The White House recognizes that the transcript of the conversation between Trump and Zelenski is not accurate

U.S. sets in motion the process for a possible recall of the presidenteUn meeting in Madrid, which is crucial in the searches for the "impeachment" of Trump W

The White House recognizes that the transcript of the conversation between Trump and Zelenski is not accurate
U.S. sets in motion the process for a possible recall of the presidenteUn meeting in Madrid, which is crucial in the searches for the "impeachment" of Trump What is the process of "impeachment" and how it has affected the other american presidents who suffered?

on The 25th of July, Donald Trump had a telephone conversation with the president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski , in which he asked him to collaborate with the attorney general of the U.S. to investigate the that could be the great rival of your choice: Joe Biden , former vice-president with Barack Obama, and favorite to get the democratic nomination to the presidency of the U.S.

The call has been the reason that the democratic majority in the House of Representatives has decided to initiate the process for an "impeachment" or impeachment of the president of the united states announced on Tuesday the democratic leader in the lower house, Nancy Pelosi , in the first step of a process of challenge that would be historic.

During the last week had speculated on the exact content of the call. On Tuesday, Trump launched a mule to the possibility of having a "impeachment" for this call and announced that it would provide a full transcript.

The White House released yesterday, a document that sets out the conversation between the two presidents. It is not a transcription accurate, because it was made with notes taken by the team of Trump and with the help of a voice recognition software and the White House acknowledges that there are several factors that can "affect the accuracy" of the document.

In the conversation, Trump congratulates Zelenski for his recent electoral victory, both exchanged compliments, and the Ukrainian president acknowledges that the US is an ally, much more committed than its partners in the European Union and tells him that she is ready to buy more defensive weaponry to Washington.

"I'd like us to do a favor, however," it changes the conversation Trump and asks for his country to investigate what happened with the server of the democratic party when it was attacked by Russian hackers to filter harmful information on the campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2016, that could be in Ukraine, something that interests Trump to disassemble part of the story about the plot, Russian of those elections. He says he wants the attorney general of the U.S., Robert Barr, call "to you or to your people, and I would like that you were up to the bottom of it," .

Trump also mentioned that Rudy Giuliani , former mayor of New York and attorney for the president, should work in research. "The other thing", says the president of the united states shortly after. "There is much talk of the son of Biden, that Biden stopped an investigation, and many gene wants to know what happened, so all you can do with the prosecutor general would be great. Biden boasted that stopped an investigation, so if you could look at it... To me it sounds horrible."

Trump is referring to Hunter Biden was a member of the board of directors of Burisma, a company's Ukrainian gas was investigated. The son of Biden was not accused of any crime within this research. Everything points to the idea of Trump is to obtain harmful information on Biden, who in his day, as the vice president, pressured Ukraine to fire his attorney general for not being tough enough with the corruption in the country. The idea that Biden pushed hard for their child to receive treatment would be a caramel of election, but the research your child was secluded when it was that episode.

Giuliani also pushed Ukraine to investigate to Biden. After this call, met with a high charge of Zelesnki, Andrey Yermak, in Madrid. There he spoke of investigating the wanderings of the son of Biden and the allegations, not proven, that the democrats are coordinated with Ukraine, to take out harmful information, of which he was president of the campaign for the Trump, Paul Manafort, after imputed by the researcher of the weft Russian, Robert Mueller.

At the end of the call, Zelenski explained that the new attorney general of Ukraine will be "100% my person, my candidate ," and that "it will look at the situation, especially the company you mention".

“I Want to make sure that I will be very serious in this case and I will work on the research,” she says after Zelenski, to which Trump responds by thanking, reporting that Giuliani and Barr will call you back and invites you to go to the White House.

One of the speculations for the last few days is if Trump would have pushed to Zelenski with the freezing of the aid of defense. In the days previous to the call, the U.S. president has blocked 400 million of military assistance.

there is No trace of this in the call, something that yesterday the White House based its defense. The Administration, Trump said that the conversation was "entirely appropriate", that there were not "counterparts" and that was not looked for a "foreign interference". It was the script that was repeated by republican lawmakers during the day to attack the decision of the democrats to start the process for "impeachment".

In the middle of the UN Assembly

Trump, who is in New York for the celebration of the General Assembly of the UN, it supported their defense with a bilateral meeting between with Zelenski. There, the Ukrainian president told the journalists on the call that "no one pressured me".

"it Is the biggest witch hunt of the history of the united states," said Trump yesterday, in an expression already used the plot Russian, and insisted that there is "nothing" in the call.

The defense of Trump, however, does not hide that he sought a president of a foreign country to investigate a political rival, who, moreover, is above him in all the surveys. The support among democratic lawmakers to the "impeachment" grew yesterday, with more than two hundred of 235 members of the democratic majority in favor of initiating the process. Pelosi said yesterday that the transcript clear betrayal of Trump and the chairmen of four House committees insisted that it is not necessary that there be a matching "for betraying our country".

The impact of this latest political storm in the reelection of Trump is to be seen, but it is a sure bet with many political risks for the democrats. A poll released yesterday by Quinnipiac University shows that the 57% of americans believe that there should be no "impeachment". The poll was conducted between last Thursday and Monday of this week, when they began to know the existence of the call to Zelenski.

Date Of Update: 26 September 2019, 13:01

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