The 'Zen' side of Marc Márquez: At least I have fun

They wait in Honda that finishes the season and that Marc Márquez, the only driver capable of joining his motorcycle, has four months to recover the musculature

The 'Zen' side of Marc Márquez: At least I have fun

They wait in Honda that finishes the season and that Marc Márquez, the only driver capable of joining his motorcycle, has four months to recover the musculature of his right arm and fly again, hopefully, hopefully, next year. It remains. With seven races ahead, he follows the six-time MotoGP champion in his daily struggle to enjoy again, although that implies physical wear and changes in the only way to pilot him. Now, and so it will be until he rehanges, this marquez is another: He never improvises, does not skid because he can not, always keep traced. Thus, for talent, he can celebrate some victory, but he will hardly accumulate more titles, as he was demonstrated on Sunday at Austria's Red Bull Ring.

On his best day from that terrible Batacazo in Jerez last year, Márquez almost always turned in podium positions, but in the absence of four turns the sky opened and his triumph options closed. A step by boxes to change the motorcycle, three or four dubious curves and a fall that led him to enter the fifteenth behind him by brand-name companions like the brother of him Álex or Takaaki Nakagami. He could win and finished antepenultimate. Like Anhala Honda, Márquez needs a rest time to rearmate, to drive again as he knows next year because this course is time lost.

If it has served, it serves and will serve so that, when I can return, it makes it more firmly. During the martyrdom of him, Márquez has learned to stop his impulses, to reduce the excesses of him and above all to digest the laments of him and leaves no doubt all time he is placed before the microphones. A few years ago, after such a result, he would have cursed his luck publicly, but yesterday he only knew how to be happy. "When you do not have to leave, it does not come out, but nothing happens. I'm staying with everything I've felt, at least I have had a good time, I have fun, which is the important thing," he said and appreciated the opportunity to meteorology .

Because yes, a shower brought him against the asphalt, but before a few droplets in the first turns slowed down enough for him to get hooked. With the Ducati at full speed in a fast circuit maybe he had been at all times away from the podium. "I prefer to do a race like this and kill yourself that you achieve a good result in another way, until it has rained everything has been very positive: I've been ahead, I've been pulling ..." Marquez analyzed, who was very much laps behind Francesco Bagnaia and Fabio Quartaraaro, watching them, studying them, and before the rain was decided to attack.

"There has been a moment in which I could not more physically, I have looked and there were still 15 laps. But, well, going behind Fabio has helped me: I have been able to understand what he did better, how it traced, and little by little I have felt better. When I've seen it get it to rain I've put myself first because I knew that if I entered the box the rest would follow me, but there has been a madman who has continued, "he analyzed Spanish in reference to Brad Binder, winner of The test, with a frankly risky strategy. Under the storm, instead of entering the garage as the rest of favorites, he decided to stay on track with dry tires and, despite the difficulties to stand up, finally celebrated.

His joy could be motivation for Márquez: Someday he will be who can dare and win again. As he explained him after the summer parion, in the rehabilitation process of him has already taken great steps, but still remains his way. The humerus that was fractured 16 months ago has not yet been consolidated 100%, without this consolidation, the musculature must work with and without a musculature to the maximum it is impossible to dominate the Honda as before. In recent weeks, even during summer vacations, he has multiplied his aerobic work on the bicycle and has been able to complete several Motocross sessions, his favorite training, but still slope.

The swing to which he is under the world, with many trips, many hours of competition and many falls does not help him rehabilitate, although both he and doctors insist that he must run so as not to lose contact with the bike. They wait in Honda that the season is over and that Márquez has four months to recover and fly again, hopefully, with luck, next year.

Date Of Update: 15 August 2021, 13:44

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