence against the plagiarism of the Cross

Spend four days already since ABC published the exclusive of the plagiarism of the president of the Senate, Manuel Cruz. And, since then, the president of the Government on functions, Peter Sanchez, has not made any public demonstration of support to the person you chose to be the fourth authority in the State.

Nor in the team of the president of the Senate, or in The Moncloa, nor Ferraz, claimed yesterday that there had been some kind of private contact between the two. Sources close to the president yes confirm that there was a call but were not able to specify the content of the same. That is to say, do not confirm that you have forwarded a support that since then, there has not wanted to make public.

While Sanchez exchanged constantly its functions of the secretary general of the PSOE with the president of the Government, see the negotiations for the endowment, now in Ferraz and in July at The Moncloa, in this case nobody wants to know anything. Moncloa and Ferraz look askance, and no one wants to transmit a valuation officer in this regard.

however, sources socialists themselves agree to evaluate a case on which the Presidency of the Government has decreed silence. It is not that does not answer the questions posed about the case, that too, but sometimes you come to answer "silence" is the answer.

Cerrojazo in The Moncloa

Just when it meets a year of the publication, also by part of this journal, of the cases of plagiarism in the thesis of the president, the communication policy is the same: a first-press release/tweet attacking the information in question and denying any malpractice. From there, silence.

The only difference is that Sanchez threatened with legal action , which never came, while the Cross is not arrived so far.

No one in the socialist ranks has come to assess the merits of the matter. All have been dedicated to recite his run-a argumentario that at no time is able to refute the published information. While all the spokespersons socialists who have reviewed the situation have chosen to repeat the slogan of "no holds barred" and put on the table the number of books written by Cruz throughout his career.

however, private sources of Ferraz acknowledged that "of course there is news." A position that is far from what has been said publicly by different spokespersons socialist when you have had to speak on the subject. is "open Bar" of attacks , said the vice-president Carmen Calvo. is "Attacks without foundation" , said the minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño.

"ruthless Hunting" , called him the spokesman of the PSOE in the Senate, Ander Gil.

Sources socialists reflect that they believe that the case would not pass "any bill between our people," because they insist that that it is a "very respected". These sources also suggest that it is a person with "no weight "organic" in the training and that it dilutes a lot of the effect of concern among the leaders of the party.

in Addition, the sources of socialist consulted supported the potentiality of the information, although they believe that the news agenda, very focused on the negotiations to form a Government, has helped the topic to be able to dodge: "Our people are in that. If it had been another week the brown that we would have would be much greater, supported.

The future, in the air

Without that there has been explicit support for Sánchez, and before the ever-imminent repeat election , few dare to guarantee that the Cross can continue to lead the Senate. "At the end if you are going to dissolve the Cortes on the 23rd of September is a bit absurd that no one will ask for anything . Assuming that you wanted to ask," says a party leader. "If there were no elections we will see", says a source socialist.

In the entourage of the president to recognize that "we cannot postulate if after the elections will follow." The coming election is understood as a ball of oxygen in this sense, as not to re-submit it as a candidate would be enough. E l the name of Miquel Iceta was the first choice of Sanchez to preside over the Senate. But his nomination was thwarted because CKD blocked in the Parliament of Catalonia to his appointment as a senator of the autonomous communities.

"I doubt that you follow, the truth," stated a leader of the PSC, from where it has been defended in the mouth of the own Iceta. And also of Meritxell Batet, president of the Congress of Deputies, and with whom he has made ticket election in the past.

on the part of the Government, apart from the words of Calvo and attacks to the information of other ministers, the Government spokesman, Isabel Celaá, has been the only one who has come to assess the merits of the case . Although he has done so with a criterion variable.

In the first term, pointed out that the fact that "someone can take reference of a writer does not seem to me a plagiarism." Although this is obviously not such a simplification of what the information reveals about the actions of the Cross. The next day Celaá said, if the president of the Senate was to appear publicly, that that was part of "his privacy".

Date Of Update: 13 September 2019, 17:01

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