The Páramo, an opera premium of 8 million viewers in Netflix

Few issues as disconcerting as that called success. It is not likely that Lovecraft referred to him when she endeavored to name the unnominable, but neither s

The Páramo, an opera premium of 8 million viewers in Netflix

Few issues as disconcerting as that called success. It is not likely that Lovecraft referred to him when she endeavored to name the unnominable, but neither should it be discarded completely. "I can not even insinuate what it was like, because it was a compound of everything that is impure, dreadful, unwanted, abnormal and detestable," the providence and David Casademunt wrote would not hesitate to give him the reason. Blindly. In fact, his opera prime the páramo, for a week at Netflix, deals with the same clarity of that unnamed creature that he obsessed the author of Cthulhu's call as that capricious goddess who is the same success.

The páramo is a horror ribbon, but it is also psychological thriller, an agricultural account of Costumbrista, Coming of Age and, if necessary, psychoanalyst tragedia with autobiographical traces. Indefinable then. "The idea was always to tell a universal story that concerns everyone equally independently of our origin or place of birth, but without sacrificing to anchor it in a very concrete place. The particular is universal, "Razona the director of 37 years who, after graduating in Barcelona's ECAC and tanning in several short films, was launched seven years ago to the cyclopean work to succeed. Seven years, one after another, he has been working on a project that, suddenly and before the most obvious bewilderment, has achieved that as disconcerting as success.

According to the latest data that Casademunt runs, the tape has been seen for a total of 12 million hours. This is what is measured on the platforms: by meters. If a single rule is made, a total of eight million "visualizations" is out throughout the world since it was released last day of kings. "They tell us that it is the most visible non-English-speaking movie at this moment," he says at the same time impressed, confused, cheerful and, obviously, bewildered.

And now the question: Why? «I imagine that it is not difficult to recognize yourself in the most elementary: it is about the story of a mother and a son. And there we are all ». On the other hand, it would be added, the film talks about loneliness, isolation, of incommunication ... Is not this the pandemic that we live for a long time ago? "I recognize that when we started rolling, we incorporate a lot of what we were living or lived in the confinement and that maybe it was not so explicitly in the original text," she says.

Be that as it is, what is seen on the screen, it is barely seen. Everything in the páramo runs in an elegant, suggestive and very wise ellipsis that wants to be, as it was saying again Lovecraft, "the abyss, the Maelstrom, the final abomination ...». Roberto Alamo and Inma costs a life to a couple harassed by an eternal fear so evident in the cloudy of the landscape as deeply entangled in the deepest of their entrails. And in the midst of them, the child Asier Flores, whom we already saw in pain and glory of Pedro Almodóvar. His eyes wide open see everything without stopping seeing just anything. His eyes are two black mirrors that reflect how frightening, unnamed. And, earrings, success as the most disconcerting of provocations.

He has the director that the story has a lot to do with what he contemplated at his house with just 15 years: the slow degradation until his father's death was there forever. With his father, David also saw the horror movies that marked him. The exorcist, the prophecy or Poltergeist run through the screen as ghosts. And with them, a good part of Shyamalan cinema and even Juan Antonio Bayona. "I could not stop citing a director who fascinates me. Mel Gibson's ability in Revelation to make an immersive experience is unique, "he says, takes a second and adds:" The strange thing is that it is successful on television a film designed exclusively to be enjoyed on a movie screen. " More bewilderment.

Be that as it may, and as a little more than a year ago the hole, by Galder Gaztel-Urrutia, the truth is that the páramo is there to turn the common places; To discuss the phrases made, to transform a deeply personal story into the most universal of tragedies; To name maybe, the unnominable.

Updated Date: 14 January 2022, 06:24

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