The Prime Minister of Iraq escapes unharmed of his magnicide

"I'm fine, thank God, and among mine," has twisted at first time Mustafa Kadhimi, Prime Minister of Iraq in functions. It has been the first personal confi

The Prime Minister of Iraq escapes unharmed of his magnicide

"I'm fine, thank God, and among mine," has twisted at first time Mustafa Kadhimi, Prime Minister of Iraq in functions. It has been the first personal confirmation that he has survived the explosion he has produced, according to him, a suicidal drone released against his residence of Baghdad this morning.

The event confirms the bad time by which the country passes after elections whose main losers were the Shiite forces supported by Iran.

According to the Iraqi means Shafaq News, the attack, defined by the environment of the Prime Minister as an "attempt at murder", left several injuries between the premier's bodyguards.

It occurred within the Green Bagdadi area, where numerous official buildings are found, which during this week has been the subject of protests organized by the Pro Tehran features denouncing electoral fraud.

At least two protesters died in them. Qais Khazali, leader of one of the complainant groups, promised then that "we will give account" with Kadhimi.

No organization has claimed the failed attempt at this morning, which has received a broad sentence.

"This apparent act of terrorism, that we condemn firmly, is directed to the heart of Iraqi State," said State Department spokesman Ned Price. Even from Iran, whose Secretary of the Supreme Council of National Security, Ali Shamkhani, tiled the attack of "New Sedition, whose track returned to the Foreign Think Tank, who have not brought anything more than insecurity, discord and instability to the oppressed Iraqis" .

Mustafa Kadhimi came to power in May 2020. Its technical profile served as a rivet to end the political divisions that had improved the prime minister's office, while Iraq was immersed in a deep economic crisis. Only the features closest to Iran, such as the Political Alliance Fatah and Katib Hezbollah, an Iraqi militia integrated into the forces of popular mobilization, opposed the appointment, accusing it to flirt with the West and Saudi Arabia.

On October 10 there were legislative elections in Iraq. The great winner was the abstention, fruit, according to most observers, of the frustration of a poverty population by poverty, corruption and the scrub of more than 600 mortal victims who had left the protests against the establishment in recent years. Consequence of the same Hartazgo, the famous matches of the Shiite militias, with a central role in the repression, lost votes for the benefit of the most voted movement in the elections, that of the Chiite cleric Muqtada SADR, who changed the sectarian costume for the nationalist . Voting has not brought by the moment the needy political and social stability.

The victims for the result have been thrown into the streets this week. The fortified Green Zone was the scene of its protests by the official result, which took a violent chalk last Friday. A group of protesters stoned the Iraqi security forces, which responded with tear gas and real ammunition. Two people died. "The protesters only had a lawsuit against electoral fraud. Responding like this, it means that you are the first responsible for this fraud," the Khazali cleric snapped into the Funeral of the victims.

On the other hand, Sadr, who has Mustafa Kadhimi among his candidates for Prime Minister for the next Legislature, denounced the attack of this morning as an act of "terrorism," and demanded to clarify him. This Sunday, Baghdad wakes up trying to recover calm after one night in which shot and explosions were heard around the entire complex that houses the attacked residence. According to the general of Brigado Saad Man, an official of the Ministry of the Interior, up to three drones loaded with explosives tried to reach Kadhimi's house. Two of them, he adds him, were shot down. The third achieved its goal, half.

A few hours later, the prime minister appeared on Iraqi television sitting after a desk, dressed in a white shirt and apparent calm. "The coward attacks with drones and rockets do not build homes or build a future," he said. He has not pointed out responsible. A spokesman for the popular mobilization forces has been recognized "very skeptical", claiming that everything was an attempt to "attribute to the protesters".

The UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) has condemned what happened. In a trill through his Twitter account, he has sentenced that "terrorism should not be allowed, violence and legal actions undermine the stability of Iraq and derail their democratic process."

Updated Date: 07 November 2021, 03:59

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