The U.S. Government sues Snowden for breaking confidentiality in his autobiography

Snowden explains how and why you made the biggest leak of inteligenciaAssange will be expelled from the ecuadorian embassy in London "a few hours or days," T

The U.S. Government sues Snowden for breaking confidentiality in his autobiography
Snowden explains how and why you made the biggest leak of inteligenciaAssange will be expelled from the ecuadorian embassy in London "a few hours or days,"

The partner of agency of us intelligence, NSA, Edward Snowden , who leaked thousands of classified documents, for the first time expressed his desire to return to the united States for four and a half years ago and since then asked for guarantees of a "fair trial". The Justice of his country accused him of espionage, theft of State secrets and endanger national security. Apparently weary of his exile gold in Russia, where he has taken refuge since 2013, Snowden returns to the charge, and reiterates its request. It has done so in an interview broadcast on Monday on channel CBS.

"I would like to return to the united States, is my main goal, but I'm not going to spend the rest of my life in prison", he declared before the cameras. In 2013 unmasked the methods of massive surveillance of the Internet and communications as practised by the us Government through the NSA. In his judgment, the US authorities "only want the jury to determine whether my actions were legal or illegal, but not if they were fair or perverse".

Snowden has just published his memoirs in a volume under the title "Permanent Record" (permanent Record) . In them he explains how he collaborated in the construction of the system of global surveillance of the NSA and how it is engulfed in the crisis of conscience that encouraged him to desvelarlo all.

This publication will also result in serious problems with your country, as the U.S. Department of Justice just sue you for violating the confidentiality agreement that the leaker signed on with the NSA and the CIA. So says the u.s. Prosecutors, in which they argue that you should have submitted the content of the book to review prior. he Is accused also of violating confidentiality in relation to the content of the lectures given in the last few years.

Washington called already to Moscow for the extradition of the respondent, but was denied. The granting of political asylum in Russia, to the exanalista in 2013 contributed to the worsening of relations between the two countries.

Snowden arrived to Moscow from Hong Kong on 23 June 2013 and for lack of valid documents was not able to get out of the terminal transit to the airport until five weeks later, on 1 August, she was granted asylum. Has renewed the residence permit in Russia up to 2020.

Assange, the support of Snowden

In terms of Julian Assange, the creator of WikiLeaks , the support that employed Snowden for disseminating the leaked documents, a british judge has just ruled that to continue in prison because of his "history of leaks". His release was scheduled for the 22nd of September.

Assange had been a refugee in the ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012, but last April, after being revoked the political asylum by the Government of Quito, was arrested by the british Police. The united states has requested his extradition, whose prosecutors accuse the founder of WikiLeaks of 18 crimes related to the espionage act that could incur heavy prison sentences.

In 2010, WikiLeaks released more than 90,000 reports secrets related to military action, americans in Afghanistan, nearly 400,000 classified documents on the Iraq war and 250,000 diplomatic messages confidential from the US State Department. In April, after the arrest of Assange, Moscow put the cry in heaven, deploring the "cradle of democracy" that the United Kingdom is to act against the "freedom elementary".

The u.s. attorney, Robert Mueller went on to say that more than 50,000 e-mail messages from Hillary Clinton could be obtained by Russian hackers at the service of the Kremlin. Assange has always denied, but he fears if he ends up in the US will be sentenced to many years in prison or even the death penalty for appropriating and publish confidential documents of the State Department, collaborating with the Russian secret service and help Moscow to influence the u.s. presidential election of 2016.

apparently, the activist australian requested Russian visa for the first time in 2010, after the mass publication of documents compromising on WikiLeaks on the communications of the diplomatic service of the U.S., in connection especially with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and when Sweden had already requested his extradition because the charges of two women for alleged rape. A year later, in an interview to a radio station in russia, Assange said that Russia is an "island of freedom" where he could develop his activity with comfort and without undue constraints. But he ended up in the Embassy of Ecuador in the british capital and is now in a maximum security prison.

Date Of Update: 19 September 2019, 21:01

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