The artist concha Márquez Piquer at 75

Concha Márquez Piquer has died on Monday in Madrid at 75 years of age. The artist, the only daughter of Concha Piquer, crossed a delicate moment of health, by

The artist concha Márquez Piquer at 75

Concha Márquez Piquer has died on Monday in Madrid at 75 years of age. The artist, the only daughter of Concha Piquer, crossed a delicate moment of health, by which she was admitted to the Chirón Clinic, where she has produced her death.

The singer remained admitted because of a respiratory disease and would have died for a lung infection, according to Carmen Borrego on the TV program Sálvame.

Concha Márquez Piquer will be buried in the grave where the mortal remains of his mother, Concha Piquer, rest in the San Isidro cemetery of Madrid.

The singer Concha Márquez Piquer was the only daughter of the tonadillera Concha Piquer and the bullfighter Antonio Márquez. She was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on December 31, 1945. She was educated in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, England and Switzerland. She studied ballet and dramatic art (in London she was a companion of the actress Glenda Jackson). She since she dreamed of being a singer. At age 14 he fell in love with the Torero Curro Romero and three years later, in October 1962, they got married. Some boyfriends, Curro did not want him to dedicate himself to the song or the cinema, "they offered to make three movies- but at six years old. of married agreed to it. In December 1968 she presented for the first time at the Calderón Teatro de Madrid. Her's mother from her palco symbolically gave up her junk, where she was also her husband. At that time her mother was on the back of her 34 years old and she had been singless for 12 years, since she said goodbye to her in Valencia. "I find" was the first of the two songs that she played and her performance was a success. His first two discs of her were immediately on the market. They were songs of Juan Solano, Master who composed very popular numbers in his mother's voice, Dona Concha Piquer.Tars the death of his daughter Carol at the end of 1986 withdrew from the scenarios. December 4, 1991, the record company EMI taxed his mother a posthumous tribute. In the event a fragment of the film "La Dolores" of Florián Rey was projected, played by the singer, died on December 12, 1990 with 80 newly complied with, and it was delivered to Concha Márquez Piquer of a plate and a disc -Home to your artistic career. During the delivery he recalled that this was the second tribute that was taxed at his mother after his death, after the medal granted in the summer of 1991 as a posthumous title by the University of Madrid in El Escorial. In the early 1992 he reappeared in the Teatro Apolo de Madrid with the work "Madrid, Madrid", the theatrical businessman José Tamayo, who knows her since she was a girl and who led her mother's last show. In this work, besides the repertoire of her mother, she sang magazine, "a genre in which you have to have more miscarry than anything else," said Márquez Piquer. During the decade she caught shows and presentations. In 2001 she offered a series of concerts in which she played well-known cops of the Quintero, León and Quiroga teachers. That same year I intervened in "the great of the Copla", of TVE, where he plays two songs that made his mother famous, "Five lampposts" and "Me drunk me". In 2002 he presented his book "flavors. The recipes of my life ", A collection of traditional dishes learned during your trips. In the book, the baked Madrid of the grandmother, the Tournedó Rossini, the migas Munches "or the Argentine barbecue with Chimichurri.Sin separate from the memory of his mother published" Concha Piquer: This was my mother "( 2015). Two years later, in March 2017 he introduced his autobiography, "myself", in which he told the separation of his first husband, the well-known Torero Curro Romero, or the death of his youngest daughter. Since 1982 with Actor Ramiro Oliveros , with whom he has a daughter, Iris, previously was united to the Torero Curro Romero. They married in October 1962, when she was 17 years old, and had two daughters, conchitin and coral, the latter deceased in a traffic accident in the United States on November 2, 1986. The couple separated in October 1979 and Divorced May 19, 1982.

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