The actress Jane Powell dies, the best of the seven brides

He will remember her as the best of those seven brides for seven brothers, and rightly because he was the one who fell in love with Howard Keel, and the one who

The actress Jane Powell dies, the best of the seven brides

He will remember her as the best of those seven brides for seven brothers, and rightly because he was the one who fell in love with Howard Keel, and the one who made his six rude brothers decided to leave the cabin and go down the town in search of a woman That civilized themselves in that musical in Key Western, set at the Oregon of 1850, which Stanley Donen premiered in 1954. It was a not very feminist vision of the role of women, but that in his day seemed almost advanced. Jane Powell had a soprano's voice, and danced greatly, to the point of measurement without problems with the very famous and unforgettable real weddings, another great musical of Stanley Donen, premiered four years before, which was the other Great summit of his career.

Jane Powell was a great star of musicals, both in Hollywood and Broadway. Despite his short stature, he filled the screen with his blue eyes, his half blonde mane and especially with that innocent aspect of the Girl Next Door, the girl on the next door, a concept that encaseled her to the point of Become the title of his memoirs, where he confessed that, in reality, life had mistreated her. His mother exploded her, forcing her to dedicate himself to a career that she never wanted, and Hollywood stopped counting on her when she ceased to look like the characters that consecrated her, as the Polly of this are (1948), a musical by Richard Thorpe In which he coiled with Elizabeth Taylor, Xavier Cugat or Carmen Miranda when he was barely 17 years old, or the Polly of adorable flirtatious, of the same year and again with our beloved Xavier.

I was not over two years old when Suzanne Lorraine Burce, because this was the real name of this unique daughter born in Portland (Oregon), was forced by his mother to act on the radio and then show up in Vodevil shows, to end up signing a Contract with the MGM in that 1948, after a lifetime as a children's artist who spent the usual invoice of anxiety, insecurity and depression. It is not surprising that the last five husbands of it was precisely Dickie Moore, which had also been a childish star, although further back, in the silent era. They met when Moore was preparing the Book Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (but do not Have sex or Take the Car), for which he interviewed with 30 children's children of Hollywood.

At the age of 30, Jane Powell's cinematographic career began to slowly slow down. He still appeared in interesting films, in which he broke with his sugary image, like Noir The Female Animal (Harry Keller, 1958), where he was the alcoholic daughter of a decadent actress embedded by Hedy Lamarr, with which he competed for the favors of An extra embodied by George Nader, or adventure tape based on a novel by Melville the delighted island (Allan Dwan, 1958) where he was incarnated, never better, a "Cannibal Princess", who fell in love with Dana Andrews. After these two papers, they could have relaunched their career in another direction, practically only did television, almost always as a guest star in series as holiday in the sea, a crime, or law and order, that in 2002 scored their Last appearance in the (small) screen.

That yes, he continued to act on the boards, and the big, in shows of the size of smiles and tears, My Fair Lady and even a revival of seven brides for seven brothers, who ran again with Howard Keel, at the end of the 70. Entered the 21st century, it still participated in some shows. Interestingly, one of her's latest collaborations was with the Lounge Pink Martini group. With them, they were also hence, he returned to the natal Portland of him to narrate the story of Prokofiev Pedro and the Wolf, during a year-end night.

The thing was so good that it repeated with them, and at 81 climbed on stage to review the hits of his career, like the one who popularized next to Fred Astaire in Royal Weddings, How Could You Believe me when I Told You That I Loved You When You Know I've To Liar All My Life. How could you believe me when I told you I loved you if you already know that I have been a liar all my life? The dancing number that were marked was as fun as spectacular.

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