The Prosecutor's Office is opposed to the file of the 'Ghali case' that claims the State Advocacy

The Prosecutor's Office left on Monday the passive role he has exercised in the investigation on the arrival in Spain of the Leader of the Polisario Front Brah

The Prosecutor's Office is opposed to the file of the 'Ghali case' that claims the State Advocacy

The Prosecutor's Office left on Monday the passive role he has exercised in the investigation on the arrival in Spain of the Leader of the Polisario Front Brahim Ghali with a brief and forceful writing in which he distances himself from the criterion of State advocacy.

The Public Prosecutor's Office is placed at the opposite end by not being a party to archive the procedure as pursues the representation of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Arancha González Laya, investigated in the case.

Moreover, the prosecutor not only disapproves the dismissal raised by the lawyer, but validates the arguments of Magistrate Rafael Lasala, who insists on the need to continue inquiring in the circumstances of the "peculiar" arrival of the historic Saharawi leader.

The prosecutor John Paul Fraj challenges the resource where the law enforceed the file, and does it "Integoing -Precisa- to confirm the car of the resorting judge (by law) for its foundations." That is, he asks to ratify the document with which the instructor denied the dismissal and in which, among other things, accused the government of "a frontal violation" of the Schengen Regulation with the entry of Brahim Ghali.

The prosecutor legitimates, in addition, to the popular accusations, to whom the Law of González Laya wanted outside by not recognizing them. He considers that the channels for the person were the right ones because they were fulfilled, he kills him, "all the necessary requirements". FRAJ also does not support the 150,000 euro bond that the advocacy interested in the event that the lawyers Antonio Urdiales and Juan Carlos Navarro continue in the procedure.

The lawyer has always maintained that they are not harmful and, in fact, former outdoor minister refused to answer their questions when it was to declare on October 4. Finally, the prosecutor rejects the request for sanction for the violation of secrets that the lawyer appreciated by one of the popular accusations by understanding, "she does not compromise the investigation."

With this positioning, the Prosecutor's Office of Zaragoza leaves behind its few interventions in the interrogations and their absences in many of them. The posture that stages the Public Prosecutor's Office responds to the request of the Provincial Audience of Zaragoza that will be pronounced at the request of the advocacy to close the investigation.

The lawyer went directly to the audience by knowing in advance, as he highlighted in his writing, the position of Magistrate Lasala and the null possibilities that the appeal will prosper in reform.

"These requests - recalled in its appeal - were reiterated at the beginning of the declarations practiced on September 13 (...) His Honorable Member (SIC) verbally anticipated that they were going to be dismissed and announced that it would also be any resource that in His day was filled in this regard, which is why he is followed directly to the present appeal ".

Before the prosecutor's office pronounced against the criterion of the legal advocacy, the popular accusation exerted by Antonio Urdiales requested the abstention of the State Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, in the already known as Ghali case. The goal of her, she reflects her in her writing, is "endlessly leaving orders or instructions that she could give to her prosecutor head of Zaragoza and to abstain in the future."

Legal elements External to the margin, research on the entry of Ghali in Spain goes on, now with the approval of the Public Prosecutor's Office, and will be reactivated next November 29 with the former cabinet heads of Carmen Calvo, Isabel Valldecabres, and from Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Susana Chrysostoms, who will sit before the magistrate as witnesses. The appearance of him was scheduled on Monday, but technical problems prevented him.

Lasala cites Valldecabres after the diplomat and number two of González Laya, Camilo Villarino (also charged), assured that he called him from his boss to know if Ghali would enter Spain two days before he landed in Zaragoza.

"He calls me on the phone and he says: 'Camilo, is it true that the possibility of Brahim Ghali comes to Spain?' In those terms, as such, and all the intervention of him in this matter is reduced to that call, which asks him to make the head of her to know if it is true. I answer that I do not know, "he revealed.

At that time, the magistrate intervened. "What ministry was that cabinet chief who calls you, from Defense?" "No, no, no," Villarino continued, "from the first vice president of the government". The diplomat wanted to make clear to the instructor that Isabel Valldecabres did not intervene again. "Then she did not have knowledge of this matter again or to be art or part (...) she called me, let's say it like that, on a personal capacity."

Updated Date: 20 October 2021, 15:03

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