The audience of Valencia questions that Nacho Vidal killed with Toapo Bufo to photographer José Luis Abad

The audience of Valencia has set firmly the court of instruction number 2 of Xàtiva and has ordered to revoke the imprudent homicide processing of Actor Nacho V

The audience of Valencia questions that Nacho Vidal killed with Toapo Bufo to photographer José Luis Abad

The audience of Valencia has set firmly the court of instruction number 2 of Xàtiva and has ordered to revoke the imprudent homicide processing of Actor Nacho Vidal for the death of the photographer José Luis Abad after consuming Sapo Bufo at his house of Egguera on July 28 2019. In a car to which this medium has had access, the magistrates estimate the appeal presented by the actor's lawyers and urge the Court to practice several expertiners to determine whether the substance of the Bufo toad, methylbufotenin, could cause death of the victim.

The court of Xàtiva considered that Vidal was the only person responsible for the death of Abbot for carrying out a "ritual that was irrational, reckless and dangerous" without any "kind of rigor nor anticipated the risks that were finally produced and obviously changed and obviated quantifiers that the They increased, in the person who was deceased, such as diabetes, close consumption of drugs and alcohol, hypercholesterolemia ". That is why he processed the actor and exculpated his cousin and an employee who was with him in him when he made the root of the toad.

However, both Vidal and the relatives of the victim, this judicial decision resorted and the Valencia hearing estimated the request on his processing of the actor and an entrepreneur, defended by Daniel Salvador de Vosseler lawyers, as well as the particular accusation. Specifically, the judges ask the court to complete the experts practiced with respect to the substance of the Bufo toad to know "their involvement in the human agency; how it behaves that substance in attention to the mechanics of intake (inhalation) that apparently He produced in this case, doses that could be considered lethal; concrete incidence in the case of this cause in the triggers of the death of José Luis Abad "as well as other issues to resolve toxicological professionals requested by the parties.

In addition, the audience of Valencia makes it clear that, according to its criteria, in the tests practiced "no response is given or sufficient response or in the autopsy reports" nor in which he sent the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences on this relative issue to the substance of the Bufo toad. That is why he asks the Court to practice these diligences, which will extend even more the judicial procedure.

The magistrates also estimated the appeal of the abbot relatives on the exculpation of the vidal cousin and their employee who were present at the time of doing the ritual. They consider that having to practice further evidence to the outcome of them can not be determined if the two committed an alleged crime of homicide for severe imprudence or another cover-up or omission of the duty of relief. The crowd crowded that there is a delay in the call to emergencies and that in the video of the security chambers they see the two defendants withdrawing items used in the rite.

On the imputation of the premium of the actor, the audience of Valencia remarks that the Court is despite the fact that he sees "signs of crime" in his conduct since it was a "clear knowledge of the practice in which José Luis Abad dies; it is aware Of the neurological effects that produces the inhalation of the substance; is who lends itself to contact with who supplies the substance and that assists its development. " In this sense, the auto remembers that Vidal's lawyers have asked for more evidence to know "to what extent the substance inhaled and whose pattern to humans lacked information and pharmacological aval could demand from who contributes to their dissemination of the necessary precautionary adoption by An evident risk of rejection or collapse in the consumer ".

The Court of Xàtiva must re-carry out several diligences on this matter. In its resolution a few months ago it concluded that Vidal, allegedly, "began the preparation of potion, without having any control of the dose by not being calibrated pipette or using any weighing instrument" with respect to the dose of "venom of toad Bufo "and who administered it in a glass pipe. That is why he believes that "you can control the amount that is inhaled, because it is a fact that inhalation by José Luis provoked the fainting and later death of Him", since Vidal also consumed something to accompany the photographer.

"Depending on which person the consume, there must be an adequate amount for each person and the effects he wants to cause himself in it, considering whether he is adult, or not, if he has some pathology or not, or some health problem or not , or simply its size or weight, "said the judge who considered that supposedly Vidal" obvious any quantification "to prepare the substance or took into account" the health conditions "of the victim to provide it.

In addition, it stands out that the photographer warned the premium of the actor that a few days before had consumed "5 or 6 beers and 5 or 6 cocaine stripes." The ritual was performed in a "uncampled terrain, without asphalt, site on the right side of the stables" from the house of Vidal in Huge "pretending to create false stimuli" in Abbot with a handkerchief on the floor, a cushion, bells, a Tibetan drum and bowl. There the victim inhaled "voluntarily" vapors produced by the combustion of the substance, through the pipette that she had in her mouth, always directed "at all times and supervised" by the actor.

It was after taking this substance that "immediately and almost surprising" the photographer collapsed the ground abruptly and began to suffer seizures, as well as a "numbness of the chest and head with a visibly purple / bluish tone" and the slow contortion of The extremities, everything accompanied by a sob / continuous moan, who undoubtedly evidenced that something was not going well. " However, Vidal continued with ceremonial practice since according to him it was a normal reaction when taking the toad and only stopped when the victim continued unconscious, trembling and with difficulties breathing.

The judge of Xàtiva indicated that, after requesting medical aid and while waiting for the ambulance, the actor began to make "an incorrect and brief resuscitation maneuver" the photographer and even threw water on his face and put it "mouth down, Which did not facilitate the recovery of breathing at all. " The victim died shortly after a cardiorespiratory stop by an "adverse reaction to drug abuse", according to the autopsy.

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