The ages of Lulu, the trip at the end of the Night of Almudena Grandes

An almost funny contradiction: according to data taken from a doctoral thesis of Estrella Díaz Fernández on the collection The vertical smile, only one in six b

The ages of Lulu, the trip at the end of the Night of Almudena Grandes

An almost funny contradiction: according to data taken from a doctoral thesis of Estrella Díaz Fernández on the collection The vertical smile, only one in six books published by the pink seal was written by women. However, all its best sellers were female: Wilhelmine Shroeder-Devrient, Mercedes Abad, Elizabeth McNeill, Pauline Rége ... and, above all, Large Almudena. The Madrid writer, deceased today in Madrid at 61, debuted in 1989 with the ages of Lulu, an erotic novel that reached the 25 editions (that without counting his later lives in Tusquets, beside the collection) and that changed The culture of eroticism in Spain.

What was understood by "culture of eroticism in Spain" before the ages of Lulu? Two things: on the one hand, the great reef of uncovering cinema, vodevilsco, comic and a little sapl. On the other, the elitist and affranchise literature of all the admirers of Bataille and Sade who had left the Spanish universities of the 60s and 70s. Faced with them, the ages of Lulu was a historic leap: through eroticism, great He talked about the society and the politics of Spain of the 1980s, he drew a novel of initiation to adulthood alien to all the topics and, in his realistic eagerness, resigned to the figurative language, more or less paintursery: Lulu talked about pussies and of dicks and not badhafi or of gaters.

The word realistic has come out and it is fair to say that yes, that the ages of Lulúe has something profoundly realistic in its history, but it is not conformist as a large part of that time back to order. Therefore, 32 years after its publication, still peat.

A summary: At the beginning of the novel, Lulu is also called María Luisa, Duck and Marisa and is a teenager who is assaulting as truth revealed the certainty that sexual pleasure, love, humiliation and pain are rooms that are They communicate through secret doors, just as it happens in the mansions of horror movies. One night, Lulu went with Paul, the friend of one of her brothers, at the concert of a singer-songwriter in the ancient Pavilion of Real Madrid, north of Castilian. She wore the college uniform and a parka because the exit had suddenly aroused; She had acne and walked a little sad in her life because no one saved her in her family of eight her brothers. She was 15 years old and Pablo 26. In the tumult of the tail, the two accidental friends squeezed, took holding hands, kissed and leaving tangled without entering the concert. Afterwards, Lulu crossed the border of the besukeous and discovered as in an epiphany the relationship between vertigo and pleasure, between sexual play and the game of power. In several scenes of the novel, it was happening that any rain exchange in the density of the air turned the subjected to Queen and, a second later, the Queen in subjected.

For the next 15 years, Lulu will investigate in its discovery. First with Pablo, who became the husband / teacher of her who guided her and took care of her in her transgressions. And then she alone, because she lulling wanted to take the journey of her until the end of the night, although that meant to humiliate and hurt herself often. What is said a self-knowledge trip.

Self-knowledge was also social and political. Lulu and Pablo, as Madrid as Large Almudena, probably Charamberilos (she more than an apolitical middle class, he more of a university bourgeoisie), the novel began as proggers and ended up as adults rather decreasing and individualists. Pablo, who was a poet and a university professor, who was lying gracefully and played cruelty and tenderness with joy, which was presented to the world as one thing but was not sure what it really was, could be a portrait of the decade of the 80s and, probably, an evocation of the author of the author. There is no reason to be severe with that man, nice and, today, a little anachronistic. But the heroine was really Lulu, the woman who, in search of something really, went down the basements accompanied by Ely, Mercedes and company, the transgression companions of her.

Lulu, 1989: Transvestites, Gay porn in VHS tapes, fights in bars, divorces, borguesamiento, political disenchantment, female emancipation and vital reevaluation ... If they had passed from the paper to life, Lulu and Paul would walk today by 60, 70; It is funny to think that they would be gentlemen of a certain age of those who would be no one would suspect the type of wisdom from which they would be carriers would be.

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