The Pilar Bridge will have a 'Veranillo' of Sun and Soft Time in most of Spain

A 'Veranillo' of sunny skies and soft day temperatures will be imposed on most of Spain during the Pilar Bridge, with chubascos only in areas of the Mediterra

The Pilar Bridge will have a 'Veranillo' of Sun and Soft Time in most of Spain

A 'Veranillo' of sunny skies and soft day temperatures will be imposed on most of Spain during the Pilar Bridge, with chubascos only in areas of the Mediterranean and temperatures that will exceed 30 degrees in Andalusia and will be below 20 At points in the peninsular north.

"During Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as the first days of next week coinciding with the National Festival of Spain on Tuesday 12, it will predominate in our country the anticicy and stable time, with dry atmosphere in general", He pointed this Thursday Rubén del Campo, spokesman for the State Meteorology Agency (AEMET).

However, from the countryside it specified that "matinal fog banks in areas of the peninsular interior and occasional shower and scattered in the regions bathed by the Mediterranean, especially in coastal areas of the Valencian Community on Saturday and Sunday."

Temperatures will drop slightly during the weekend and will rise a little on Monday and Tuesday. "In general, the atmosphere will be soft, something warmer than normal for the time in the two plateaus, Andalusia and Galicia, and a little cooler in the Cantabrian, especially in East, and in Mediterranean regions," he added .

The prediction of the AEMET, collected by servy, indicates that thermometers will mark more than 30 degrees of maximum temperature during these days in capital such as Badajoz, Córdoba, Huelva and Seville. Instead, there will be less than 20 in Burgos, Palencia, San Sebastián, Santander and Vitoria.

The dawn will be somewhat fresher because the thermometers will be less than 10 degrees in large areas of the northern peninsular half, which will favor the appearance of morning fogs.

On Friday he will dawn with possible fog banks in the interior of Galicia, Catalonia, the Ebro Valley, the South Plateau and the valleys of the rivers of Southeast Peninsular, which will be dissipated soon to give rise to a sunny day in most of the country.

"However, in the regions bathed by the Mediterranean, a flow of winds of maritime provenance will begin to be established, therefore, and that will increase the cloudiness in those regions, even with rain," he said of the field.

These rainfall will be more likely in areas close to the coast and coast of Catalonia and the Valencian Community. It can also rain on the islands of Ibiza and Formentera.

Temperatures will fall this Friday in the Eastern Peninsular half and rise slightly in half west, with values greater than 30 degrees in the valleys of the Guadiana and Guadalquivir, and above 25 degrees in South Galicia.

This weekend there will be fully established the flow of winding winds of Mediterranean origin, so on Saturday and Sunday there will be many clouds in this peninsular.

On Saturday, rain and rainy rain were expected in Catalonia, Valencian Community, Murcia, Andalusia Oriental and, in isolation, Balearic. "We can not rule out that some of those chubascos are locally strong on Saturday in coastal areas of the provinces of Alicante and Valencia," he said of the field.

Sunday will continue the chubascos in the Mediterranean area, although they are probably weaker and scattered than the previous day.

In the rest of the peninsula it will continue the stable time, with matinal fog banks inside, more likely in Gal, Castilla-La Mancha and other areas of the southeast. When those fogs dissipate, the heavens will be little cloudy or with some high cloud interval. The east winds will be more intense in coastal areas and the lift will blow tightly in the strait.

Temperatures will fall, although it will follow the soft environment. "After a few fresh dawn with minimals less than 8 or 10 degrees inside the north half and less than 10 or 12 degrees inside the southern half, they will still be overcome in the central hours of the day during the weekend The 30 degrees in the Guadalquivir Valley and 25 degrees in South Galicia, "he said of the countryside.

The thermometers will reach between 23 and 26 degrees in cities of the plateaus such as Ciudad Real, Madrid or Valladolid, and between 22 and 26 in Mediterranean capitals such as Alicante, Barcelona or Valencia. North municipalities such as Pamplona or Vigo will be around 20 degrees.

On the other hand, the high pressures will continue on Monday, which guarantees a dry and stable environment in most of Spain. However, it will continue the flow of east winds in the Mediterranean area, so that day there will be abundant cloudiness and rainfall in the south of the Valencian Community, points of Murcia and the eastern end of Andalusia, especially in Almería, as well as In the area of the Strait, without discarding some isolated and occasional shower in Ibiza and Formentera.

On Tuesday, the little cloudy skies will continue or with cloud intervals and could appear some weak and occasional weak rain at points of the Cantabrian and the Mediterranean area, but with less likelihood and intensity than on previous days. "So, on the day of the national holiday of Spain will predominate stable and rainy weather in most of the country," he said of the countryside.

Temperatures will tend to rise on Monday and Tuesday, with more than 30 degrees in areas of Andalusia, about 25 in a large part of the peninsular interior and the Mediterranean provinces and around 20 in the Cantabrian.

As for the Canary Islands, the regime of winds will predominate, with cloudy intervals in Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and, with some drizzle starting on Sunday, the north of the most mountainous islands. The sun will shine in the rest of the archipelago.

The wind will blow with very strong racks greater than 70 or 80 km / h at the Tenerife peaks during Friday.

Temperatures will descend, in general, but it will also continue the smooth environment in the Canary archipelago, with maximum of 25 to 27 degrees in coastal areas.

Date Of Update: 08 October 2021, 08:00

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