The antivacunas adopt Djokovic as a rebellion model

Waiting for the audience to be held on Monday in the courts, Novak Djokovic's parents inflamed their victimistic speech, the day after the player will be denie

The antivacunas adopt Djokovic as a rebellion model

Waiting for the audience to be held on Monday in the courts, Novak Djokovic's parents inflamed their victimistic speech, the day after the player will be denied entrance in Australia. «Our Novak, our pride. Novak is Serbia and Serbia is Novak. They are trampling Serbia and doing that are trampling to Serbian people, "Srdjan, his progenitor, told a press conference held at the restaurant that the player has in Belgrade.

Lawyers of the world number 1 managed to stop their immediate deportation, after being denied visa by immigration agents. Judge Anthony Kelly will have the last word, when he already only stays a week for the beginning of the Australian Open. Meanwhile, the tennis player stays at the Park Hotel de Melbourne, where he was transferred from the city airport.

The tone and the ultra-nationalist messages, accompanied by religious component, launched by their parent and seconded by the words of his brother Djordje, who rated his detention as the "greatest diplomatic and sports scandal", and his mother, Dijana, also present in The act, try to place the case in a deeply emotional context, where legal or scientific reasoners can not fit. "Jesus Christ was crucified, but he still lives between us. They have tried to crucify Novak, to dwell him and put him on his knees, "the father proclaimed, on the eve of Christmas Orthodox.

Hundreds of people gathered in the vicinity of the restaurant to support Djokovic, become a species of antivacunas movement icon. "You, prime minister of the Far and Beautiful Country, behave according to his own principles, who have nothing to do with ours," Srdjan snaps to Scott Morrison.

At this point of the conflict that began when the Australian Tennis Federation, endorsed by a Committee of Independent Epidemiologists, granted Djokovic the medical exemption that would allow him to dispute the tournament without presenting a vaccination certificate, the arguments have not been made public. Sencing by nine times winner in Melbourne.

What is clear is the lack of coordination between health authorities and border. It is evident that the tennis player had not traveled to Melbourne without believing that he was guaranteed the entry of him in Australia and his participation in the first Grand Slam of the year. He had not made him imagine the Odyssey initiated when he was transferred to a room isolated at the airport, where he was only facilitated to contact him in the first 45 minutes, according to the version offered by his brother Djordje. Next, always according to this testimony, he deprived himself from the mobile and of any communication for the next three and a half hours.

"He was treated as a criminal, when he is a healthy and decent man who has not endangered anyone's life or committed any federal or legal offense," said Djordje. "This has become a political issue. It's a scandal. He is in a dirty room, without contact with us. It is a purely political attack against Novak, "said his mother, before qualifying him as" a sacrificed lamb ", a" revolutionary that is changing the world. " According to Sasa Ozmo, a Serbian journalist very close to the holder of 20 titles of the Grand Slam, Nole was denied being able to stay arrested in a rental apartment.

Djokovic, which was manifested contrary to vaccines in April 2020, two months after the world pandemic outbreak, passed the Covid in June 2020 after organizing a festive tournament in Belgrade. One of the reasons that he could have argued to obtain the medical exemption is to suffer the disease again in the last six months, but there is no official record of it.

All this happens after the best season in his career, where, despite not putting the colophon at the US Open, he won three titles of the Grand Slam, equaling Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, and managed to defeat Spanish In the semifinals in his faith of Roland Garros. Djokovic disputed the last game of him on December 3 in Madrid, in the semifinals of the Davis Cup, against Croatia. He fell, making a partner with Filip Krajinovic, before the duo formed by Mate Pavic and Nikola Mektic, after winning at his meeting of singles to Marin Cilic. With the fight for the Majors almost as a sole objective, at 34 years old, and when he seemed the best place to win the exciting career, it is difficult to calibrate the impact of this tortuous episode in the future of him.

Updated Date: 07 January 2022, 04:42

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