The Queen Letizia and its strict healthy nutrition habits

Queen Letizia (49) intervenes this Friday, telematically, on the opening day of the World Food Forum, which over the next seven days is celebrated in Rome, and

The Queen Letizia and its strict healthy nutrition habits

Queen Letizia (49) intervenes this Friday, telematically, on the opening day of the World Food Forum, which over the next seven days is celebrated in Rome, and that this time interests young leaders interpelled Global on the fight against hunger and malnutrition and the importance of maintaining healthy diets. These are the last objectives in which Felipe Vi's wife works hard since in 2015 she was appointed Special Ambassador for FAO for nutrition, an honorary position that has since led the consort to participate in different multilateral scenarios and perform some Of its scarce solo trips abroad.

In the forum that starts today, numerous global authorities, including Pope Francis, the President of the Council of Ministers of Italy, Mario Draghi, or Maximum, the Queen Consort of the Netherlands.

Healthy diet is for Doña Letizia almost an obsession, especially in its private sphere. It is known that in the house of the Prince, the residence of the Kings and its daughters, Princess Leonor - from the end of August, in Wales - and the Infanta Sofia, has imposed a very strict feeding, which flees for example of fats.

For years since Dona Letizia would be a fan of the so-called Diet Perricone, an anti-aging food plan designed by the American dermatologist Nicholas Perricone. The anabolen languages, as the remembered Carlos García-Calvia would say, attribute to this diet the enviable skin and the tip of which our consort can be presumed. Namely, it is about consuming many so-called super-echoes, those who would have special anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, healthy and rejuvenating properties, banishing of course fast and processed food, that Doña Letizia is prohibited at the Zarzuela premises.

Fish has a fundamental protagonism in the menus, and one of the kings of the sea that can not be missing on the plate, according to this diet, is salmon, for its extraordinary properties. This fish, such as tuna or sardines, belongs to the group that provides good fats that protect the heart and contribute, for example, to decreased blood pressure. In the pantry, how many can not miss Chia's seeds or nuts - although these should be consumed with great moderation by their high caloric density - without forgetting that liquid gold recommended by the common nutritionists who is olive oil. High quality proteins are present in food such as ecological eggs, kéfir or natural yogurt. Complex carbohydrates and fiber also have a great presence in this diet to which numerous celebrities have been targeted.

Actually, leaving the side marketing, it is something as simple as betting on the Mediterranean diet, that has been followed for generations in our country, with a balanced consumption of products, giving priority to legumes, vegetables, Fruits and fish in daily menus.

It is a constant from Doña Letizia its commitment to healthy food, healthy nutrition habits and organic products. And she does not lose the occasion, as long as she can address the matter in some discourse or official act, to raise awareness among the new generations of the importance of growing in health-oriented educational environments. She has become caricaturizing her sometimes as a Miss Rottenmeier by the prohibition with which she would have grown the two daughters of eating baubles, something that you do not want to deprive any kid.

And how not to remember the amount of Memes and Challenants that produced the 2018 video, facilitated by the King's house, in which the monarchs and the two girls were eating as a family more in the dining room of their residence, by The little appetizing menu designed for that day by Doña Letizia itself. Ask questions from the King, he announced that she played "soup and capresse". The aspect of the first did not seem really appetizing. To that obsessive image of the consort by hypersaludable feeding have also contributed anecdotes as when Don Felipe himself has kindly asked the waiters at some lunch that did not withdraw the plate with the fries, since he wanted to enjoy such delicacy that They are prohibited at home.

Beyond what they eat or stop eating in the palace, malnutrition is one of the big scallops in the world, of course, and the achievement of the objectives of sustainable development by which FAO advocates is very present at the Institutional Agenda of Doña Letizia, within the strategy to enhance both domestic scale and internationally the soft power of the crown. In the parliamentary monarchies in the 21st century, the real consortes are expected to embrace socially highly valued causes to those that give great projection and visibility, as in this case with the fight against hunger.

"Healthy eating is a right of all," was the message that the queen transmitted last year in a telematic discourse on the occasion of World Food Day. And she urged to work "to get enough, harmless, nutritious, varied and of quality, to ensure an affordable price for the consumer and just for the producer." "Our food decisions, what we buy every day to eat and our individual responsibility is also essential," she concluded. This Friday you will have the opportunity to reiterate it.

Date Of Update: 30 September 2021, 20:50

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